Spiritual Awakening: 22 Major Signs - The Path Of Soul-Infusion

Channel Message with - Archangel Ariel

Spiritual Awakening: 22 Major Signs – The Path Of Soul-Infusion

Waiting For The Future?

Your Soul’s Spiritual Awakening depends on knowing How to Participate in your Own Life. You are meant to have a life of Passion, Purpose, Magic & Miracles.  There is no passion found in playing small, one far less than you are capable of being.  It’s All inside of you. 

Everything you need!

Spiritual Growth is an experience that each Soul goes through as part of their Spiritual Awakening Process.  The very process that awakens you as you cleanse your Internal Garden, to expose your Pure Divine Essence, your Soul.  Aligning you with your Higher Nature, your Soul.

This Inner Truth encourages you to maintain a healthy, blossoming garden.  You are encouraged to continually De-Clutter, and release emotional baggage that creeps in.  All to elevate so you remain open to higher forms of expression, and beliefs.  You awaken to your True Nature, your Authentic Self with greater expansion of awareness and insight.

“Awakening is not changing Who you are, but discarding Who you are Not.”  Deepak Chopra

Many believe they have no control over their destiny, their Path, their Life Purpose.  The truth is, you can have an intimate relationship with your Life when you chose to be an Active Participant, when you are willing to be more than just an Observer.  Earth is a planet of Free Will, not No Will.  It leaves the choices for you to align with your goals and your Life plan.  Nothing is finite.  Each day can Begin Anew, when you so choose!

Happiness Is A Choice

“The Constitution only gives people the right to pursue Happiness.  You have to catch it yourself.”  Benjamin Franklin

Unhappiness exists in many who seem depleted by Life, thinking all is out of their control.  Many have knowingly or unknowingly given the control of their Personal Power, away to others!  When you give away your Personal Power, you live your Life in a fragmented state.  Feeling void, disconnected from your Soul, caught up in the material side of living.

Often people seek their happiness from outside sources, not realizing all true happiness resides within. Not understanding, external sources are mere attachments.  They are not permanent, nor fully satisfying.  They are temporary remedies at best.

The Illusion Of The Mind

It is imperative that you check-in with your emotions and thoughts, as the Law of Attraction states, these unchecked feelings are seen as a Green Light to your Intentions.  Receiving that which you do not wish, can become a misguided Pattern in Life.  This confusion explains the basis for clarifying all thoughts and emotions, as you self create experiences from them.

All Belief Systems, are established through your life experiences have become so ingrained, you now consider them as Truths.  As you evolve, so too must your Core Beliefs.  Needing re-alignment, re-direction, to adjust and remain in balance with your Soul’s Path.  Most beliefs became your mindset as a small child by parents and others, that came from their parental guardians.  Since those were very different times, different conscious levels, they no longer align.

Think of your Belief Systems as you do your Electronic devices. 

How often do you update these devices?  Perhaps it’s time to be mindful and value this Life as you do the devices that run them!

The more you Un-Learn, the more you know, as you allow Divine expression to replace the numbing cycle of the Mind!

The Minds Veil Of Illusion

” …Our work is to calm and cleanse the Mind so that the Light might reach us and flow through us unencumbered…when the lens of the Mind is distorted…we cannot perceive what is True.”  Ann Mortifee

As all responses to All situations are under your control, they continually need to be updated as you Evolve.  Your vehicles GPS system is constantly revised, to assist you in moving about with ease.

So too must you continue to Re-Align, Re-Direct, and Re-Vise your internal network to remain current with the Intentions for your Life plan as you Evolve.  To break through the Illusions, the Veil of limiting beliefs and remember – Our Original State.

Compass Of Intentions

Joy is the barometer that your Path steadily follows to align with Source.  Your Souls natural state, which through this deeply felt feeling flows your Intentions.  When your Path feels in balance, you are Inspired, and Aligned.  When your Solar Plexus, your Gut, feels an imbalance this is a clear sign that a Re-Direct may be required.

Significant signals without words that physically react speaking – This does not align, nor feel in balance with your Life’s direction, nor your Soul’s Path.

Listen to your body, and the many signals it sends.  Some signals are – Yellow – warning you to – ReThink – before proceeding, or to use caution, move slowly.  Other signals are – Red – that scream – Stop – Do Not continue!

These are your Internal Emotion signals that are often ignored.  Pay heed to the synchronicities placed on your Path, they have a purpose.  As they usually appear prior to the – STOP – signal!  Pay heed to your Thoughts, Emotions, and Body Signals.  They are the database, designed into your human form that Spirit uses for your Internal GPS guidance.

A Watchful Eye

Do you –
  • Feel your Emotions align with your Intentions?
  • Have Faith as the Plan unfolds?
  • Believe and Feel this is the right Course?
  • Find yourself self sabotaging your Progress?

When you feel confident that all the checks and balances Align, have Faith in your Guidance, Relax and Believe.

Spiritual Growth Awakens The Soul

The Higher Self is detached enough to...Shine a clear, honest Light onto Our Darkest Of Corners…to Awaken the Darkness with Divine Light…

The Spiritual Awakening Process

It is an organic product of your Soul evolving, expanding, and Spiritually maturing.  Everything in Life grows, so too will your connection, as you infuse with your Soul.  This process can begin either accidentally or intentionally when you begin to touch your Soul through Higher Life Questions.  Many times triggered by Major Life changes and challenges.

