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"Only through Inner Change can we hope to Transform our External Experience...As the Body, Mind and Emotions become more Integrated, Our True-Self begins to Emerge." Ann Mortifee

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The Universe Is A Frequency Based Experience

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…Inspiration can only be received by an inwardly receptive,
listening Heart.”  Ann Mortifee

The Work Always Lies Within!

Free Gift #1

Chakras In Balance – For Optimum Well-Being

All Energy Has – A Sound – A Color – A Tone – A Vibration

When Our Life Force Energy Within Our Cells Becomes Imbalanced, The Body Becomes Unwell.  As The Trapped Energy Within The Human Form Becomes Negative, Acidic, Stagnant And Toxic – Blocking Our Chi – Our Life Force Energy.  This complete report uses several Modalities to Awaken your Inner Healer, to Balance & Heal our – Major Internal Chakras – The Magnificent 7.


Free Gift #2

The Healing Power Of Sound

Healing Sound Frequency To – Spiritually Raise Your Vibration

Empower The Subtle Inner Third Ear – Cultivate Inner Listening – Energetically Tune Into Your Body’s Inner Knowing – Healing With Sound – The Ancient Language Of The Soul.  Open your Soul to the Power of these various High Vibration Sounds.  Sound is the Creative Gift from Spirit that Re-Connects with Our Souls. Awaken Your Inner Healer. 

  • Enhanced Spirituality
  • Release Trapped Traumas & Imbalances
  • Restore Prana – Your Life Force Energy – Your Chi
  • Improve Physical, Emotional & Mental Balance
  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety
  • Improved Sleep
  • Enhanced Creativity
  • …and so Much More
Free Gift #3

Healing The Wounded Inner Child – Workbook

A Deep Journey To The Roots Of Our Behavior –  Awakens Our Innocent Inner Child

The Inner Child Workbook Prompts A Response From The Inner Child That Has Often Been Silenced.  A Journey Into Our Past Gains A Deeper Understanding To Bring Forward Into Our Future!  As Sometimes In Order To Move Forward, We Must Look Back! – Time to Re-Awaken the Awe & Wonder of Your Inner Child.

  • Journey To The Roots Of Your Behavior
  • Learn Re-Parenting Techniques
  • How Self-Love Can Heal Your Inner Child
  • Healing Power Of Compassion & Forgiveness
  • and so Much More

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