Beliefs: How They Are Formed

A Message From - Carol

Beliefs: How They Are Formed

Beliefs – Your Navigational Compass

Beliefs are formed from Experiences and Social interactions that became the reality of how you See and Move through Life.  To change them is so frightening that many protect them at all costs.  Beliefs are responsible for how you Behave, what you Believe, and how you maneuver through Life.

Many unconsciously gather evidence to reinforce these programs, not formed with facts.  They have become the values and truths you live within.

Perhaps it’s time to clean the lens and rethink, and question courageously.  An Enlightened perspective is seeing these as nothing more than outdated current events.  No longer valid, past the expiration date they were inaugurated.  Understanding the initial Origin opens the Minds, flexing the brain muscle.

False Belief Systems can Limit your Potential.  They create a misaligned destiny that keeps you from walking through life with wonder of the world.  Instead, you stumble over these beliefs that limit your Life experiences.

Conflicts in Relationships, often are attributed to living, defending, and guarding misguided convictions.

Positive beliefs create an atmosphere of Trust.  One of endless possibilities to reach success and achieve your goals.

Challenge Your Thoughts

What are you choosing to believe?

Thoughts are powerful.  They form and sustain your beliefs, your truths with views that can be so entrenched, to examine them honestly creates uncertainty.  Asking questions is how Humanity has always Evolved, many before have risked so much to go beyond the Limitations imposed.

As children through adults repetitive input, both positive and negative, you learn how to Think, and what to Believe. These conditioned Beliefs can tether you to chains, unseen but felt.

“Happiness does not depend on what you have or who you are.  It solely relies on what you Think!”  Buddha

Fear Of Rejection

Unconditional Faith surrendered you to these beliefs, forming an agreement, a signed contract if you will, to conform, obey and behave according to these preset standards of behavior –

Or…were you conditioned, due to Fear of rejection from Parents, Religious Organizations, Teachers, Society?  While in the process your Authentic-Self became lost – Limited.

Your book of Conditioning, is filled with standards you chose to Conform and Live within, and expect others to do the same.  Even when their beliefs, their book, reads differently.

Misguided beliefs, even when acknowledged, in a strange way feel comfortable.

How Powerful

The invisible fears placed on going against these beliefs, places you on a carousel ride, continuously missing the gold ring, the truths, that would allow you to move forward.

Instead, you remain in a cycle of continuous Self-judgement and punishment whenever you stray or question them, destined to remain on the ride.

“A Miracle is a shift in Perception from Fear to Love.”  Marianne Williamson

The moment you chose to Alter your Perceptions, your entire existence changes.

Discovery Of Self

Is my mask on straight?

“The truths you Believe and Cling to make you unavailable to hear anything else.”  Pema Chodron

The Energy of the Aquarian Age is upon us, the 5th Dimension of Ascension, of challenging the Old and rethinking the World through Enlightened Eyes.  All a necessary piece of the Ascension Chaos, we currently witness.

As you begin to question these beliefs, you realize you are living the standards set by others so long ago.  This reflection Opens the door for Personal Growth.  Your courage to break free, to think for yourself, is the clear path to a new Thought Process.

A Journey to discover Your truths – Begins.

As a Nation, we upgrade our electronics endlessly, let’s try the same with Our Thoughts, Our Truths.  As we Journey to discover Our Beliefs!

A New Perception, with views formed by how You See the World, not through an others lens.

Through this powerful Life-changing event, Chains fall away. 

Your Enlightened Life beckons.

Peace and Blessings, Carol