Spiritual Rebirth - Emotional Storm - Pluto In Retrograde

A Message From - Carol
Cosmic Re-Birth

Spiritual Rebirth: Emotional Storm – Pluto In Retrograde

Ascension Retrogrades Prompt Self-Reflection

Retrograde is a period during which a planet moves forward over the same area of the zodiac that it will move backward over during its retrograde period. Retrogrades bring a mix of emotions to the surface, as the description implies.  An energetic, spiritual re-direct, a look to the past to move forward, the Spiritual Rebirth of Ascension.  Offers the need  for Self-Reflection to safeguard you from repeating our past History.  

These backward glances require, sometimes, force you to Slow Down, to take time in introspection from your over-stimulated lives.  It is not a time for hasty emotional reactions, press pause to assess a new avenue, one unlike the past.

Pluto’s Retrograde will have added dimensions through the energies of various astrological signs – April 25th through October 4th of 2020

Theme – Transformation

Pluto is a small but mighty planet of Karmic patterns, Rebirth, Restoration, Healing, and Transformation.  Retrogrades may seem chaotic, but there are blessings in disguise.

Pluto’s present process began on January 3rd of 2020, known as a Pre-Retrograde zone.  Its full completion will be January 25th of 2021.  Although you have witnessed your life changing dramatically, the most intense phase will continue between through October 4th of 2020.

Did I Mention Intense Transformation? 

Within the next 5 months the deepest repressed, unresolved fears will surface collectively.   As Ascension’s purpose is transformation on a massive scale.  The promise of Spiritual Rebirth offers a significant transformation for Humanity.  One you may not recall, but signed up for prior to incarnating.  It’s purpose, to learn how to navigate through Self-Acceptance which enables you to transcend, and release the fears that come forward.  As Pluto’s looking glass continues to unveil more.

“More tears are shed over answered prayers than unanswered ones.”  Mother Teresa

Many have deep-seated fear of change, although Humanity has been asking for just that.  Yet, you often avoid Spirit’s answers to these prayers that allow you to evolve.  Holding yourself back, purely due to fear of the future, the great unknown.

Small But Mighty Pluto

Please know these are lifetimes of unwillingness to face your fears, your shadows.  Living in a continuous ride of triggered, unhealed traumas.  Over time amplifying their affect. Til one day there is no other option, as Ascension will continually bring them to the forefront.  Asking that you confront them, feel them, heal them, and finally let them go.

Despite being a dwarf planet, Pluto is quite capable of creating emotional storms, especially with your closest relationships.  A sifting process, if you will, to de-clutter anything and anyone that no longer resonates, or aligns, those that consistently lower your energy.  In order to re-construct, one must de-construct the weak foundation into a stronger more sustainable one.

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”  Seneca

Pluto is known for clearing the heaviest of energetic build-up, and low vibration karma.  All in order to allow you to re-calibrate, to hit the reset button.  Which often may influence a sudden clearing, a Karmic aligned release.  Ready to be cleared from the Akashic record of imbalance.  For those who have been spreading good will, or of service in some way may see rewards.  Perhaps karmic repayments.

As Pluto continues to purge, feelings of being an outcast or of being misunderstood come forward.  These are your karmic patterns of lifetimes in need of re-patterning.  Take time over the next few months to become more Self-Aware, recognize where, how and by whom you feel dismissed.  

Time For An Alternative 

As old patterns of going inward, isolating has not availed a positive outcome, try something new.  Through Self-Realization explore, re-examine, make peace with the parts you shame, or criticize. When you release the need to be liked and accepted, there is greater power in Self-Acceptance.  As you become more comfortable expressing your uniqueness, you allow further growth.

You may soon realize where you have been blocking, limiting yourself due to the need for acceptance from others.

All retrogrades seem to take one off balance, Pluto is no exception, it houses the power to do just that.  It may feel as if your energy is being stripped, as Pluto is capable of transforming Paradigms. Of taking down structures, in order to rebuild them in a more ethical fashion.  The needed unmasking, to evolve the crippling power structures.  To rebuild in a more ethically, humane fashion regarding all of Humanity.

