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Other Healing Techniques

Use this quick Coherence exercise at the Onset of any Trigger of Anxiety, Stress or Fear that may arise. The Heart is the primary generator of rhythm within the body, influencing the brain, nervous system, cognitive function and emotion. This method of Heart Focus connects the Heart to the Mind in a Positive way, returning you back to a State of Ease & Inner Balance.

Step 1Heart Focus

Focus your attention on your Heart, place your hand over the center of your chest to encourage this connection.

Step 2Heart Breathing

Breathe deeply, but normally, feel your breathe flowing in and out through the Heart slowly, yet deeply as you continue to focus on your Heart. As you inhale, feel it flow through your Heart, as you exhale feel it leaving through your Heart Center. Keep your hand in place, continue to focus on your Heart with ease until you feel a natural flowing rhythm return.

Step 3Positive Activation

As you continue to maintain Heart focus, Heart breathing, activate a positive feeling through inner sight imagery. Bring forward a positive image that brings feelings of Joy. A baby animal, happy memories, a human baby, or any image that instantly brings a Smile.

Step 4Do Not Skip

Continue to focus on your heart, holding the happy image you selected. Repeat the following – 3 times – to release any toxic emotions from your heart.

  • Every decision I make about you, is a choice between a Grievance and Peace. And I choose Peace.
  • Every thought I have about you, is a choice between a Grievance and Peace. And I choose Peace.
  • I relinquish All Grievances, All Resentments, and All Regrets. And I choose Peace.

The Heart of the Matter

Sample Times To Use Heart Focus

  • First thing in the Morning.
  • Feeling drained, either physically or emotionally.
  • Your emotions are causing frustration, anxiety or stress.
  • Use this Quick Coherence technique after a blow-Up, or argument.
  • Apply this technique prior to a possible stressful phone call or meeting.
  • To keep intense negative emotions from escalating further.

In less than one minute it creates positive changes in your heart rhythm, sending powerful signals to your brain that improves how you feel. A tool that can be done discretely anytime, anywhere, and no one will know you are doing it.

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Other Heart Focus Healing Modalities

  • Inner Harmony – Heart Focus Technique
  • Meditate Ask Archangel Raphael – to shower you in his Healing Emerald green Light
  • Tibetan Bells – Internal balancing
  • Visualize – Your heart opening as it fills with His Light, & Love
  • Journal – Find positive thoughts to replace the negative
  • Visualize – What you are grateful for, opens the heart center, filling it with Joy

“The Heart is the doorway into your Soul, the Intuitive center that bypasses the Ego for Soulful answers.  When seeking answers, pay close attention to the Feelings within your Heart, as you witness the World by what you carry within it.” 

Pieces of a freshly opened puzzle seem daunting, yet the pieces ALWAYS fit perfectly, forming the greater picture.

When we send love, we attract love, as the door to our heart opens each time we do.

Embrace the Dance,