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Poison Seeds Of Victim Consciousness

Bear Spoiled Fruit

In today’s culture many perceive, believe that another persons truth to be their own, not understanding that ones core belief, even when raised in the same household can NEVER be. We witness Victim Consciousness growing at a rapid pace, passed on as an incurable disease, of which it is not! Often passed on by those who have something to gain by keeping one small. Perhaps one that is in their own personal prison from trauma, or conditioning from others in their childhood. I see this as but one more way to keep us small, for we are Divine Beings, the outermost perfection of the Divine Creator.

The Spoils of Poison Fruit

So I Ask – How could we possibly remain small?  The only way is to believe this falsehood that keeps one small.

The beliefs of another from their own experiences can not be passed on like a germ. Perhaps from someone who feels trapped, who doesn’t know how to escape and it feels better to share. They may feel that this empowers them. Unfortunately this becomes a stagnant state, in need of a closer look at the cause of their pain. As part of our Ascension Path we are to clean our inner closet, this is one aspect.

This is the very reason we are being asked to reexamine our blindly adopted beliefs as we journey to discover our True Self.  For to be Authentic one must define their truths, their values, their true essence to live the life you are here to. This is how one builds character, moral courage to live authenticity by one’s truth. We see many adopt this mentality, passed down through generations, as if it were their DNA. It is not, our path is to bravely discern, to chose not to live in the personality’s limiting vision of who we are. The Divine Feminine through centuries of abuse, mentally, physically, thought of as less than bears the spoils of this poison fruit.

Prison Of Victim Consciousness

Misaligned Attachments

The mentality of Victim Consciousness is an attachment of the ego, the misaligned personality that begs to control. Absent of “What is my lesson?”  Destined to be repeated, as all life lessons remain blindly void of unity in their assigned designated isolation. Safe spaces are not a destination for growth, they are where soul growth goes to slumber. The comfort food, the extreme fear based bed void of reality, creates an addiction to the comfort food fantasy with a constant need for the same.

Pretending in life is not the wholeness, the oneness of inclusion, but creates a clubhouse that reads Who are welcome, and Who are not! Excluding the whole of humanity, this is the self isolation that fractures the soul and separates all into how We see the world. A delusion that veils reality, as we only select those with the same delusion. The ego wins, it owns you, your safe space has become a prison of self isolation and fear, born from the chatter of a self-righteous ego.


The Roots of our Behavior

Victim Consciousness

By-Product of the Controlling Ego of Lack

Our Pre-Planned Life assigned to gain insight, to repair Karma, to learn from a different life perspective. Your Soul with your Guardian angel and Soul group choose from the various selections on the options card. We are not here to become less-than we are, here to birth New Earth. To embrace our Divinity, our Divine Grace that lies within each. WE ARE the Master plan!

Reincarnation Options Card:

  • Color of Skin
  • Gender
  • Sexual orientation
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Lessons
  • Karma

Life is a chorus of lessons chosen by us, our guides and our soul group. They have a purpose, as it is through life’s experiences, of loss, gains. Relationships and our reactions to them that the soul grows. Redemption is when we abandon our attachments that the egoic personality embraces. This and only this is the path of true freedom. When we allow our Soul to be your guide not the egos fearful and exclusionary beliefs that divide. To speak of the Victim I must too speak of the Villian, that outsiders select, as if they were witnesses, yet they were not. They deem themselves as the Arbiter of Truth!

All Truths Come From God

Through self awareness we recognize the lessons and move forward with the energy of this gained Wisdom. An approach that allows our heart to remain open. For it is when we dwell in the energy of self pity, coupled in Victim Consciousness, one energetically remains closed. Soon this is the only view one sees. The frozen kaleidoscope that sees but one view from the eyes of self pity and victim-hood in all areas of life. Bathed in a perpetual state of stagnation, as we continually gather support to re-enforce this falsehood as a truth.

“Hand me downs never fit properly, as they were sewn for another, one must not allow the fear of fitting in become their guide?”

