Relationships: The Magic Ingredient Is Self-Love

A Message From - Carol

Relationships: The Magic Ingredient Is Self-Love

Relationships – Support System

One might say, that the building principles we incorporate for the foundation of a home, are much like the ones needed to Support and secure the strength of our Relationships.  Our Journey in Earth’s classroom if one of Soul Growth.  Our Lessons for Growth come through our Relationships and our Experiences.  This is the curriculum for Growth, and establishes how we learn to maneuver through Life.  In Spite, or perhaps because of the Traumas of my Life.

I now realize that the Magic Ingredient, for All Healthy Relationships is Our Personal Journey within.  A Journey to reclaim Our Self-Love.  A Journey that often requires that we de-Construct the many layers, in order to re-Construct the structure that we Deserve.  The Life that we Deserve.  To re-Claim Our Authentic-Self, the Core of Our Soul, the part of Us sounding the Horns.

To begin the process of Release for the Attachments, the Distractions, to return Our Focus to Our Purpose for this Lifetime.  One that includes the necessary Deep Dive to Recover and Examine Our Core Wounds, to re-Discover Our Core Essence.

A Home To Hold A Life Worth Loving!

All Relationships need to be built on firm footings, as they are only as strong as what lies beneath.

Souls enter each Life with their personal Life plan contract.  A contract they established with their Soul Group, prior to emerging into Physical form.  They are Our Manuscripts with Actors, Roles and Life’s Various Acts.  Many of our Lessons can be difficult, those are usually our Greatest Teachers.  Soul Growth is the Goal of All Lifetimes, the Diploma, if you will, of our Souls Progress, and yes, setbacks, known as Karma.

Our Life Setbacks and Karma are often created by our Soul not addressing the Core Lessons of our Life plan for this Lifetime.

“Relationships are Assignments. Relationships are the Holy Spirit’s laboratories in which He brings together people who have the Maximal opportunity for Mutual growth.” Marianne Williamson

What Lies Beneath Your Foundation?

As the health of a trees root system is essential for their nourishment and support, so too is the importance of what lies below the foundation of our Relationships.  That includes the one with ourselves, you know, the one we think is the Least Important.  Yes, that One!  When we carry from our Past, unresolved Trauma, Anger, Resentment, and Pain, ultimately they will show signs of Decay.  Compromising Our foundations Strength, sometimes Irreversibly.

Clearing past issues before we begin a Relationship, include a Brave look, yes a Brave Look at ourselves, our Masks, our Personas.  The masks need to be acknowledged and removed to expose the issues that have disrupted Our Peace.  It is Never too late to begin this Valuable process, for our own Personal Growth, our Sanity, our Well-Being.

Listen For Inner Guidance

When we unsuccessfully try to ignore this Inner Guidance, unable to look or address our Fears.  Soon our Inner Guidance’s voice begins to Scream for Our attention.  The path then, becomes Rocky until we face our cloaked demons!  Those we thought would remain locked in the Toy box of Unwanted memories!  But they would have nothing of that, so it continued.

We must Realize that Paint and Spackle can only mask cosmetically the cracks of an Unresolved foundation.  The Deeper Core Wounds will remain, disrupting our Peace until they are Acknowledged.

This photo represents the Hand of Grace reaching for mine, to bring me back from the depths of My Despair.  The depths I found myself for longer than I ever realized.  As the Divine within, blanketed me with Love, until I could Love Myself.

It paints a Powerful image, one I will Never forget.  Each time I recall and share My Story, My Message, My Heart Opens more to Self-Love.  Reminding me of the Love that was shared in the depths of My Darkness. 

The Unforeseen

Unresolved Traumas continue to come forward, taking many different, often Crippling avenues until they are Recognized and Addressed.  This action may seem unnecessary, when no apparent problems are visible at first glance.  Realize, as with any Building Project, even our Personal One, an overlooked step will inevitably be cause for concern.

Cracks begin to appear, perhaps slowly at first, that eventually threaten all Future successes, and can leave Permanent scars.  Not seen, but Deeply felt.

Gambling On The Odds

We are not characters in a Storybook, why then, leave to chance, our Wishes, our Dreams, our Relationships.  Our Precious Life.  A life that deserves the necessary support to withstand the many Challenges that Life will bring.  For when we leave the unresolved, they soon Grow legs that continually wander not only into Our Nightmares, but Our Everyday existence.

It takes Willingness, Courage and Support to reclaim our Life.  Something Deep inside, a connection of the Divine Grace within us All.  The Love for each Soul, to support us until we can find the Love for ourselves, within Us!

To re-Create, re-Construct, a Life we are Willing to work Diligently to Protect, to Insure it remains Stable.

Perseverance and Foresight, Strength and Desire are how we become one with our Foundation for a Lifetime.  Our gained Self-awareness through this process, affords a sense of Security and Pride.  Knowing we created a Sustainable setting for all Future Growth.  As we have seen the crumbling stone foundation of our Past falter, we taste and appreciate this new way to Live.

