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The Universe is a Frequency-Based Experience … 

The Universe is a Frequency-Based Experience … 

The Universe is a Frequency-Based Experience … 

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“Inspiration can only be received by an inwardly receptive, listening Heart.” — Ann Mortifee

The Work Always Lies Within!

Free Gift #1

Chakras in Balance
For Optimum Well-Being

All Energy has a Sound – a Color – a Tone – a Vibration

Trapped energy within our body becomes acidic, stagnant, and often toxic which creates Dis-Ease within. The report addresses why & how they become blocked & how to clear, heal & balance Our Life Force Energy. This complete report uses several modalities to awaken your Inner Healer.

Free Gift #2

Healing With the Vibration of Sound

Healing Sound Frequencies to Spiritually Raise Your Vibration – A Variety of Tones to Enhance Your Healing

Cultivate your subtle inner ear listening ability, allows you to energetically access an enhanced inner knowing. Healing through sound is the Ancient Language of the Soul.

  • Enhanced Spirituality
  • Release Trapped Traumas & Imbalances
  • Restore Prana – Your Life Force Energy – Your Chi
  • Improve Physical, Emotional & Mental Balance
  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety
  • Improved Sleep
  • Enhanced Creativity
  • …and so Much More

Free Gift #3

Awaken the Lost Awe & Wonder of Your Inner Child

A Deep Journey to Heal – The Roots of Our Behavior – Awakens Our Innocent Child

Become the parent you wish you had as a child. Learn re-parenting skills, the self-love connection, as you write a letter to your inner child prompting a dialogue that has often been silenced. A Journey into our past gains a deeper understanding to birth into our future. With various methods to use on your healing & awakening the wonder & awe you once possessed.

  • Journey to the Roots of Your Behavior
  • Learn Re-Parenting Techniques
  • How Self-Love Can Heal Your Inner Child
  • Healing Power of Compassion & Forgiveness
  • and so Much More

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