The Heart Of Nations

Our flag represents sacrifices made by many, as it embraces the souls of our Past, our Future, our Country.  She represents our imperfections, our mistakes, our future, our courage, our heart, and our growing pains.  The Soul of a Flag bleeds as we bleed, rejoices as we rejoice, and cries as we do.  It is the heart, the soul of all who are under her wide umbrella. For our flag is much like our very soul, we reflect, we grow, and know with God’s leading hand, there is always room for expansion through a heart of Courage and Faith.

If we look at our flag and see hopelessness, what does that say about each of us, our future, our Destiny?

Do we no longer seek to be instruments of Compassion and Forgiveness, to show how one can use their mistakes as a compass to lead them to be all they can be? 

Do we succumb, defeated, unworthy, I’m broken, our Country is broken and cannot be fixed? 

We are here at this very moment in history to learn from our past, not to erase it, but to see how we have grown, and allow that pride to be our fuel. Fuel to become better citizens of our Cities, our States, our Country, our very Planet. 

To Move Forward

Will we come from a place of lack or from a place of abundance as our fuel?

Will we come from a place of shame or from a heart of Divine Grace, of Hope, of Faith?

Or…Will we come from a place of hate and anger as our fuel? The fuel of despair, of external destruction, but most of all, the fuel of internal destruction. 

Blened Hearts Of A Nation The Blended Hearts Of A Nation

We are here as Co-creators, our choices, our thoughts, our beliefs will be the instruments of our future creations. May we boldly choose the path of Peace and Prosperity for Our future, as Humanity and Mother Earth’s survival are at stack. It is time to look deep within to who is controlling our vessel. For an ‘I’ deology, or ‘ID’eology that holds, but one view is the bi-product of the ego-self, the personality. When our lower nature reigns, we no longer hear the voice of our soul. 

“The line between Living and Watching is very thin.  A moment’s rest or pause for reflection can spread into a thickness of hesitation.” Mark Nepo

Our divine purpose of this Golden Age is to be the Way-Showers that speak from our soul to birth within Humanity an awareness of our Divinity. For this is Humanity’s Destiny!

As we walk in the Light, we teach others as they witness the view from within our hearts. Our hearts lead others to the golden healing salve of Grace seen through us. This will be Humanity’s greatest instrument to Awaken All hearts. 

Our Bridge to Unity. 

May the heart of our Soulful path become a beacon of Light, One by One we witness the golden torch passed, as each soul’s heart is touched by the one God of a thousand names!  

May Acceptance, Compassion, and Understanding be birthed in Unity.