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Root Of The Illusion Of Fear

The illusion of fear comes from the uncontrolled mind of delusion, a thought that only has the power given it. If allowed to remain, it becomes encased in a state of mind where one becomes small.  Please know, You are Magnificent Beings of Light, a seed of the Divine. Here to unlock the truth of who you are & why you are here during this transition. To Re-Awaken to your True-Nature, not to become a lesser version.

Much like the roots of a tree, fear continues to grow when allowed to be fertilized by the fears of others.

Fear gets its power from not looking at either your fear or what triggers it. There is always a choice, to either avoid that part of you, or open the door and discover more about yourself. One always has the choice to look at darkness, the part that is in need of love to heal. To perhaps find forgiveness for another, and always for yourself as well. Discover these deep fears, allow Grace to bestow the healing power of forgiveness.

Unveil The Illusion Of Fear

There is nothing to fear except the illusion of fear, the blinding of your Soul’s true identity of pure Light. All fears can be transformed simply by your willingness to face them.  Take a moment to witness what you can control, discern what is true or false, then release the untruths. You will find that Discernment is your most valuable tool of the Awakening process. Ask for guidance to decipher what you intuitively question. When you walk through the illusion with discerning Eyes, your courage affords a greater sense of freedom. An inner moment of Truth spirals into great Wisdom.

“Fear doesn’t help. You survive despite fear, not because of it.”

The most primitive part of the brain triggers fear, due to the many lifetimes spent in the animal kingdom. The fright, flight, and freeze response of these lifetimes were an essential, and necessary tool for survival. As an evolving Being, these emotional responses today house the purpose of Discernment. As your GPS system alerts you to question what you are being led to believe.  Ask to be shown the intentions behind All that is coming at you!  And indeed it is.

Illusion Of Fear Reactions

Our Latent Instinctual Responces

The physical and emotional results in this lifetime, are the same as that of your ancestors.  Please know, when the flight, fright, and freeze response is activated, heart rates climb.  Pumping oxygenated blood to the muscles of your arms and legs.  Breathing is increased, diverting oxygen from the brain and organs to supply the flight & fright muscles.  

As you see, oxygen is now being diverted from the brain.  The reasoning higher mind is no longer equipt to make an educated response. Furthermore, the blood pumping to the arms and legs constricts the vessels in the stomach and brain. Both required to support all healing processes. As the Solar Plexus houses the immune system, vital during times of stress. As it too leaches blood from our brain, clouding our thought process.

When you bravely walk through the illusion of fear, what awaits on the other side is love, freedom, and joy. Remain watchful, as many create an attachment to their suffering, not aware fear is guiding their vessel. If one allows fear to be the driver, the path can become a downward spiral. An endless, unmanageable fear-driven cycle.

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Our Relationship With Fear

Fear is indeed a powerful force, exacerbated by the overthinking mind. Many have the tools to avoid allowing a virus to grow from a ‘Pandemic of Fear.’ Fear can be crippling, this is the very reason it is widely used! Examine your relationship to fear from a state of confidence, an empowering choice to more clearly define it. Adopt a confident, self-assured stance to create a state of mind in which you feel Inner Peace, grounded in your Power. As confidence comes from within, a feeling of strength, fearlessness abounds when you tap into it. This stance empowers you to approach the world and its challenges from a solid foundation. Not easily led!

A positive energetic flow safeguards you from the media-blasts with often tainted, fear-based slants. Allowing you to retain your energetic flow as a pro-active Being, aware of the delusions created in the mind.  Seeing clearly what makes them appear so real. As you listen to the guidance of your Intuitive Heart, you discern the truth more efficiently. As you allow the truths of your Heart to filter the untruths into a positive Reality. 

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Our Dream State – The Illusion Of Fear

Fear can become a form of mental slavery, an energetic bondage if you will, an instrument of control when allowed to remain.  Often fear, followed by suffering, are created when you do not witness the true nature of the World & Humanity. This false reality of many does not need to be yours  Those who suffer are those who remain in slumber, lost in their dreams, holding desperately to control.  As one begins to Wake Up, suffering soon eases! With enhanced perceptions you awaken to the true reality, not the visions of others. Witnessing how others gain from their deceptive behavior. Dear Soul this is your time to Fly, to Ascend, to Awaken, to assist Humanity on their journey! Do not allow others to clip your Wings!

“Seeing into darkness is clarity…This is called practicing eternity.”  Lao Tzu

Who’s Dream Are You Living?

Dorothy’s journey, accompanied by her fellow dreamers, follow Her illusion into the land of OZ. An Illusion grown from the mighty trickster, the Mind and it’s many helpers! Her larger than life belief in a self-induced dream, quickly became the dream of others. The belief that another person could magically heal all, and return them home safely. A great story of relinquishing ones individual Personal Power to another’s will.

Sound Familiar?

A delusion only to be burst, when the untruths, the falsehoods became exposed. For all illusions are attachments of the mind, a belief that something is a fact, when not. The disguise by the great deceptions played upon humanity shall soon become unmasked. As the Light of Divine Truth, the great unmasking that shall Awaken all.  A journey through their fears soon discovered, they always had the power to find their way home.

For home lies within, and must be protected, for it is a powerful shield. We witness in their dream of fears, of not feeling they are enough, can summon the darker traits to play havoc with the emotions of the mind. Further tested in this trance, until the Good Witch of Light awakens the journeymen to the truth of their Divine Perfection that always was within, our Inner Kingdom…Our Home!

