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Gardens of My Soul

Hi, I’m Carol,

As my new life continues to unfold as an Intuitive Channel & Empathic Lightworker, I see my Life’s Journey, with all its hardships and lessons, has taught me so much more about Myself, my Courage, my Strength, with Wisdom to recognize the Gifts they have brought to My Soul!

I wish to share my Knowledge, their Wisdom, with you as we Journey together through the Bumps and the Joys of Life.

A Journey I call – Gardens of My Soul. A Path to discover Our true Potential, Our true Essence, Our Enlightened Soul at Peace.

Peace and Blessings, Carol

Archangel Michael’s Personal Power Attunement

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Archangel Michael’s Personal Power Attunement educates the reader, to the meaning and importance of protecting Your Power. His Energetically charged words – Empower and Guide, teaching you to Tap into Your Intuitive ability – to Re-Awaken to Your Authentic Self.

Through these teachings, He explains How and Why you Lose or many times unknowingly gave away this precious Gift. He describes how to use these tools and Re-Claim Who You Are as a Soul.

Empowering you through His words to become once again, the Divine Spark you were meant to be!


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Responsibility: To Illuminate

Lightworkers, must be fastidious in keeping their physical form in balance, during Earth's transitional time period. The many challenges during these times, calls for Physical health to be a priority...

Transformation To: A Light Body

As Ascension continues, the Physical body begins transforming to a Light Body, changes occurring on a cellular level. From a - 3 D Carbon-based body to a - 5D Crystalline-based body. This gradual transition is...

Raising Your Vibration: To Attract

The Frequency signals you fine tune to incorporate into your ability to Manifest, are also an excellent practice for a Life of Peace and Joy. As you increase your vibration, they no longer remain a temporary Shift...

Sensing: Energy

An Awakening Transition is upon each at different levels of their Evolution. All are capable of Sensing Energy and Interpreting the owner of that Energy. A Valuable Gift...

The Gardens of My Soul

“When I tend to the Gardens of My Soul, I expand and deepen my connection to All.

It’s with Gratitude I bear witness to the splendid beauty surrounding me, hearing the songs in the wind singing to me, it is then I find myself immersed in the intoxicating fragrance that has embraced my Being.

My Soul becomes overwhelmed, knowing I am indeed in the Company of the Master Gardener!”

Carol Millar

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Messages from Carol Millar

Brotherly Love: In Spirit

George died of a drug overdose at the age of 20, as an abused child with learning disabilities, his main assignment after his Life Review, was to assist others in similar life challenges...