Self-Love – Is when you unconditionally Forgive, Accept, Respect and Nurture yourself.  When you can embrace All of Who we Are!  The very core element of all Inner healing Work.  For without Self- Love it is impossible to find true fulfillment in your life.

Shadows and All.

Investing In Our Self-Worth

Looking bravely Face to Face into the depths of Darkness that lie beneath our Foundation can be daunting.  Perhaps yours like mine, was a foundation built on quicksand.  It was decades, before I was able to finally face the demons under my bed.  My childhood toys, Old and tattered as they were, in an odd way were familiar, they held the Secrets and the Shame from my childhood.

The secrets of My Shadow-Self that only they knew.

I Didn’t Break – I Didn’t Die

Shadow-Self – Is darkness that lives in our unconscious mind, that becomes the director of your actions, even though the shadows are hidden from us. Safe guarded, rejected and suppressed knowingly or not, until we are ready to see them.  When left in the darkness they can bring havoc upon our life.  Light is the only cleanser, the only way they can be healed, accepted and loved.

All the Pain and Shame I thought I hid deep in the depths of my Mind, began to come out of the closet, into the forefront of my thoughts.  It was not easy, but I knew it was finally time for me to Face them.  The time was long Past due, putting it off any longer would only allow me to fall deeper into the depths of Despair and Depression.

Now through My Eyes as an Adult.

No longer did I need to face this alone.  Perhaps I was never meant to.  As the fog of My life began to lift, I realized that the Shame I carried for far too long, was Never mine to claim.  When we allow our Emotions to take control, they Grow and Distort experiences, as the lack of Self-Worth continues to Grow and Grow.  It distorts even the Good in our Lives.

Until we look bravely and remove the Self-Blame blinders of the Past.

I could say, as many do, what took you so long.  But I won’t.  There is no need for one more issue of Self-Blame.  Instead, I now see the Reflection of a Smiling face, the Little girl in me, so Brave, so Courageous, now Safe, now Free.

The Light Is Always On

You see, we are never alone in our Self-imposed Darkness.  As we break free, we realize we always had the ability to see the Light of Guidance along Our Path.

Illuminating Our way Home.  Yes, the Light was always there, but my sight was blinded by the Darkness.

No, we are never alone through any of Life’s Challenges.  It was Time for me to replace My tattered and torn Old toys, stuffed with My Tears, My Sadness, My Fears.  Through Divine Grace, I Welcome My Inner Child, I Welcome the Love I feel for ME.  I embrace this new found Peace of My Soul from a Heart that is now filled with Bliss, with Self-Love.

A Life I cherish is greater than I could have ever imagined, the Freedom of the Deep Dive to unlock the Pain, the Shame, the Self-Loathing.  I can see how easily from my early years of abuse, I became a Light, a Target for others, both Family and Friends I Trusted, and Loved.  Once I began to find My Voice, My Courage, I knew I would Never allow another to take from me the Spark of My Soul!  It is far too Precious, as Am I.

The Healing Power Of Forgiveness

“The Act of Forgiveness takes place in Our Mind.  It really has nothing to do with the other person.”  Louise Hay

May I add…It has everything to do with You, Your Soul, Your Life.  So Please send Love and Forgiveness to Yourself!  And…Honor your Courage, your Strength!

I was able to go further, as I realized that I needed to Forgive the Souls of the abusers, to allow the full Healing of My Soul.  And no, I do not forgive the Actor nor the Act, that was ruled by their personalities.  I needed to Untether This Soul from the connection to the Abuses, holding any further Anger, would only cord me forever to them.  That would not be a sustainable foundation for this Soul to Live in Peace!

A Foundation To Build Upon

Divine blueprints, make perfect sense to Our Divine Architects!

Indeed, Homes are like Relationships, even the Relationship with Ourselves.  All lives require and Deserve, these common elements – To Feel Loved, To Feel Nurtured and to Feel Safe.  With our continued Self-Care and Support, we can protect all we have so Lovingly re-Constructed.

A place to house all Our Dreams, no longer storing this Box of Photos in the depths of Our Mind – labeled…Secrets.

A Life to overflow with the fond Memories missed through the Darkness of the past.  The future Memories to come are Free to Bloom and Grow, as the Light has cleansed the long held Darkness.  As the Light, the Love, of Divine Grace showed me I was Loved and Worth Protecting.  This Powerful cleansing, allowed me to Love myself!  My Path is illuminated, as I reclaim My Joy, My Laughter, My Peace.  A Life of Self-Love can bestow Unconditional Love onto Others!

I Am Grateful there is no Expiration Date on Personal Growth.  As a Grateful Heart, is a Magnet for Life’s Miracles!

I Am the One I have been waiting for.  I Am that Miracle!

Peace and Blessings, Carol