Personal Power Attunement eBook – The Healing Energy of Archangel Michael


Step 1 – The Personal Power eBook is a journey to regain your confidence, your inner power, your voice, to empower your soul to Awaken


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Personal Power Attunement eBook

Revised & Expanded

Now with 40 Full Pages of Insight

Personal Power Is The Key To Our Spiritual Awakening

This is the time to take the inward journey to restore both your Spiritual & Personal Power through the acts of self-love & self-respect that unveil your once silenced inner voice. All lessons in Earth’s classroom come through our life experiences & relationships. An inward journey of self-discovery teaches the importance that all relations honor Who You Are as a soul. Time to reclaim your strength, your sovereignty, your inner power, by developing & reclaiming your Inner Power. The road to wholeness, to higher consciousness, awakens as we heal our inner kingdom.

Guided by Michael’s energetically charged words to empower and inspire.

Learn the many avenues that birth your True-Self, to become all you are here to be. The many healing aspects of your inner kingdom. Personal Power is key to your Spiritual Awakening to honor who you are, you regain your strength, and self-respect. Your Self-Worth. For when we remain spiritually asleep, we slumber in lower states, unconsciously giving our power to others.

Table of Contents:

  • What Is Personal Power?
  • Spiritual Awakening Connection
  • Elements Of Personal Power
    • Self-Transformation – Self-Mastery
    • The Importance Of Personal Boundaries
    • Our Personal Boundary & Sovereignty
    • How You Lose Your Personal Power
    • Personal Power Energy Drains
    • Time To: Take Back Your Power
    • Honor Your Inner Kingdom
  • Accept – Release – Let Go
  • The Soul’s Transition
  • Individual Life plan Agreement
  • The Wounded Healer
  • Lightworker – Healer Life-Plan
  • Owning Your Authenticity
  • Healing Modalities & Tools
    • Negative Energy Release Meditation
    • Heart Harmony Technique
    • Transition To Empowerment
    • How To: Recognize Archangel Michael
    • How To: Call Forth Archangel Michael
  • Medical Disclaimer
  • My Spiritual Awakening Thoughts
  • Path Of A Soulful Traveler

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