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How To Heal Through Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a choice, unfortunately it sometimes becomes a choice of desperation.  You wince at the thought of forgiving harms upon you, yet, without forgiveness your pain remains attached.  The power to heal lies within, for your soul is nourished by the Light, guiding you to embrace compassion, the true path to freedom!

You feel this deep within, but find it challenging to embrace such a concept. The decision to change direction, change your path from victim to a powerful, loving soul is yours! Powerful guidance that leads to freedom, for all acts of forgiveness, hold this truth. Often not realizing it is your higher power sending signals to guide you,  for it knows the freedom that forgiveness brings. It appears as an act of weakness, when actually it is an act of power!

 Forgiveness Of Self

When you use your mind, you often hear the Critic’s voice of disapproval based on the Ego’s fear of losing control. When you succumb, usually you remain in the never-ending chapter of a repeating story. Instead of creating a new empowering ending. Or should I say beginning.

Forgiveness is not for the Act nor the Actor,  it is the freedom to untether your soul from the act and the abuser to allow healing and peace to reside once again. For you are forgiving their soul, not their personality, for only the Soul loves on lifetime after lifetime and o good things. WE know not the karma, nor the path of another. The path to the Light is not an easy path, but holds the greatest rewards for your evolving Soul. Stretch marks can be the reminders of your self-respect and courage you demonstrate along your soulful path!

“The first step in forgiveness is the willingness to forgive.  If you can state, despite your resistance, your willingness to see the spiritual innocence, the light in the soul of one who has harmed you, you have begun the journey to a deep and unshakable Peace.”  Marianne Williamson

Forgiveness is the shedding agent that sheds the old burdens to open the heart as it allows more Light.  As with most stretch marks, the most difficult challenges can have the greatest reward.  Rewards felt in the depth of your Body, Mind & Soul. Our soulful compass, our Divine vision needs a course correction to allow the truth to be heard over the noise of falsehoods. This is our journey for living a Light-filled Life.  In stillness you hear your Soul’s response…in the sea of God’s forgiveness.

Forgiveness: An Empath’s Power-Tool

Often Avoided

The tool of forgiveness is the vehicle to freedom – a Soulful path to awaken our high heart, the heart of unity consciousness. Whether in physical form or spirit – communication is always available to assist with the questions that haunt.  All lessons come forward when you are ready to see the lesson and begin the process that forgiveness affords. Allowing true spiritual growth to occur, as the capacity to forgive is within each. We were born from Pure Love, it is our True Nature, for the gracious act of forgiveness takes place in the Heart. A process that clears your Souls Spiritual path through the act of compassion to free both souls. As we all are intricate pieces of the Divine puzzle, forgiveness for another soul is that piece!

May I say, it has everything to do with you, your soul, and your life’s journey, and the heart you will carry, either filled with burdens or freedom from them.  It’s essential to always send Love and forgiveness to yourself for carrying them for perhaps too long! One should honor their courage, their strength, their compassion to find forgiveness as the Path to Oneness! A moment of divine growth catapults the soul, as you reclaim your precious Personal Power!

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Heals The Soul

Always through prayer or meditation, the avenue to connect with higher guidance is always available to assist. When we open our hearts to this truth, we receive the Love and Support they offer.  Creating a shift within which allows forgiveness for all Souls involved, possible in any situation.

This is done through speaking directly to the soul of the person you wish to send forgiveness.  Or it can be done by writing a virtual letter to that soul, therefore, you by-pass the human aspect so as not to empower the personality, only the soul, the home of divine wisdom. Whether you are sending or asking for forgiveness, the same applies. When you engage in a soul to soul conversation, healing is freeing for all involved! A powerful act of healing is generated as the soul accepts what the physical form may not be ready to.

Open your heart and mind to the “Healing Power of Spirit,” as you attract this energy into your inner knowing, you allow peace from the pain, the regret, and dissolve and self-blame you are holding. Many carry burdens that are not theirs to claim, this is especially challenging for the sensitive, the Empath.  Time to wash them clean through this act of awakening to the realms that healing offers! When we choose forgiveness, we begin the path towards inner peace & healing. The only path that moves you beyond the pain. The Prisoner it Frees is You!

Forgiveness With Gratitude

Frees the Soul

Understand you are not condoning the wrong or acting as if it never happened, you are only Letting it Go…Releasing the Dis-Ease that burdens all forms of your being. This allows the many bodies within to witness and feel the healing benefits that forgiveness brings. Letting go of the anger, resentment, hate, shame, and blame improves your well-being, for most Dis-eases begin with these stagnant, negative energies. Time for peace within, this powerful wash is what our very planet requires, for all humanity to begin this brave journey! To no longer allow this chapter to write the entire Book of Your Life! When you do, you continue the cycle of giving your power to another!  As you release your tortured heart, your soul, you move forward through the portal of forgiveness.

“Holding onto anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it to someone else, yet You are the one who gets burned”  The Buddha

Forgiveness: Our Most Powerful Tool

We So Avoid

Forgiveness is the natural state of all souls, our thoughts, our emotions that we attach to the situation create the energy blocks within our form. Blocks that impede your souls growth, as you lie dormant, locked into a condition that has created the obstacles to your transformation, your freedom. All lessons, when learned, open the soul to divine vision, to recognize the proper avenue to move forward on your path…that tool is Forgiveness.  The gift you give your heart, your soul, your well-being, the exclamation point of a Soulful Life!

Once you take this leap, seeing an emotional issue, in a positive light through understanding, is a gift to your heart.  And…a gift to humanity! The energy of forgiveness is an act of love of self and humanity! You raise the global energy either one by one, or by many, the flow for all humanity to absorb. Now seeing an emotional issue, in a positive light through understanding, is a gift to your heart, a gift to your soul!  And…a gift to humanity! We are All One, your cleansing, your forgiveness, opens the flow for all humanity to absorb!


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Healing The Wounded Inner Child Workbook


Healing The Wounded Inner Child Workbook

Forgiveness Techniques:

Call Upon Archangel Raphael

  • As you Meditate – Visualize His emerald green ray of Light surrounding you, breath it deep within, as you ask for His presence – His healing energy and guidance
  • Crystals represent specific Angels – Archangels.  Hold one during meditation to magnify their energy. Malachite holds for many the healing energy of Archangel Raphael.

Quartz crystals enhance the effect of All Crystals.

When you call in an Archangel for Healing, you feel your awareness increase, as you allow His energy to assist, and guide. Your very soul responds, knowing your devotion to healing is strong.  Take notice, as you begin to open, as your guides send synchronicities, the divine bread crumbs that can show you when you are on course.

Synchronicity – The coincidental occurrence of events, especially psychic phenomena.  Whether in the form of similar thoughts, an unexpected call or meeting of someone you were thinking of earlier. These are the unexplainable mechanisms of causality, for we are never alone on our journey.

Jung believed that such “meaningful coincidences” play an essential role in our lives.  Remain present, look for spiritual guidance, for they have many ways to get our attention, even from a song with special meaning! Often they wish to remind us that they are always near.

Other Modalities

  • Chakra Cleansing & Balancing
  • Energy Healing Techniques
  • EFT tapping
  • Crystal Healing

In Life – Sometimes to move forward, we must first look back.

Embrace the Dance,