Spiritual Awakening

The Crown Chakra ~ Healing Our Divine Connection

Raising our Crown Chakra is vital for Ascension to 5D, healing the Root & Sacral Chakras is Key, as many remain in the Old Paradigm of 3D/4D due to lessons not learned, as we currently witness frequency of doubt, fear, with others & themselves, hampers our connection with the Higher Realms.

Spiritual Rebirth II: The Great Cosmic Awakening

As the Stars & Planets align to Illuminate the Path of Our Ascension.  A Massive Global Healing, the Cosmic Awakening of Divine Light is upon us.  Humanity's Divine purpose for this New Era, as we continually bath in the Violet Flame of Ascension.  Anything that no longer aligns[...]

Benefits Of Living In The Present Moment

Mindfulness increases our Awareness as we Awaken. It seeks to reign in the mind to avoid the autopilot response & create an alternate more conscious choice from a new perspective. Autopilot often means unhealthy habits, negative mindsets[...]