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I joyfully embrace the dance of this life, and the gifts it has brought to my soul!  I was brought to my knees in many ways, but found once I surrendered and accepted my past I could begin the journey of reconstruction. Our acts of courage have great rewards that allow each to begin to create a future. I Am the writer of My story, with many chapters yet to unfold!

Through my journey, my writing has been my greatest healer, as the muses of my soul sustained me in the darkest of times. I wish to share my journey, my story with you through my writing. To encourage others to take the Soulful Path, as we travel together through the bumps and joys of life. For it is together in Unity we  create a stronger, healthier, sustainable foundation to build a beautiful life, a beautiful World upon. For we are all here to unveil our Divine Essence, our True Potential, our Joyful Life, for as we heal, we open our Heart!
“Shame, Anger, Resentment, Guilt, & Fear from abuse & trauma are crippling to Our Soul, when left in the darkness these feelings continue to be fertilized.”
“We have power to influence the dream we are dreaming now.  We can awaken and begin to witness the events of our lives as passing phantoms in a mirage…Our Life can become the dream we were born to dream.”
— Ann Mortifee

I wish you Joy, Peace & Magical Dreams,

Always with Love,