Your True: Potential Beyond Limitations

Channeled Message - From Archangel Raphael

Your True: Potential Beyond Limitations

Nature Our Great Healer

Your connection to Nature holds the unsung Potential for living a Spiritual life, receiving her Healing & Grounding Energy.

While among the beauty of Nature, take time to self-appreciate your many personal gains, as you witness your Growth, your more radiant Spiritual Life.

A Life Full Of Opportunities

Life Experiences have great potential for positive outcomes, to Open doors towards a – New direction – a Rebirth – an increased Level of Awareness.

As you navigate through new doors, be Open to these Perceptions, this new insight assists in your expansion.  When you are no longer restricted by Limiting Beliefs.

All wish, need, yearn for a connection, a Family.  Yet many lack the proper tools or Guidance to find valuable relationships.  We notice the young are the most vulnerable, often gravitating to the wrong family of friends.

Many left fending for themselves for their very survival.

The realization, the truth is:  There is no separation, you are all connected, your choices either – Good – Bad.

Affect All.

The Transformation

Through Challenging times in life, you will find it easier when you allow the lessons to move through you from an Open Heart. Do not allow the negative emotions to take root.  Lessons are not to encase you in Blame and Pain.  Lessons hold the potential for Growth through your challenges.

To gain the Wisdom that will deepen your life, from these experiences.

For many, seeds of Negativity and Lacking were planted and sown, creating misguided beliefs. These planted seeds created a block, a Belief in your Limitations.

You are so much more.

If you believe this, releasing these Limiting thoughts is necessary to Reprogram your Thinking.

Time to Plant new Seeds.

A Life of Abundance, Joy and Love encompasses the Energy of excitement for the life you are meant to live.  Live within the energy of Gratitude for all you have, not from the energy of what you feel you are lacking.

Feed Your Soul

With all your Heart, you know that your loving Creator, would not create a World of Limitations.

As you lead a Meaningful life, one filled with Passion and Joy, you feed your Soul.  A World full of Joy and Abundance, with Infinite Possibilities!

Time to –

  • Find your passion for Life
  • Dream the Life you Wish
  • Visualize with Joy how it will Look

Discover new depths, reachable Beyond Limitations.  Time to write a new chapter that fills your Heart, your Soul with Joy.

As Co-creators, you have the ability to Manifest your desired outcome.

To Watch it Grow and Bloom, nourished with Faith.

Channeled Message From – Archangel Raphael

Peace and Blessings, Carol