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The Call of Sedona

As I look back on life’s events, I now see the mystery unfolding long before it fused into the spiritual healing journey it has become. In the beginning, the theme beckoned that I embrace my life as a clear channel, which I denied. Looking back, numerous synchronicities had long danced before me, echoed the same. It was Divine Grace that blanketed my healing journey.

As we embarked on our magical move to the healing energy of Sedona across the country to the unknown. It appears we were in a destiny fog at the time, as this was out of character for us both. We sold our Charleston home in two weeks during the home crisis and found the perfect fixer-upper in beautiful Sedona.

All of my concerns, my constant questions, “What is my path, my purpose, was birthing before me. I remained dazed in the newness of a home in need of repair and updates. As an interior designer, this was a dream come true.

Yes, they had a plan that still continues to unfold, twelve years later.

I mysteriously found a teacher on the east coast and began my channeling journey, which I love. I continued with several classes, still working full-time as a designer, whose work was all the NY timezone. It was challenging, but the passion for both avenues was very satisfying to my soul.

Soon began an internal grumbling, ignoring these intruders for as long as I was able. Songs on the radio seemed to partner with my guides beckoned me to finally look deeper into my unresolved pain. It became clear Sedona would become the home of my healing journey.

My soulful path allowed Divine Grace to blanket my journey, for which I am eternally grateful. As I soon realized, each piece of my journey that brought me to my knees would also heal me. Traumas lost deep in my subconscious no longer were content to remain, begged for my attention. When entering my Dream time was no longer enough, they spilled into my waking hours. It became clear there would be no peace until I was willing to surrender…and so in desperation, I did.

My life soon became my teacher, as other healers seemed to enter my conscious awareness, appeared right on cue. I now claim the divine bread crumbs, the many who witnessed my path, long before I. For it is our journey to unearth our True-Self and reconnect with our Infinite-Self which awaits.

A journey that has led me to my healing philosophy, the very core of my writing & teaching. To embrace the Soulful Path of healing, when it is our heart & soul that leads, not the mind, nor ego. To transform our lives, our pain with Divine Grace, the freedom of forgiveness. Avoiding the victim mentality, the continual reaction state to life’s challenges that weaken our inner power.

Many through lifetimes have chosen another path, one of avoidance, often due to fear. Perhaps believing they will be punished by a God they believe unforgiving. Creating a false belief that further separates Humanity from its Oneness with all. All healing begins as we surrender our pain, our crippling shame buried into the healing arms of Divine Grace.

My life challenges that brought me to my knees awakened my soul to my divinity, the Light within. The God of a thousand names that lives within each the believer and non alike has blessed my life. My path to health worked in remarkable ways, with an inner joy that sustains me through all that life may offer.

So as I witness the systemic pain of others, I know it is theirs, like mine, the undigested pain that remains deeper than one cares to look. Often blame becomes their weapon, allowing the pain to remain, playing havoc in all areas of their life.

So I ask – How long will humanity wait to embrace a new path wed to the freedom of Divine Grace birthed from a higher Source?

While our wounded, neglected, lost Inner Child awaits!

Blessings on your healing journey.

Always with Love,