End Of An Era

During the Piscean Era at the end of 2019, our planet experienced an accelerated level of Growth.  Both Personal & Spiritual, in preparation for the Cosmic Wave of Ascension.  During this time, we were, and continue to be bathed with the energy of Love.  Venus, under the Violet color of Ascension, continually send healing energy and Angels to assist.  All to immerse our higher Chakras, nudging the opening of our High Heart.

All to prepare us for the Golden Age of Transformation of higher frequencies of Light.

The Age That Awakens The World

Although there are many opinions on the exact date that Aquarius began to emerge, January of 2020 is what most believe.  The date we with both feet entered the Aquarian Age of Spiritual Awakening.  As the embrace of the Divine Feminine energy returns.  Adjusting the much needed imbalance of the Masculine & Feminine energies of the Piscean Era.

Many believe the Butterfly is associated with the Soul.  A fitting expression as we embark on this Soulful New Path.  A Journey of Shifts, Turns, and Challenges that allow us to morph into more evolved Beings. 

Perhaps Her lesson is one of Faith, Acceptance of change with Grace, and our Emergence as a Soul Transformed. 

Free to Fly to New Heights!

A New Earth for Humanity & Mother-Earth.

The most potent cosmic energies are the alignment of Pluto and Saturn that will peak in January of 2020.  This alignment sets the tone for Mother Earth and Humanity.  As it births an opportunity for Humanity to ascend to higher levels of Consciousness.  Shifting our Inner expression from the Piscean Age of materialism, to Spiritually Awaken.  The goal of this Age.

The Journey of 2019 was to begin facing our darkness, our shadows, to all healing Light to enter.  Its purpose was Not to fix it, but to Transform it!

The very catalyst, for the Golden Age of Transformation to occur.  Allowing Us to Rise above it!

“…Principles and Ethics are best developed and distilled by a reasoning Mind and a feeling Heart listening deeply to the expansive discernment of the Soul.”  Ann Mortifee

Purging The Old Era

The Cosmic Energy alignments of 2019 assisted in bringing forward what we needed to Shed, Release, and Re-Evaluate.  The purpose of 2019’s Cosmic events, a Blood Moon Eclipse, a trio of Super Moons, two back to back Full Moons of the same astrological sign, as well as a Blue Moon.  All to illuminate the no longer needed limiting beliefs.  To Let Go of past traumas, and conditioning.  To prepare us for “The Golden Age of Transformation.”

Our Soul called upon us to Journey Inward, to uncover our buried past.  Issues of our traumas and regrets that continue to lie heavily upon our Soul and our Heart.  Used as catalysts to trigger our Awakening process.

Allowing situations to come forward, including long-term relationships, that no longer serve or align with the Conscious Shift of this Age.

Behind the Masks of Pain” We either give thanks for all that comes our way, even if it causes us to weep, or we remain small, petty, and complaining.”  Ann Mortifee

As the pain begins to emerge, it causes cracks in our facade, our persona, our masks.  Necessary openings allow the Light to embrace our encapsulated Heart.  Freeing us from our buried wounds, to unlock the door to our Authentic-Self.

“…as we explore our past wounds, we must be sure to also ascend into alignment with the Higher Self.  The Soul Self is detached enough to shine a clear, honest light even into our darkest corridors.”  Ann Morifee

The Soulful nudging asks that  we examine carefully issues we thought long forgotten, matters that lie dormant in the shadows of our Body-Mind.  For Shadows that remain in the darkness of Shame, Blame & Guilt, justified or not, continue to be fertilized!  When unresolved, they patiently wait to leave their mark on a Physical level.

All imbalances eventually do.

Raise Your Spiritual Vibration

Birthing The Aquarian Age Of Transformation

Our willingness to surrender allows us to witness the power of Grace.  Releasing us from the Prisons of the Past.  Realizing they lay dormant in the shadows of the Body-Mind of the Unresolved.

This is the Universal theme for this New Era – Soul Transformation. 

“Cosmic Re-Birth of 2020 asks that we be Mindful of what we put into our Body: Spiritually, Emotionally & Physically – what we watch, listen to, read, and those we associate with are All contributors to what will be Birthed.”

As we enter the Golden Age of Transformation, the Cosmic line up, planetary pairings of Saturn & Jupiter.  The Wave of Ascension energy, the potent Duo not seen since 2000. This Duo will again appear in the night sky under the element of Air in December – 2020.   Air, like a cosmic wave carries the promised energy of the Divine Feminine.   The loving energy flow of Balance, Creation, Intuition, the Spiritual-Heart of the Divine Feminine.

She brings a much-needed release from the density of the 3rd & 4th dimensions, evolving Humanity from the veil of Complacency.  She encourages Flexibility, Independent Thought, and Self-Knowing.

Transformation - Birthing A New Earth“The challenges of the past Era brought great Wisdom to the Heart of the Divine Feminine.  She now prepares for the return of the Masculine & Feminine energies in balance once again!”

The Divine Dance of the New Era – 2020

Aquarian Age – The Global Eye of Truth – Relies on the Intention energy of one’s spoken Words & Actions.

15 – Transformation Shifts
  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Improvement
  • Release of the Victim Archetype
  • Inner Healing
  • Soulful Empowerment
  • Expansion of Consciousness
  • Return of the Divine Feminine Energy
  • Masculine & Feminine Balance
  • Increased Discernment
  • Independent Thought
  • The High-Heart begins to Open
  • More Defined Path
  • Illusion Begins to Melt Away
  • Increased Spirituality – Mindfulness
  • Global Healing

Soul Liberation – To be wed to Truth rather than Personalities & Platforms, as these Always represent a mingling of truth & error.”

A time to Let Go, freeing ourselves from the darkness, the heaviness of the past.  The promise, that Faith will be the tool to awaken our Authentic state of being.  With Faith, we embrace a time of significant shifts that require trust in the Divine Plan.  Chaos continues to bring to the surface, issues in need of release, the Cosmic Shifts to Awaken us from our illusions.  To witness the illusions that have separated and divided Humanity.  The very need of this Chaos to Cosmically reset Humanity on a path of Divine Peace.  Our Spiritual Awakening is the Divine Course of 2020.

As Beings of Light, here to Co-create a sustainable World, we must heal Our wounds, Our traumas, to witness a return of clarity, an Inner Vision.  The Veils begin to dissolve, our inner strength regains through Wisdom & Discernment.  Long held beliefs begin to crumble, we See with New Eyes, we Hear with New Ears.

As we transform Our Inner World, we transform the energy of Our Mother – Earth, an energetic ripple.  Birthing the New Era of Co-Creation and Co-Operation!

Embrace the Cosmic Dance,