Step 1 – The Personal Power eBook  To Gain The Confidence To Proceed On Your Journey As An Empowered Soul

A Time Of Global & Personal Change

Rejection, abandonment will be unearthed by mighty Pluto, the personal relationship with yourself is also unmasked.  Pluto’s energy asks that you look within, to rise above thoughts of unworthiness. To reclaim your Personal Power, to stand firm, hold your ground as a divine Being of immense personal and spiritual aspects.  Pluto’s tendency is to shine a spotlight onto your shadows, the darkness you hide.  To allow you to witness what needs to be lifted, as Pluto prepares to transmute the heaviest, of lower energies into a higher, freer Reality.

“Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Proverbs 29:18

Pluto’s energy brings forward questions, asking that you rise above what you have been led to believe.  To recover your personal power, to stand firm, and strong.  As you hold tight to what you beliefs, you witness others who too, courageously own and accept all aspects of Self.  As you bravely allow your once hidden Truths to be heard, and insist they be equally received. 

Questions To Purge Deep-Rooted Issues

Why do I allow others to determine my self-worth?  

Why do I cling to relationships and friendships that are unhealthy? 

Why am I unfairly judged by family, friends and relationships?

You often don’t recognize that some of your patterns of behavior are deeply harmful, and can actively hold you back from being your best version.  Often from deep-rooted insecurities, from being judged each time you began to shine.

Our Shadow-Self“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson

A Global Spiritual Rebirth

The often daunting, but necessary deep-dive for Soul development, a Global Spiritual Rebirth.  

Be courageous, open the dialogue with your suppressed shadows, openly, and with compassion.  Cleansing the past in the present, with compassion, washes your fears, your sorrows with Light.  No longer running from, but towards them, so healing may begin.  Pluto, the extreme enforcer, destroyer of the old, also rebuilds through transformative energy. 

Long-held shadows that burden you Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually are freed.  Subtle energies heighten your senses, as untruths are revealed and masks dissolve.  Witnessing the true intentions, the exposed motives of others.  You gain a deeper connection with your Soul, with enhanced insight and clarity.  As the ‘Great Unmasking’ now reveals.

When any planet is retrograde, human energy naturally aligns with that planet.  Explaining why we suddenly feel different, out of sorts.  Each planet affords different qualities associated with that planet.  In retrograde, they become magnified in your life, affecting you on a subconscious level.

Global And Personal Healing Transformation

When a planet rests, you must also rest, to take this valuable time in Self-Discovery.   As all cosmic events have a purpose, a perfect time to go within.  Embrace this silence and stillness as a gift, an opportunity to access your energy field, to discover where your energy may be discordant.  A time to shift your focus, seek what does not align, face the unhealed, the unresolved wounds that have been so desperate to attract your attention.

Allow Pluto’s spotlight to light the path, as it focuses your attention to the misguided, the re-directs, to assist you in avoiding the same.  It may appear ruthless as it purges the doubts you hold about yourself.  The long-held secrets that in the Light reflect back to you, your own Light.  Becoming more intuitively aligned, as you continue to de-clutter your internal home.  Please also examine your commitments and relationships, replace the chaotic draining influences with Soulful Stillness.

“We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”  T.S. Elliot

Activating Your Awakening

Purge the stale stagnant energies that prevent you from moving forward.  A necessary, and beneficial Soul-Searching opportunity, bears the fruit born from Self-Acceptance.  Your life can now become what it is meant to be.  Not one of avoidance, and over-filled calendars and social media.  

Take time for the life-changing opportunities all have prayed for.  Transforming traumas and outdated programs, the regenerative power of energetic Death, and Rebirth.  Embrace the gifts of Grace, the global transformation of the Aquarian Age.  With patient, compassionate, loving-kindness towards yourself and others.  The purification power of time spent of discovery in deep Self-Reflection. 

The Age of Aquarius, is as you see, intensified by retrogrades, the catalysts of Cosmic waves radiate positive transformation.  The Spiritual Rebirth of the Universal Heart, Mind, and Soul of All Humanity.

Soon the great storm will recede, allowing your lighten Wings to Fly!

You are the change you have been waiting for.

Embrace the Cosmic Dance,