22 Primary Spiritual Awakening Signs
  • You crave meaning and purpose to your life
  • You feel lost, empty
  • Crave authenticity and truth
  • Yearn for a deeper Spiritual Connection
  • You no longer enjoy small talk
  • Feel disconnected from your current Life
  • Lack of purpose & passion
  • Your life feels false
  • You begin to ask deep questions
  • Beliefs & perceptions you were taught seem false
  • Begin to see through the societal illusions
  • Experience a deep empathy and compassion
  • A need to be alone
  • More aware of your old negative habits
  • You wish to make the world better
  • A deep desire to know who you are
  • Heightened synchronicity
  • You feel a wonder, an awe, a childlike curiosity
  • You begin to love others unconditionally
  • A deep desire to share how you evolved to this point
  • You see that we are All One
  • You begin to embody, infuse with your Soul

These, plus many more are the portals of progress, the motivation to look deeper, to take the Inward Journey.  The path for true healing to begin.  These very symptoms, when ignored, that often precede the Dark Night Of The Soul!

More on this subject in the future!  But know – “The Dark Night Of The Soul” is not a curse, but…a Divine Blessing in Disguise!

“The Dark Night Of The Soul is the intense lumber to prepare you, to cleanse you, to embrace you, to Awaken the Dreamer within to a New Dawn.”

The 3 Stages Of A Soul-Infused Personality

Heart ships, traumas are often the catalyst of breaking through the personality in three stages until it becomes one, fused with the Soul.  Your persona(s) are but a mask formed as an acceptable imitation of the Soul. For Soul-Infusion to begin, the personality must pass through 3 separate & specific stages of development for Soul Liberation.  As the Soul-Infused Personality begins to see things as they really are, as an ever increasing Awareness, Higher Consciousness, and Purpose unfold.

The First Stage is as a selfish separate unit whose only concern is for their own.  In the Second Stage, births a conflict.  In this stage, the conflict grows between the Soul’s expression and the personality’s need for control.  In the Third Stage, the personality begins to yield and fuse with the Soul’s Divine Will.  As this occurs, and it is not an especially easy task, the personality then aligns with the Soul’s Will to achieve Soul-Infusion.

The persona mask(s) soon fall away through this integration.  The process of Soul-Infused awakens the personality to it’s Higher Purpose as it yields to the Soul’s path of Divine Messenger.  This false mask no longer conceals its True Self.

As this occurs, you embrace the whole of Life, the Joy, the Peace through the freedom of this Divine Union.  This fusion.  Knowing you are one with your Soul and functioning solely as a Soul.  The embodiment of Pure Love!  Internal conflict is no more, as Peace settles into your Awakened Heart.

The Spiritual Awakening process can feel painful and disturbing, but its purpose is to awaken you to Your Authentic-Self, as a Divine Soul!  As the true Meaning of Life’s direction unveils the Path of Unity, of Service, of a Soulful Life, One with All Humanity.

Awakening Triggers

If, like many, you quench for the answers to what activates a Spiritual Awakening.  Please know there is no finite answer; it is as individual as you are, and your life experiences.  The circumstances that can trigger the Awakening process are many, as All Spiritual Awakenings are unique.  Unique to each individual and each individual’s Path.

“Out of suffering have emerged the strongest Souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.” Khalil Gibran

Triggers That Activate The Process
  • A Spiritual Awakening can happen at any moment or period in your Life. Brought on spontaneously, or triggered by a Major Life change.  Perhaps an illness, tragedy, current or past trauma.  A trauma can lay dormant for years in the unconscious Mind.  It enters the conscious Mind when ready to be healed!
  • Life is full of lessons, a necessary piece of your Life experiences in the Divine tapestry.  The unprepared feel great discomfort from these life experiences.  Seeing them as personal and not pre-planned Life lessons for their Personal Growth.  They often react emotionally, not seeking the lesson within.
  • Many feel the sensation that their Life doesn’t make sense any longer.  This is the product of holding heavily onto former limiting Beliefs that were embraced without question as Truths.  When you begin to question and challenge Old Paradigms, they soon fall away.
  • A traumatic, yet necessary part of your expansion, to break through the Veil of Illusion.  The veil that many cling to like an old worn and tattered security blanket, in need of replacement.
  • Your Life, your Direction changes, your Personal Growth, your Spiritual Growth continually moves you forward.  This is the very reason for your time here on Earth.  Re-Direction is a positive sign of Growth that leads you to your true Life Path, your Higher Purpose.

All Becomes Clear

Once you unite with your Soul, your Higher Consciousness, you walk through Life one with your Soul.  It becomes the Inner Compass of an aligned Life.  The fruit of your Inward Journey of – Un-Becoming – Who you are Not, to find your True-Self.  Self-Transformation is the Internal Alchemy that bares the sweetest fruit.

The Universe evolves in a continuous motion of energy, ever changing, ever expanding….as do You!

Spiritual Awakening is not merely for finding ones Purpose, but a Path of exploration and discovery.  One that leads to your True Potential, so your Higher Purpose can organically unfold.  All Paths are a Journey, a journey of lessons to discover your Core Essence, your True-Self.  For all Growth is the product of life’s experiences and lessons, obstacles and bends on the road of Self-Discovery.

You have been lovingly led by the Footprints of Divine Guidance along your Path.

As you continually explore new Inspiration, new Choices, you Expand and Evolve, knowing you are your Soul’s expression.  The fragrant fruit of your Journey flows freely from your Heart, your Higher Mind.

Channeled Message with – Archangel Ariel

Embrace the Dance,