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Eye Of The Soul

Is akin to the Eye of the Storm

“For Spiritual Liberation knows life is both the storm and the calm. As they both share the same dance partner.”

Let us image for a moment that we willingly signed up for this dance. To be a part of this divine plan to create divine change on a Global scale. In embracing this truth for just a moment, look beyond the little wills of men, what have we perhaps have missed? We gain Spiritual Liberation as we bring our darkness into the Light. For when we allow our unresolved traumas to remain we go through life, and life decisions with a broken compass.

Easily manipulated to the wills of others. Those of ill-intent see us as a beacon, our traumas become the access code abusers masterfully use.

Darkness & Light, duality only exist in the 3rd Dimension. As we heal and clear our baggage we move and remain more often in the 5th Dimension. We experience life beyond the illusion of the mind, but experience life created by the Divine Creator, one of Abundance & Joy. For this is Humanity’s Ascension into the 5th Dimension, Our Destiny, as well as Mother Earths.

An Enlightened Perspective

When we look into a kaleidoscope we see the endless patterns and colors that appear with but a tweak. The human eye gives us insight into the world outside of self, ones own environment. When we go beyond the physical side man begins to use the eye of the soul for his truth, his discernment. Seeing deeper meaning, seeking truths beyond the illusions created by others with ill-intent.

  • Do we see the shapes, the colors, the patterns change and rearrange into a new pattern before our eyes?
  • Does it suggest that with but a small amount of courage to seek the truth we allow more Light to expand our view?

For as we seek beyond the physical and engage the Eye of the Soul we see through the veils, allowing the darkness to come into view? All, are at this time being asked to adjust their lens in order to awaken the limitless possibilities of our birthright, our reason for being. We are the Divine Creators who came to birth a Sacred planet, Earth, to clear the shadows that wish to divide. It is within each, an endless kaleidoscope of possibilities resides when we allow the Light to enhance our view. A clear Mind holds Light, as the Light dissolves the shadows, no longer fermenting, causing Dis-Ease within.

“The Tides are Turning Across the Globe! New Possibilities For Humanity & Mother Earth are on the Horizon.”

An Illumined View

With a gentle twist of the wrist appears a new creation, a new pattern, a creation we thought not possible. We as humans often think through beliefs of limitation, these are the little wills of men, not the will of our divine soul.

I ask – What is God trying to show us?

I believe His message is to encourage us to look within, to embrace our greatness, our God-Self…Our Divinity! For His truth has always been within. Perhaps this is what God has tried to awaken in us all along. Showing how we can co-create something more magnificent together, that would not be possible, nor sustainable alone. That together as we awakened the Christ consciousness of Unity which lies within each, we are the limitless beings of His Light.

Guided By The Light

Perhaps this is why the lord’s of division have created this fable of a great divide between race, color, politics and gender as their tool to gain power. But there is but One power, for the power they wield only houses the power man himself offers to them through submission, through compliance. As they continue the great falsehood that we are powerless. For their weakened soul cannot see the army of Divine soldiers who have answered the Clarion Call! For we are living souls who are God-Governed by the Law of Grace here to answer the call and Rise together as One United force of the One True Power.

It is then we are unstoppable, wielding the power of Our Invisible Army! For it is as one that we slay the darkness that has enslaved our minds, our hearts, our livelihood, our children. Closed our churches, our mosques, our businesses, and stomped on our basic Human rights. Who now wish to enslave our Spirit, our very Souls. Tactics used in past lifetimes with many souls lost.

A Mystical View

A Mystic is a seeker of the Light, of the Soul, of the Beloved, of a higher source that it feels intuitively within it’s very being. A disciple of Christ, a follower of the vision, and as with all seekers they are lost in the search. Not yet seeing that all they seek has been seeded within. Waiting for their discovery of their true-self, the one Reality they searched hither & yon, was their inner sage. A Mystic has many qualities of an Old Soul, an Inner knowing deep within that guides them.

