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Relationships – Our Teachers

One might say, that the building principles we incorporate for the foundation of a home, are much like the ones needed to support and secure the strength of our relationships. Our Journey in Earth’s classroom if one of soul growth, these lessons come through our relationships and our experiences within them.

Our curriculum for growth establishes how we maneuver through life, as well as our reactions. The underbelly that spirit wishes to expose, is our unresolved traumas, our pain. Cleansing from our challenges become the magic ingredient for future healthy relationships to form. Our inner journey, to unwind the entanglements that block our love of self. A journey that requires we de-construct the layers of pain, to re-construct a supportive, sustainable structure.

The life our soul, knows is there for us, that we are not meant to live the life we currently lead. Our soul, our higher-self has the blueprints, knows our destiny, and leads us for our highest good.  sometimes the lessons to lead us are difficult, as as humans we help to achieve that goal.  We are excellent at holding on endlessly, as if it was set in stone. It is our willingness to heal, to take the deep dive that frees, awakens, our true-identity, our divinity.

Will we listen, as the deepest part of our inner being sounds the Horn?

We must release the need of attachments as our elixir, mere distractions that have no longevity. It is when we seek our divine roots, we access the higher wisdom of our soul. We bravely plunge into the depths to recover, to uncover, examine, and heal our core wounds, many birthed in early childhood, we carry like worn security blankets for decades.

Relationships – Healthy Personal Boundaries

Our personal boundaries are an essential part of self-respect, not allowing others to manipulate, nor abuse your relationship. Creating a life with a healthy self-image, allowing others to see how you expect to be treated. It is up to you to enforce these boundaries, this communicates to others, that you value, and respect yourself. Boundaries are a healthy sign you honor your sovereignty, as well as others. Your personal integrity remains preserved.

When we go through life without boundaries, we send confusing messages, often attracting toxic one-sided relationships. Therefore, running the risk of confusing our needs and wants with others. the lead in to codependency. This is but one side affect, for you also risk heightened stress, feelings of being used, manipulated. Many, overtime, take a serious toll on your mental health, leading to burnout.

Finally, a lack of personal boundaries can result in feelings of being worthless, weak, or not good enough. In other words, our self-esteem is severely impacted, with issues such as self-doubt or self-loathing form. One become unable to voice their truth, to clearly communicate their needs in a clearly. Boundaries are the building blocks of personal power!

10 Benefits Of Clear Boundaries

You Will –

  • be feel comfortable saying No
  • feel self-empowered
  • in control of your life
  • feel more comfortable with who you are
  • have a greater sense of freedom
  • experience a greater sense of self-worth
  • voice your views and be heard
  • begin attracting healthy relationships
  • feel more appreciated by those around you
  • feel less stressed, calmer, more confident

True-Self Emergence

All relationships need to be built on firm footings, for they are only as strong as what lies beneath. As souls, we enter each lifetime with a life plan established with our soul group. An agreement created with our consent before we emerge into the physical.This becomes the baseline manuscript that includes the actors, roles and a lifetime of various acts, (lessons) they play. Many of our lessons can be very difficult, more difficult when we resist. When we take a closer look, we often find the most difficult lessons are our core lessons of this lifetime. Through them many awaken to see them, as their greatest teachers.

Personal boundaries are our mental, emotional, and physical walls created to protect from being used, manipulated, or violated by others. Personal limits that clearly define limits to our needs for personal growth, to avoid the pitfalls of relationships. Relationships are the cornerstone of life lessons, boundaries are an act of Self-Love. Often the root of most suffering when absent. The key to cultivate a healthy physical, emotional, and psychological state of well-being, is the act of creating & maintaining our boundaries.

Soul Growth is the goal of All lifetimes, the diploma, if you will, of our Souls progress, and yes, setbacks, known as Karma, Life’s imbalances.  Our Life Setbacks and Karma are often created by our Soul not addressing the Core Lessons of our Life plan for each Lifetime.

“Relationships are Assignments. Relationships are the Holy Spirit’s laboratories in which He brings together people who have the Maximal opportunity for Mutual growth.” Marianne Williamson

What Lies Beneath?

The health of a tree depends on a healthy root system, essential is proper nourishment, with support as it grows. So too is the importance of what lies below the foundation of our relationships. As well as with ourselves, the one we often value the least important. When we carry our past unresolved trauma, anger, resentment, and pain, ultimately they show signs of decay. Decay can be a slow process, that slowly compromises our foundation’s strength.  Often irreversibly.

Clearing past issues before beginning a Relationship, include a bold look, yes, an unflinching look at ourselves, our masks, our personas, the masks in need of acknowledgment to expose the issues that lie beneath. A valuable process to bring light to the unresolved that disrupts our inner peace. A return to sanity, to our well-being, lies beneath, only healed when we bravely excavate.

Relationships: Behind The Masks“Crisis is a doorway to greater understanding and harmony.  Without crisis to inform us of disharmony, we may tarry too long and lose the chance to transform…Crisis is a truth serum.  Learn from it and harmony will be restored.  Ignore it, and greater sorrow is to follow.”  Ann Mortifee

Our Inner Voice

Our guidance is often here to assist our redirect on our Path, we often try to ignore our inner voice, unsuccessfully. For it soon becomes louder to get our attention, often answering our very call.  It is then, our path becomes rocky, until we face our cloaked demons! The demons we thought were successfully locked away in the toy box of unwanted memories! The memories would have none of that, so the pain continues.

