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What Is Karma?

Is Karma a Punishment – A Teaching moment – or – This Lifetimes Purpose Contract now due?

Karma is Sanskrit, an Ancient Hindu word meaning “act or action – Not Fate.” It Refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual {cause}, influence the future of that individual {effect}. Karma is an energy created by willful action, through our thoughts, words and deeds. Ultimately based on our actions in each moment.

This Universal Law of Karma, formed to encourage the soul to evolve, to experience life from different perspectives. We select other souls to play a part to assist us evolve and clear our Karma. Core lessons still unresolved, unlearned, are destined to be repeated. Our evolving soul group in each lifetime, pose as close friends, family members, soul pushers, teachers etc. in this life, here to also resolve issues from their past. Karma created by them in need of repair.

Karma Examples

1-Slave owner in a past life often the redemption is that person returning as Black to experience what they endured, for man does not volunteer to clear their Karma.

2-A man who does harm to women must return as a women to experience what he put her through. These are worked out with your Soul Group prior to incarnation into their current lifetime.

Therefore, Reporations,  many believe clears Karma, or is somehow owed is incorrect. Just like a child should not decide on their punishment. Karma is not used to pass along guilt, it is to help heal, teach and Spiritually Grow as a Being of Divine Light. For Earth is our classroom for soul growth, with various lessons through relationships, that each soul must experience, and learn, to move forward. Karma left unhealed repeats until learned, each time ignored they become a much stronger reminder.

Consumptive Modeling: When one takes what they want, need or requires from others, as well as from Mother Earth without regard to the consequences. Any abuse of Cause and Effect is called Superimposition of Karma. It’s best to clear our Karma without adding to it, for it shall continue to come forward until cleared. Often with harder lessons until completed.

What Is Our Souls Involvement – Its Purpose?

The souls mission through our life challenges are planned in this manner:  Our Soul enters a physical form, selects a specific personality to assist in the chosen lessons. Then the selection of the soul group needed to assist with this life plan outline, that you and your team work on. Your Belief Systems, and Mindset are an important factor, as they will dictate how you choose to receive, acknowledge, and interpret the lessons to move through your chosen lessons.

A souls outlook, beliefs can have a great affect on the journey, of how one discerns what they see, hear and view. Evolving ones beliefs is a major factor in how you view and work through each situation. All souls are on a Journey, your outlook, how you interpret your lessons, reflect how you move through them. Various people and situations come forward, often appear to repeat, but on another rung of the ladder, a new vantage point. As the journey and how a soul evolves through them is All part of the lesson. Karma pertains to the soul, not the personality, pre-planned by you, and your soul group prior to incarnating. The goal is for the soul to experience, reflect, examine and correct past misdeeds of the past.

Why The Need For So Many Lifetimes To Clear Karma?

A Positive Mindset & Belief System Create Positive Karma.

  • Avoid the attaching negative emotions to the word karma.
  • Lessons are not punishment, they are the creators of purification.
  • Our karma lessons are from our life experiences and our reactions to them.
  • Karma is not a judgement. Karma is a balance for inner growth to be achieved.
“Thought is Cause, experience is Effect.  If you don’t like the effects in your Life, you have to change the nature of your Thinking.” Marianne Williamson

How To Balance Our Karma

  • Reassess – Old limiting Belief Systems carried forward from childhood.
  • Remember – Your destiny is your own, do not allow it to be hijacked.
  • Meditation  – A powerful tool to daily connect to your higher-self, your soul.
  • Amend – Be conscious of your mindset. A negative belief system can bring more of the same.
  • Redirect – Retrain your Mind to bring forth positive thoughts to foster a positive experience.
  • Perception Misguided beliefs we cling to create our course.  Time to awaken to a new view.

The ‘Spiritual Law of Karma’ tells us, that the Vibration of your Thoughts are the predictors for your Life. As you sit in the Directors chair of your Life, realize you always have the power to edit and redirect an outdated script.  To override the negative scenes that inhibit your souls growth. Time to set your lens from an evolved vantage point as an evolving soul.

Hear the Communication from your Soul to remain on your Path, with Positive gains ahead.

When You Focus On The Positive

You –

  • Remain consciously aware of your mindset.
  • Create from a positive platform of thoughts and intentions Void of the mind chatter.
  • Now realize the conscious minds internal cells hear & hold your negative thoughts.
  • Use your Heart as your Command Center – not the human mind.

As you become aware of various tools, you may find the Violet Flame Meditation– holds the power through your positive intention to transmute karma from negative to positive.