Intrinsic Qualities

  • Seeker of Spiritual Truth
  • See the World intricately Connected & Magical
  • Believes there is a Higher Power working through Humanity
  • Work to Purify soul attachments
  • Understand the importance of Forgiveness – Kindness – Letting Go
  • See the Bigger Picture
  • Loss of interest in Competition
  • Their Wisdom lies within
  • Did not Fit-In with other children
  • See through People
  • Enjoy being Alone
  • Feel separate from the World at times
“The Mystic knows their is a unique individual relationship with the Divine Presence and how that relationship relates to the wholeness of all of God’s Creations.” Ann Mortifee

The Path To Spiritual Liberation

  • Is your Soul no longer satisfied with its current existence, does a sense of longing engulf you?
  • Are you no longer satisfied with the misguided beliefs of the past?
  • Have you become dissatisfied with those you one sought for answers?

Spiritual Liberation – Is a Soul Liberated, a Soul that understands they are a mere instrument, a channel for Divine Light. No longer subdued, but liberated from the dominance of the Ego-Mind. A state of Oneness with all, a permanent connection with an Inner Reality, the Kingdom within. This is the Soul embarking on a Journey of Self-Discovery, where Spiritual Enlightenment is in the forefront.

Humanity’s Spiritual Liberation

The Revolution For Our Very Sovereignty

As we witness through our Soul our part of the Divine plan, we witness His truth, we remember our Divine Mission to birth the Golden Age. We must observe patterns of behavior, of over-generated talking points to the public. For Humanity to Ascend to Unity consciousness we must be vigilant warriors of truth, discern with our heart-mind and bypass the lower mind and emotion. To choose a Higher Source for our Truth.

“We live as though we were not in danger of extinction. In one moment of madness the world as we know it could be gone. We must Rise, We must Rekindle our wakefulness, We must passionately and deliberately offer our hands and hearts to the great Revolution of Spirit that must happen now if we are to continue.” Ann Mortifee

Step  1 – The Personal Power eBook is a journey to regain your confidence, your inner power, your voice, your sovereignty as a living soul. Tools to Empower your soul to Awaken

Spiritual Liberation Warriors

Lightworkers, Empaths, Mystics, Keepers of the Light, are the Spiritual Liberation army of the Divine. Sent at this time, as we house the ability to feel deceit, untruths without others speaking a word. Whether called Spiritual Warriors or Cyber Truth Warriors, we are all Soldiers of the Light. We do not use the force of weapons, nor shall we cause harm. The Cleansing Power of Earth’s Spiritual Revolution, the path to Spiritual Liberation for a Nation…for a World. Not one of Weapons, but of Light, of Truth, of Courage. The great Unmasking of deceit upon a Nation…upon the World.

The Awakening Power of a Spiritual Revolution. A Great Storm to cleanse the darkness, is not one of weapons, but of Light, of Faith, of Truth, and of Courage.

This is a Spiritual Revolution to cleans and birth Earth as a Sacred planet. A planet, a community, a people of divine love, of right human relations for all. A storm has awakened many to their purpose knowing the darkness walks among us. Our Mission is a Sacred, Biblical, and Cosmic one, for we are not alone. Our unseen cosmic brothers and sisters are with us, the galactic federation, as they too know the importance of the task before our planet.

Many are cloaked in the loin of deceit as but a lamb of gentle intent. We must remain vigilant, for no one is off their empowerment table. The Sacred Feminine from centuries of atrocities is too, vulnerable, as are her very children.


Seekers armed with Spiritual Discernment for truth wields the greatest weapon. Seeing through the veils of deceit, deceptions, the engineered linguistics to divide and weaken our resolve with Fear. For to gain Spiritual Liberation we must bring our pain into the Light to heal, so the darkness of others has no entry. If we do not, we wear our vulnerabilities, our unresolved pain, allowing easy access by darkness who masterfully use it as their access code.

Embrace the Sacred Dance,

By the Way…God Wins!