Inner Child Healing eBook


To reparent your Inner Child and be the parent you wish you had as a child. This allows them to heal in a safe place. Inner Child wounding has many origins, trauma, and ancestral wounds, often when our emotional needs were not met. These fragmented pieces lead to feelings of separation, shame, and inadequacy. Keeping alive the emotional feelings Of What’s Wrong with me, to Why don’t they love me?


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What Does the Term Inner Child Mean?

Psychiatrist Carl Jung was one of the first to explore the concept of the child Archetype, known as the child within. Explaining the Inner Child is not literal but a metaphysical little you. The part of the Psyche that is still childlike, innocent, and full of Awe and Wonder. We age physically, but our childlike aspects remain in our subconscious. When childhood wounds remain unhealed, we play out these painful experiences when triggered or faced with challenges. Keeping the trauma alive. Reconnecting with your Inner Child is a beautiful opportunity to heal the traumatic, suppressed trauma.


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