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A Spirited Voice with Carol Millar

Not only do we live among the stars, the stars live within us… 

Not only do we live among the stars, the stars live within us… 

Not only do we live among the stars, the stars live within us… 

A Spirited Voice is a journey through enlightened verse to reflect on this moment in history, where we are, and where we are destined to be. A place where a voice does not divide nor shame but allows one to discern Truth from Folly. Where perspectives can be burst as enlightened views begin to awaken. One that embraces freedom of thought, that does not force but allows a natural evolution of the mind, Heart, and spirit to begin a new path for a New Age. Our mission is to birth New Earth from the energies of Love and Peace as we each resurrect from the energies of our internal pain and traumas, healing that offers lasting Peace. The opportunities before us are limitless when we, with open hearts and minds, travel this road with joined Hearts!

“The role of an artist is to awaken the deep life urge that lives within.”
— Ann Mortifee

The Sacred Rose symbolizes the Spiritual Wings on the awakening Goddess.

Our Inner Rebirth

Spiritual Verses

Today is the day to resolve to awaken in every moment to serve your highest dream.

Soulful nourishment that awakens hearts.

Wisdom of the Stars

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Power of Truth

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Honor All Creation

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Freedom of Thought

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Upon Awakening Podcasts

When we look out into space, we are looking into our own origins, for we are children of the stars.

This moment in history is encapsulated in verse, a time for deep reflection to not only see where we’ve been but where we are destined to go. It is our choice we must choose wisely as we remove the blinders that have seared indelibly our vision of loss and the hope that shall spring forth upon New Earth. A time of Peace, Abundance, and Prosperity will be both sweet and bitter. A time capsule of the Living Word that shall pulse within our memories for lifetimes to come. The reflections laced in darkness birth differently for each, but equally as One Heart.

May we share our dreams of all we endured, lost, and gained that shall forever remind us how close we were to losing it ALL. We are indeed forever changed, as a more profound sense of life shall be the most significant that flows through our veins. As historians of this time, we must not allow books of untruths, for Truth is our power given to us by God, taken from us as we have witnessed. This shall be our legacy for generations to come. We have been honored to witness this moment in time but must remain ever-vigilant that only the “Living Tree of His Truth” is written for future historians and the many generations to follow.