Inner Strength

Personal Power is Empowering, with the capacity to change the course of your Life’s direction as it allows you to release the Victim Archetype persona that often plays the Director’s Role in your life!  A form of Self-Love that affords you the freedom to make decisions that support your Well-Being.

When a person believes they have little power in their life, they become locked into the energy of unworthiness, the constant Victim mentality.  A mindset is one of being Powerless often brought on my childhood events.

As children of neglect, abuse, either physical, emotional, or sexual, create many Self-Despising emotions.  When we continue to embrace this belief with of neglect, abuse either physical, emotional or sexual.  As you continue to embrace this belief with Self-Sabotaging thoughts, creates a Life of powerlessness.  The Wounded Inner Child is Born.

When one believes they have no power, they carry the ‘Energy of Victim,’ attracting more of the same into their Life.  Like Summons Like.

When you Re-claim your Personal Power, you create a shift, a course change for the direction of your Life in a positive way.  When you continue to embrace limiting beliefs, you energetically align with this role.

Personal Power, based on Strength and Self-Confidence.  An attitude that guides to positive choices during times of conflict and indecision.  A powerful tool, assisting you to maneuver more easily through Life’s obstacles. 


Empower Your Soul And Release The Victim

Blame Game

The Blame game drains your Power,  as it gives your Power to those you blame.  While you concentrate on blaming yourself and others, you are not focusing on how to change direction.  Accept what is ans Move On!

During this transition, be patient with yourself,  you will soon become more comfortable holding the reigns.  Increased confidence allows you to release the Victim mentality of blame.  Re-Claiming responsibility for the decisions in your Life is powerful!  Even if they may not be perfect, it is still you at the helm.

All choices in Life have a validation mechanism.  Some use the term Gut feeling, very appropriate, as often that is precisely where the consciousness will reside. The home of the Solar Plexus Chakra, the Chakra where the energy of Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem and Personal Power reside!

The strong Archetype of the Solar Plexus holds the energy of Warrior.  This Archetype allows you to take control, harness your willpower, and live from an empowered position.  As you permit yourself to feel good in this energetic Power, the more Personal Power you accumulate.

As you become more attuned with the signals your body sends, Life is more aligned.  A Life of Self-Respect embraces it’s Core Essence of genuine Authenticity.  A teaching moment for your Solar Plexus’ Guidance, a Valuable Tool!

How To Reverse The Loss Of Personal Power
  • Reduce Complaining – This states You are Powerless over your Life.
  • Responsible – Do not allow others behavior to determine your Emotions.
  • Recognize – You are in control of your Time, your Choices.  Steer your Vessel with confidence.
  • Redirect – Replace Grudges with Forgiveness.  Old hurts only hurt you, and give your Power away.  Let it Go!

Forgiveness is a Natural State for All Souls.  It is the thoughts that you attach to a situation that create the Blocks.  The blocks that impede your Souls Growth, your Evolution, your Transformation.

All lessons learned can Open your Soul to Shift when you recognize the avenue to move forward on Your Path, is Forgiveness, even for those who have harmed you.

Forgiveness is for Your Souls Freedom & Self-Transformation.

It’s Never too late…
A Deep Journey To The Roots Of Our Behavior – Awakens & Heals Our Innocent Inner Child – Be the Parent you wished for as a Child!  Several Exercises to Heal, Love, Nurture & Protect your Inner Child

Path To Reclaim Your Personal Power…

Often begins with healing the Wounded Inner Child

When your Solar Plexus is in balance, you embrace a strong Archetype, known as the Warrior.  This archetype allows you to control, harness your willpower, and live from an empowered position.  As you permit yourself to feel good in this energetic power, the more Personal Power you will accumulate.

The Wounded Inner Child is one of the Root causes of the Victim Archetype of Fear, the Guardian of Self-Esteem.  Often when you do not feel empowered, you can unconsciously create events that you believe will empower you.  These are attachments in your Outer World.  Your true worth must come from within to be genuinely empowering.

As beings of pure energy, balance is the Key, as it allows an uninterrupted flow of your Life-Force.

When Not in balance, you embrace the Victim Archetype, one of Fear, the Guardian of your Self-Esteem.  Often when you do not feel empowered it’s due to unconsciously created events that continue to support the imbalance.  Your worth needs to come within to be empowering, not from other outside circumstances.

Release the Victim and Empower Your Soul Essence!

Reclaiming your power is not to control others, but a means of reclaiming your Empowerment in a Healthy manner.  Recognition is the First

step to transition from Victim to an Empowered Soul.  Negative thoughts attract Negative emotions, allow them to pass without judgement, this is the Second Step.

7 Self-Love Techniques
  • Speak confidently as you become comfortable with your choices
  • Mistakes, too, are lessons for Growth
  • Release toxic relationships
  • Live your Life according to your standards
  • People-Pleasing reduces your Power
  • Take responsible for your Happiness
  • Allow others the freedom to Create their Lives.

As you continue to develop these skills, you are able to live in alignment with who you are.  You gain Self-Respect and Confidence, as you replace the energy of the Victim Archetype, you now obtain the energies of Courage, Strength, and Personal Freedom.

“When our lives come into balance, we feel content to accept the changing forces of Life…”  Ann Mortifee

Even as you struggle with the challenges in Life, remember to check-in and make the appropriate tune-ups when required.  All events in your Life, both Positive and Negative have lessons within them.  Seeing them is the Key.  After all, this is Earth’s classroom for Soul Development.

You are a Powerful Being, here to Create a Powerful Life!

Channeled Message with – Archangel Raphael

Embrace the Dance,