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Appreciation refreshes and uplifts a person…as it instills and expresses a combination of honor and gratitude.”  Ann Mortifee

What People Say…

High Vibrational Messages

“The Archangel Michael Power Attunement by Light Being Messages is Profound and a relaxing way to take in High Vibrational messages. Very much enjoyed!”

 Amanda Linette Meder, Spiritual Teacher

Purpose Driven Life

“The Personal Power eBook is right on Point.  There were many topics that resonated with me – How & Why I lost my Power – Letting go of the need to feel Accepted – Moving out of Fear into a more Purpose Driven Life.  I feel very much called to be a Healer, work that ties in with Spirituality.  As an Empath and Intuitive, your document will be SUPER handy to keep and reflect back to in the future as a reminder.

I really appreciate you channeling this message and putting it down on paper.  It’s very clear, succinct and direct!”

Much Love & Gratitude for your work,

 Ashley C.

Mindset Correcting

“I came across your website today and I am already thrilled about its contents.  The information is beautiful, especially the channeled messages, which are wonderful.

Very Enriching and Mindset correcting.”

 Fred K.

Soulful Messages

“Thanks so much for creating this website.  The pictures are so stunning and beautiful.  The messages are absolutely Soulful.”

Thank you, Thank you,

 Fred W.

Supreme Wisdom

“What wonderful messages indeed from such High Beings as Serapis Bey.  We bow in reverence at their Supreme Wisdom and precious Guidance in this age.  Thank you so much for the greatly valued work you are engaged in on our behalf.”


Rev DR. D. – of South Africa