Elements Of Soul Transformation

"It is never too late to Begin Anew. We must allow our Self to be Forever re-Created..this is the only way to live the Spiritual Life. Every day, Every moment, is a doorway into a New possibility. A Deeper Communication with the Divine...when we choose to Open the Door." Ann Mortifee...Embrace the Mystery~the Magic~the Oneness


As My Life continues to unfold as an Intuitive Empath and Spiritual Writer, I embrace Life’s Joys and Guided Redirects.  My Life lessons have taught me much about Myself, My Courage and My Strength that Grew through them.  As I now embrace them as Gifts to My Soul!

I Wish to share My Journey – As we embark together, on a Soulful Path through the Bumps and Joys of Life.  To experience Soul Shifts, as we embrace our purpose here, to Unveil – Our True Potential, Our Core Essence, Our Awakened Heart.

“Today is the day to resolve to awaken in every moment…to commit, to live, to love…to serve our highest dream.  If we wait for circumstances to align in the way we desire, we may wait forever.  Regardless of what surrounds us, this is the day to begin.”  Ann Mortifee
Our Transformation – Our Spiritual Awakening! 
Love, Peace and Blessings,

Archangel Michael’s Personal Power Attunement

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Archangel Michael’s Personal Power Attunement educates the reader, to the meaning and importance of protecting Your Power. His Energetically charged words – Empower and Guide, teaching you to Tap into Your Intuitive ability – to Re-Awaken to Your Authentic Self.

Through these teachings, He explains How and Why you Lose or many times unknowingly gave away this precious Gift. He describes how to use these tools and Re-Claim Who You Are as a Soul.

Empowering you through His words to become once again, the Divine Spark you were meant to be!


“The Archangel Michael Power Attunement by Light Being Messages is Profound and a relaxing way to take in High Vibrational messages. Very much enjoyed!”
— Amanda Linette Meder
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As Seekers of Enlightenment, we embark on a Path to Untether Our Soul, to Illuminate Our true Essence. A Spiritual Awakening of Our Soul, is a Soul Shift into Higher Consciousness. A Healing Journey to Rebirth who We are at Our Core...
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The Gardens of My Soul

“When I tend to the Gardens of My Soul, I expand and deepen my connection to All.

It’s with Gratitude I bear witness to the splendid beauty surrounding me, hearing the songs in the wind singing to me, it is then I find myself immersed in the intoxicating fragrance that has embraced my Being.

My Soul becomes overwhelmed, knowing I am indeed in the Company of the Master Gardener!”

Carol Millar

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Beliefs: How They Are Formed

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