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Awakening to Spirit

"The Rose is a mystical symbol of the divine feminine essence, petals open to reveal the mysteries of her soul. Perfuming the air with love & wisdom, she climbs the trellis to join her ancestors. It is the love her presence evokes that inspires her sisters to Awaken."
-- Carol Millar

Welcome, Soulful Traveler…

As my life continues to unfold as a teacher of healing verse, I gratefully accept and embrace fully this life…All of it, for I Am the sum of all parts! My most difficult lessons have become my greatest teachers, as I gained trust in the will of the Divine.

I stand in awe, seeing the many challenges that nearly broke me, would also restore me. As I surrendered it was Grace that whispered to my soul…you are indeed worthy.

The Sacred Feminine must heal her past in order to honor the balance humanity desperately needs her to birth. For within both genders the Masculine & Feminine resides. This imbalance has caused great toxicity for two thousand years in both genders. The time has come to heal, honor, and awaken the Feminine to birth balance into Our Inner Kingdom!

“Today is the day to resolve to awaken in every moment…to commit, to live, to love…to serve our highest dream. If we wait for circumstances to align in the way we desire, we may wait forever. Regardless of what surrounds us, this is the day to begin.”  — Ann Mortifee

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BODY: The physical aspect of our Human form, in a constant state of renewal, touches the material world through it’s 5 senses. As Spiritual beings having a Human experience, our Body is the bridge between Spirit and Earth. A temporary vessel that like our Soul requires nourishment, both Internal and Spiritual.


HEART: The Portal to the Soul, our Core Essence. When in tune with our Hearts, we are connected to Divine Wisdom, the Energy of Intuitional thought. Our Hearts Path opens us to compassion, forgiveness, and love for others. The Heart can become closed from life, caused by pain, heartache & trauma.


MIND: The tool of Creation, gathering through experiences enables the Body to process, be aware, to think through conscious thoughts. To visualize and Discern, through logic. Our triggers are formed in the Mind by unexamined thoughts, beliefs and core wounds we carry.


SOUL: Our Spiritual and Higher Self expression of eternal Divine Energy. The command center of the physical life, responsible for our Emotions, Creativity, Reason and Memory. All Sentient and non-Sentient Beings possess a Soul.


SPIRIT: Infinite Consciousness, Source Eternal, the path of illumination to unite the Spirit with the Divine, as it transcends the Egoic Mind. The Eternal Force, our Oneness, through Faith embodies the Mystery in all Spiritual movements.

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“Shame, Blame, Anger, Resentment, Guilt and Fear are crippling to Our Soul.  When left in the darkness, these shadows continue to be fertilized.”

It takes Courage to look deeply within, to listen to the Souls Guidance, releasing the dominant Critic.  When you recognize & become Open to living as the Soul, you begin to recognize the truth in it’s call to Let Go of the Outdated conditioning & Core Beliefs of the past.  As you unravel these limiting beliefs and past traumas you unfold your True Self.  Life aligns with greater meaning and purpose, you evolve to increased consciousness.  Awakening to discern between the truth and the noise that separates and divides, as your Soul wishes to lean towards Peace, not Drama. This is the Soulful Path to a more fulfilling life. With Spiritual Guidance to assist on your journey of Self-Discovery, assisting you to reconnect with your Heart & your Spiritual Soul. Veils begin to lift, as you clear and allow more light to germinate the seeds of new beginnings as you Nourish & Inspire your Soul to Awaken…

Embrace the Dance & Walk the Soulful Path…Blessings, Carol

The Gardens of My Soul

“When I tend to the Gardens of My Soul, I expand and deepen my connection to All.

It’s with Gratitude I bear witness to the splendid beauty surrounding me, hearing the songs in the wind singing to me, it is then I find myself immersed in the intoxicating fragrance that has embraced my Being.

My Soul becomes overwhelmed, knowing I am indeed in the Company of the Master Gardener!”

Carol Millar

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Through these teachings, He explains How and Why you Lose or often unknowingly give away this precious Gift. He outlines various simple techniques to Re-Claim Who You Are as a Soul. Empowering you to Awaken your Core Essence!

Time to take back Your Power – Embrace Change – Face Your Fears – Live a Life of Compassionate Empowerment!