Roots of Victim Consciousness

The Victim Archetype is Born

One must seek what our addictions, our attachments are hiding from view, now frozen in fear. A soul returns many lifetimes to learn lessons for Soul growth and repeats them til learned. Often creating a path to serve others from similar life lessons, and challenges they too have faced. The root of Victim Consciousness is fear on all levels, from lack of money, survival, jobs, ones sex, and fate to name a few.  Funny almost all are entirely driven in constant motion by the media, government and big pharma who deem themselves saviors.

Release the Trauma & Allow more Light

“Let the past drift away into what has been. Let the future take care of itself. This is the doorway now. This is the chance you have been waiting for.”  Ann Mortifee

Roots of Victim Consciousness become a breeding ground for the False allure of this energetic debilitation. As one continually searches for those to salivate and embrace their view. Creating more distractions that separate humanity by those who profit from our divide. Time to Awaken, to remove the sands of slumber. To honor who you are, to not be led or fed by the attachments of control from others. As fear and hate may soon become our only guide, one that burdens our very being.

On campuses throughout this country we witness teachings that have born a society of young people who now embrace as a truth a culture of grievance and Victim-hood as a belief, as a misguided mindset born to separate and divide, the precursor of all control.

Roots Of Mind Slavery

Victim-Hood: Separate And Divide

So young, so innocent to be so jaded. These were the same tactics used during World War II to slaughter a race and weaken children’s minds. To weaken their enemies begins with the molding of the minds of children. Unknowingly, these students have lost their Freedom of  Critical thought, of discernment, of debate. Their young minds have been filled by those who wish to gain control. As from one solitary vision and voice one cannot challenge, nor weigh life’s many options. Many have chosen to fit in, by wearing the jeans of another. Ones that confine and conform, not allowing room for growth. As their inner chaffing grows, formed by the exclusion of alternative thought, expression and ideas. This is not the classroom of intellectual growth needed for one to evolve and debate through honing their critical thinking. For they now live fear-based in a country birthed by Freedom!

Victim Consciousness – Is Not A Life Path

“For Unity to birth, Victim Consciousness of the Divine Feminine must be healed. For Victim Consciousness is a tactic used by the seasoned abuser. Once she heals the traumas she gains strength & courage to Awaken Her Gentle Warrior! A shield of Light awakens to the healing light. As the darkness is cleansed, so too are the poison seeds now ready to bear the sweetest fruit.”

Our life path is not one of avoidance, nor to remain as we are, to attach, to cling to our traumas, but to transform them. This is the Self-Realization path to empowerment, the path to Unity is our destiny. Whether one does so in this lifetime or another is the choice they are being asked to make for mankind and Gaia’s Ascension. As we are all a needed part of the divine tapestry, one cannot afford to build a new foundation with bricks missing, mortar dried and crumbled no longer sustainable!

We are here to Awaken Unity Consciousness, to heal our Inner Child of past traumas, to balance our Divine Feminine essence with the Masculine. For both reside within in the Male and Female alike. We have allowed many distractions to alter our purpose, none of which comfort and unite mankind, but divide and stall our divine progress! My wish is that within these words a spark will enter your Etheric field as Way-showers, and Awaken your inner knowing. To allow each to return to our reason for being on Earth at this specific moment in History! For in this divided state we remain confused, stagnant, unsure, which makes it difficult to teach, to assist others in their Awakening Process!

Hearing but one voice, one cannot challenge nor weigh life’s many options from another’s solitary decision as truth. Many have chosen to fit in by wearing the jeans of another. Ones that confine and conform, not allowing room for growth. Their inner chaffing grows, formed by the exclusion of alternative thought, expression, and ideas. This is an apparent attempt to weaken and divide our children  out of the arms of their loving parents, while children so eager to fit in are now the pawns of a dark sect that preys upon their insecurity created by these darkened souls.

We are the Ones We have been waiting for.

May Unity Abound,
Love Carol