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Immortal Souls

Immortality – Is defined as the ability to live forever, an eternal, everlasting life.

We see you as this beautiful luminous Being of Light.  Yes, you inhabit a physical form on this planet, but your Heart and your Soul, consists of pure Light Energy. The Soul lives on, Immortal, Eternal.

“All human beings have Eternal life.  No matter how strongly intellectuals may reject the idea, our Souls are Eternal; we are Beings living in an eternal chain that consists of Past, Present and Future.”  The Philosophy of Progress

A Soul Craves Enlightenment

The Soul returns time, and time again to inhabit other physical forms, in other lifetimes, to experience lessons.  These are the Lesson Stepping Stones for healing both Current and Past lives, to Evolve.  To gain Wisdom from all the lives the Soul has embodied, in its pursuit for Spiritual Growth.

To perform the Roles needed in each Lifetime for their particular advancement needs in pursuit of Healing and Spiritual Awakening.

“Cultivate awareness of the formless essence from whence you have come and to which you will return.  And the Mystery of Life will begin to unfold before you in all its Magnificence.”  Ann Mortifee

Soul Life Stages

There is, however, a Soul Life process, one that begins at the Infant Stage until it reaches the 5th Stage of Old Soul.  Your Soul Age advances over many lifetimes, many Core Lessons, many contracts.  The transition from one stage to another is not measured in years, nor in lifetimes.  Each stage is determined by the level of Soul Development that is acquired within each Lifetime.

Each Souls age will affect their Perceptions, as they gain Wisdom, through the various stages.  As they Evolve, their focus advances, revealing new Perceptions, more in line with their Soul Growth.

Indeed, an Infants Developmental Stage would be far different than that of an Old Soul’s.

The speed of a Souls development is an individual one, established before its Reincarnating Journey.

Higher Consciousness

Souls pre-plan their Departure date, the physical body will then no longer be of use, the role it was here to play for that Souls advancement has been Complete.  A new Lifetime will begin after their Life Review process.

Your Soul lives on, Immortal, Eternal Soul.  All Souls maturity is based on their ability to connect with the Divine Essence of Who they are.  It is not based on Social statue, Wealth, or Possessions.  Nor is it determined by the many lifetimes of incarnations, as an Old Soul does not mean a Wise or Evolved Soul.  It is the Soul who Awakens to the Oneness of All, and embraces the Dance.

Know, this is not to be confused with a Soul’s lesson plan completion. Completing lessons in this current lifetime, or repairing experiences from past lives, must align with the pre-planned timeline. A timeline determined by the Soul and its Soul Group before incarnating.

Healing of the Soul is often the theme, established to resolve past and present issues.  The reason for incarnating, these Core Lessons, Core Wounds are in need a a deeper look when they come forward ready to be healed.  This Deep Dive is a courageous act, but not an easy one.  The results are indeed Life changing, and reset your Path in a Profound way.

As Healing occurs, it then reintegrates, once again reunited with the Souls Pure Essence.

Vibration Of Light

The solidity of your body is but an illusion.  Created for the experiences and lessons in Earth’s classroom.  Your Soul resides in the Vibration of Light, as Wise Evolved Beings, that lives on Eternally.

As you move through the Lessons, the Experiences, the Healing, you will learn to Engage more frequently with the Energies that are here to Assist you along your Journey.

A Teacher dwells within your Heart, your Soul, as you continue to Evolve the connection grows.

Channeled Message with – Goddess Diana

Peace and Blessings, Carol