“Without a crisis to inform us of disharmony, we may tarry too long and lose the chance to transform…Crisis is a truth serum.  Learn from it and harmony will be restored.  Ignore it and greater sorrow is to follow”  Ann Mortifee

As you witness how fear creates human suffering, you witness the gift of insight! A gift, a tool to empower man. Understanding how we allow fears grip to become human suffering. The paradox of human behavior, the illusion of separation that creates fear. The chains that once bound you to this illusion, this opening for darkness and separation dissolves. The final stage of your awakening journey now begins with a lightness, as the veil of forgetfulness affords. Embraced by the powerful energy of love and unity become your wings!

Showing, it is impossible for the energy of fear to exist in the vibration of love, and unity consciousness.  As all that no longer aligns falls away!

“Remembering slowly emerges through our ongoing commitment to remove false ideas and behavioral patterns that keep us from seeing clearly.”  Ann Mortifee

How To Find Peace Amid Chaos

  • Speak aloud daily with feeling – Restore my spiritual vision to awaken fully so I may see Truth!
  • Believe in your inherent nature of confidence
  • Know you are capable of releasing the illusion of fear
  • The mind, the great OZ creates Illusions to control
  • Do not constantly obsess about fear
  • Always look for the higher purpose
  • Hold gratitude for the Life you are living
  • You are not your fear
  • Realize, worry will not change anything
  • Believe in Humanity’s inherent good
  • Be mindful of your self-care
  • Eat & Sleep well, as stress depletes
  • Take time to witness loving acts of kindness
  • Do not binge on bad news
  • Meditation – Benefits the immune system
  • Be mindful not to sink into a fear-cycle
  • Remain present to better manage Life’s challenges
  • Refrain from All negative media-blasts
  • Do not succumb to the collective unconscious panic

Opportunity For Self-Discovery

Observe the patterns that the illusion of fear and doubt bring forth, as they emerge, reflect on what they may be trying to teach.

When incessantly triggered by fear, you soon witness more of the same, as like summons like. Observe fear as an opportunity, a self examine if you will. Take time to explore your fears, to invite fear in, to feel it, to give your anxiety a voice. Face it with compassion, for this is not to sleigh it, but to understand and heal its deeper roots. As the roots appear you gain insight, empowering you to no longer fertilize them! We must turn fear into courage, as bravery is looking into the darkness and seeing the only light.

Allow without judgement, moments of both strength and weakness. You learn to gain control, to neutralize and remain grounded when fears come forward.  This is your Power, your Strength, your Freedom. A journey through Self-Discovery uncovers your True-Nature, Inner Peace.

If you resist Life’s events that do not go as planned, the lessons often become lost, thus, creating more suffering. Natural phenomena, karmic events are the destiny of human Life in Earth’s classroom for Expansion. This is a transformation in which Humanity is initiated into the canal of Re-Birth, creating a new role for those who Awaken!

“Principles and ethics are best developed and distilled by a reasoning mind and a feeling heart listening deeply to the expansive discernment of the Soul.”  Ann Mortifee

A Higher Purpose

Developing spiritual identity is the avenue in which you re-gain your personal power, your sovereignty. Each level on your path will be met with trials, doubts and fear, with some larger than others.  Many hinder this process, not allowing light into the deep core energies that become triggered. These are the patterns spirit uses to enhance your view of what is in need of healing. Look closely at the patterns, allow time to examine deeply what comes forward. With grace and courage you break through the walls of fear, and doubt that no longer serve.

“You gain strength, courage, confidence by every experience in which you really stop and look Fear in the Face.  You are able to say to yourself, I have lived through this horror.  I can take the next thing that comes along…You must do what you think you cannot.”  Eleanor Roosevelt – Author of  ‘You Learn By Living’

Fear and doubt are the by-product of those who believe they are separate from their Higher Power, Creator God, Source. You are Not! Humanity’s Awakening is progressing rapidly, please know, the realms of Light are with each of you. Always! 

Fear Is But An Illusion

Being aware of the patterns that continue to emerge at each juncture of your progression is powerful. 

There is another aspect of fear, it can also be used as an alert system. A personal reflection to force one to Stop, Reflect, and be Mindful of Humanity’s inherent goodness. To not see fear solely as something to get over, but as a reminder to live a more Conscious Life! This is the Ascension process of the ‘Great UnMasking’ you currently witness. To open Humanity through an immense unveiling of Untruths many were led to believe. To raise your conscious level, making it improbable to continue holding onto the familiar, lower conscious levels of the past.

 “There’s no coming to consciousness without pain…One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” Carl Jung

As you ground that reality, you create a Universal Collective Consciousness. You become a source of nurturing and optimism when others feel afraid, and insecure. You guide by seeing beyond the rampage of world situations that cause panic. It is with a clear mind one can establish meaningful solutions, far beyond the restraints of living in the bombarding illusion of fear.

Peace is an inner quality All possess. Often to tap into it, requires Chaos to Awaken on a Global scale, to prevent more suffering and destruction of your planet in the future.  

Massive Shifts are created when you no longer are lulled in the deep slumber of Forgetfulness. Gaining awareness of Life’s true meaning and purpose. Aligning your Spiritual Soul with the Universal goal, the evolution of Humanity’s Consciousness. As you align your True-Self’s Will with the Universal Will, the plan for Humanity’s Expansion cannot fail to succeed.

May we gather together in peace as our loving hearts lead the way.

Blessings of Peace,