The Spiritual Awakening Bundle


I’ve put together a collection of three eBooks plus bonus to enhance your transformation. One much like the Chrysalis process of the butterfly who too takes on a new form. She too is forever changed as her newly formed Sacred Wings take flight.

What You Will Receive:

Awakened Empath eBook
Awakened Heart eBook
Awakening to Spirit eBook
Bonus eBook: Past Life Healing in the Present

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Format: Printable PDF eBook downloads instantly.

Journey of the Butterfly and Our Soul

A butterfly symbolizes renewal and transformation – a graceful rebirth, gaining a lighter passage through life. The process of Metamorphosis’s many layers, as the Butterfly with patience emerges with a life-changing, unrecognizable cycle, is much like our Soul’s many lifetimes that allow each to evolve into All and Who We Are! The incredible transition of the Butterfly is in itself a symbol of renewal, a metamorphosis, and a symbolic dance of Grace. Her elegant dance lets her wings tickle our fancy for adventure, enjoying all this phase of life offers as we learn to use Our Sacred Wings and fly!

The Journey of the Butterfly is akin to our very Soul. In Christianity, and in Ancient Cultures the Butterfly is seen as a symbol of the Soul. She beckons each to take the leap of faith, the path that undergoes enormous transitions. The Butterfly’s Journey taps gently at our hearts to explore our own Souls and allow the changes in our lives with unwavering acceptance as the Grace of the Butterfly flows gently through our veins.

The three eBooks I have selected are the dance to allow your Soul’s emergence to flit gracefully through life’s challenges and birth Who and All You Are! Enjoy the path the Butterfly serves before you, as your transformation means going beyond your form to embrace the Freedom of Flight!

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