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Releasing The Victim Archetype

How Healing Empowers Our Soul.

Personal power is empowering, for it houses the capacity to change the course of one’s life direction. Encouraging the energy of courage and understanding, that allows one to release the Victim Archetype persona that has been playing the director’s role in our life! As we gain back our inner power,we begin begin through acts of self-care. With decisions that support our well-being, a sense of I’m worthy allows our authentic-self to birth & emerge.

As the Divine Feminine births anew, she too, must excavate the wounds that internally lie, to heal and take her seat at the table of Grace. This is the path to her highest vision, for goddess is much more than a title, it is a state of consciousness.

“Our path in life is not one of avoidance, nor to remain as we are, to attach, to cling to our traumas, but to transform them. The path of self-realization is the fulfillment of our personal potential, our unlimited, expansive sense of self. The very embodiment of wisdom, our true-nature, and our higher-self beyond the ego.”

For when a person believes they have little power in life, they become locked into the energy of unworthiness, of victim mentality. A mindset dance upon your very being, often from the childhood of feeling less than through childhood events.

As children of neglect, abuse, either physical, emotional, or sexual, often create low self-images. When one continues this pattern to embrace this belief, the feelings of childhood neglect remain. Creating a self-sabotaging pattern that actually creates greater feelings of the same. As our Wounded Inner Child remains unhealed.

Unfortunately, as one believes they possess no power, carrying the ‘energy of victim,’ they often attract more of the same. 

As you re-claim your Personal Power, you create a shift, a course re-direct of your life’s direction in a positive way. No longer locked in the limiting beliefs about oneself, our life, our potential. You energetically realign with a positive direction. Personal Power, IS our birthright, not one of controlling others, but of being in control of our life. No longer allowing others to hold the reigns. An attitude that guides to positive choices during times of conflict and indecision. A powerful tool, assisting you to maneuver more easily through life’s obstacles.


Empower Your Soul And Release The Victim

The Victim Archetype

The Blame Game

Nothing reduces, drains our power more that the Blame game, for it actually gives our power to those we blame. While we concentrate on blaming ourselves and others, we are not focusing on how to chart a new course. The best defense to empower your journey is to Let It Go! It’s a transition, be patient with yourself,  as you soon become comfortable holding the reigns. Increased confidence allows you to release the victim mentality of blame. Re-Claiming responsibility for the decisions in your life is Powerful! Even when they may not be perfect, it is still you at the helm.

All choices in life have a validation mechanism. Some use the term gut feeling, very appropriate, as often that is precisely where our power consciousness will reside. The home of the Solar Plexus Chakra, that houses the energy of self-confidence, self-esteem and our personal power!

As you continue to gain confidence, you adopt a new archetype. The strong Archetype of the Solar Plexus, that houses the energy of Warrior. This Archetype allows you to take control, harness your willpower, and live from an empowered position. As you permit yourself to feel good in this energetic space, the more you own the gentle warrior of peace to empower your inner kingdom. You become more attuned to your bodies signals. Authentically aligned with who you are, as self-respect embraces your soul.

How To Reverse The Loss Of Personal Power

  • Reduce Complaining – This states that you are powerless over your life.
  • Responsible – Do not allow others behavior to determine your emotions.
  • Recognize – You are in control of your time, your choices. Steer your vessel with confidence.
  • Redirect – Replace grudges with forgiveness, holding old hurts only hurt you – Let it Go!

Forgiveness is the Natural state of all souls, for it is our thoughts that are attached to a situation that create the energy blocks. Blocks that impede our souls inner peace, and soulful transformation. Here in Earth’s classroom, our lessons, our relations are our teachers. Our reactions to life’s challenges determine our soulful shifts. Forgiveness is the tool to untether our locked emotions, to free our soul and the souls of those who caused us harm.

Forgiveness is the gift for Your souls freedom & transformation.

It’s Never too late…

A Deep Journey To The Roots Of Our Behavior – Awakens & Heals Our Innocent Inner Child – Be the Parent you wished for as a Child!  Several Exercises to Heal, Love, Nurture & Protect your Inner Child.

Personal Power & The Victim Archetype

Often begins with healing the Wounded Inner Child

When our Solar Plexus is in balance, we embrace a strong Archetype, known as the Warrior.  This archetype allows you to control, harness your willpower, and live from an empowered position.  As you permit yourself to feel good in this energetic power, the more Personal Power you will accumulate.

The Wounded Inner Child is one of the root causes of the victim archetype, the guardian of self-esteem. For when one does not feel empowered, they unconsciously create events they believe will empower them. These are attachments of the outer world, but true self-worth comes from within. Reclaiming your power is not to control others, but reclaiming empowerment in a healthy manner. Self-Realization is the First Step to transition from the Victim Archetype, to an empowered soul. Negative thoughts attract negative emotions, allow them to pass without judgement, this is the Second Step.

As beings of pure energy, balance is the Key, as it allows an uninterrupted energetic flow of our life-force.

7 Self-Love Techniques

  • Speak confidently as you become comfortable with your choices
  • Mistakes, too, are lessons for growth
  • Release toxic relationships
  • Live your life according to your values, not others
  • People-pleasing reduces your power
  • Take responsible for your happiness
  • Allow others the freedom to create their lives.

As you continue to develop and gain self-respect and confidence, you begin to release the need for the Victim Archetype. Embracing the energy of courage, strength, and freedom.

When our lives come into balance, we feel content to accept the changing forces of Life…”  Ann Mortifee

Even as you struggle with challenges in life, remember to check-in, make the appropriate tune-ups when required. And remember, all events in life, both positive and negative have lessons within them. Seeing them is the Key to remaining free of the victim attachment that lesson our frequency.  After all, this is Earth’s classroom for spiritual development. Our reason for signing up for this dance.

You are a Powerful Being, here to Create a Powerful Life!

Embrace the Dance,