It is when we realize that paint, and spackle can only mask the cracks of an unresolved, unstable foundation cosmetically. The deeper wounds remain, disrupting our peace until they are acknowledged.

The Unforeseen

Unresolved traumas continue to come forward, taking many different, often crippling avenues until addressed. This action may seem unnecessary when no apparent problems are visible at first glance. Realize, as with any building project, even a personal one, these overlooked steps will inevitably become cause for concern. Cracks begin to appear, perhaps slowly at first, that eventually threaten all future successes, leaving permanent scars.

Perhaps not physically seen, but deeply felt, as they soon become noticeable.

Gambling On The Odds

One must realize, we are not characters in a storybook, why then, leave to chance, our wishes, our dreams, our relationships. Our Precious Life. A life that deserves the necessary support to withstand the many challenges that life brings. Left unresolved, they soon grow legs that continue to wander not only into our nightmares, but soon enter our everyday existence.

We must be willing to reclaim our life courageously, for that feeling that overwhelms us deeply, is our awakening. Our connection to our divine grace within become the elixir needed to go to the depths for healing to begin. The spiritual love within each, that supports us until the love within is birthed!

A Life we cherish enough, can not be torn apart by another, a point of self-love that breathes. Nothing and No one will take this life from me. A life you are willing to work diligently to protect, to insure it remains stable.

Perseverance and foresight, strength and desire are how we become one with our foundation. We gain self-awareness through this process that affords a sense of security and pride. Knowing we created a sustainable setting for all future growth. As we witness the crumbling of our false facade; we now appreciate and guard this Life.

Self-love returns as the prize in the box. As we unconditionally forgive, accept, respect, and nurture our precious life. The key to all successful relationships, whether in friendship, love interest, or in business.  Time for a closer look and create a “right human relations” with ourselves!  To embrace with love, all of Who we Are, as self-love becomes the core of all inner healing work. For without it, true fulfillment in life is unattainable.

A Wise Investment

Investing in our self-worth.

When we bravely face the daunting depths where our shadows lie, we bring the cleansing light to the demons depth. The old, tattered memories that oddly seem familiar, that hold the secrets, the shame now ready to be released. the power we gave them soon dissolve. The shadows that once lived in the darkness of our unconscious mind, left mere ashes. Their role has changed, no longer even while hidden, directed our actions. Safe guarded, rejected and suppressed knowingly or not, until we are ready to face them. When left in the Darkness, they bring havoc into our lives.  The undertow that pulls on our emotions until they are healed, accepted, and loved.

The Pain and Shame, we believe, is hidden in the depths of our minds, soon come out of the closet. No longer content to be in the shadows, now at the forefront of our thoughts. The time arrives quickly, a drowning feeling that requires a choice. To either fall deeper into the depths of despair, of depression or face them.

We are not alone in this endeavor, for we are one with the divine, the needed support we draw upon to release us from the fog. As the Shame we carried lifts. We for so long, allowed our emotions to take control, often distorting experiences, as the lack of self-worth continued to grow. Hiding one from the good in life.

Our Light Is Always On

You see, we are never alone in our self-imposed darkness. As we break free, we realize the light of guidance along our path, is its brightest when our need is dire. Illuminating our way to the safety of our inner kingdom, our home.  We must not allow the darkness we feel, to blind us from our inner light.

Healing The Wounded Inner Child Workbook“Grace is always present, waiting to bestow it’s healing breathe upon whatever draws near.  It is we who must approach it in stillness.  It is we who must open to receive.  Grace is constant.”  Ann Mortifee

It is through grace, we welcome and heal our Inner Child, for we now appreciate the love we feel for ourselves and embrace our child within. Our soul, our Heart swells with the joy self-love brings.

As we gain a life worth cherishing, with gained freedom, and courage, found in the depths.  The freedom birth deep below the surface, brought into the light, unlocks the pain, the shame, the self-loathing one chained to our hearts. We then find our voice, our courage, knowing how precious is is and worth fighting and holding it ever closer.

A life worth living!

The Healing Power Of Forgiveness

“The Act of Forgiveness takes place in Our Mind.  It really has nothing to do with the other person.”Louise Hay

Forgiveness is the gift you give yourself first, with love, and gratitude for your courage and strength!

When we embrace forgiveness for ourselves, for perhaps holding this pain for so long, we gain the strength to go further, to forgive the souls, of those who caused us harm. We are not forgiving the personality, nor the act, but the soul. For those who wield these dark acts are ruled by their ego, their personality. Our act of forgiving the soul is the gift we give our soul, as we untether from the energy of those who caused harm.  Forgiveness, in all areas of life, becomes a vital tool to cut the cords and birth healing. This completes our sustainable foundation, our light filled strength, of a soul at peace!

A Foundation To Build Upon

Divine blueprints, make perfect sense to our divine architects!

Our homes are indeed akin to relationships, including the relationship with ourselves. All lives too, require and deserve these common elements: To feel loved, nurtured, and protected. As we continue our self-care, we, like a mamma bear, protect all we have so lovingly re-constructed. A place to house our dreams, no longer store our box of pain in the depths of our mind – labeled…”Secrets.”

Our new life is capable of an overflowing abundance, with the fond memories missed through the darkness of the past. The future memories to come are free to bloom, to grow, as the light has cleansed these long-held shadows. The light of grace has shown us how loved and worthy we truly are. As love of self continues to grow in our sustainable garden, sleansed of the weeds of darkness.

Our journey continues with a Grateful Heart, to become a magnet for life’s miracles!

Embrace the Dance,