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Journey To Awareness

An Empath is a natural nurturer, the Light in the darkness here to lead others to Heal.  Empath’s are the Wounded Healers who’s Aura reflects their suffering.  This can draw the wrong people, many narcissists to you like a Moth to a Flame.  These type of relationships are draining and difficult for the sensitive, compassionate Empath.  Learning to Ground, Clear and Protect are the vital Shields of protection required on your Journey.

Each Empath’s gifts are Unique, yet in many ways similar, with qualities that can assist you in discovering the key to your often muddled emotions.  The Ah-ha moment of your Journey, the moment you realize Who You are on a Soul Level, opening to Self-Discovery of the lessons you are here to embark on.  Realizing that the changing roller coaster moods are not All yours, we are magnets until we learn to Ground, Clear and Protect our energies each and every morning prior to arising!

The doubts you feel about yourself, actually increase your Compassion – your Empathic nature.  The compassion you share from your Heart with others, returns to you many times greater.  There is power in recognizing aspects of who you are, as you become aware of your profound Nature – Your Gifts.

Those struggling to understand their sensitive nature, as an Empath, a Highly Sensitive Person {HSP}, your Journey to understanding can bring a Great sense of Relief.  With knowledge, you more easily maneuver through Life, as you the learn to Ground – Clear – Protect your Gift, through morning Meditation. You gain knowledge to both Recognize and Enhance the beautiful qualities you were given.

Empath’s sense feelings and emotions of others, that often feel as if they are their own!…a sensitives mood can change drastically in a moment, when someone with negative emotions enters, confusing the untrained Empath.

You can learn to scan and interpret your feelings to determine which are yours, from those that are not!

As You Discover

Accepting Your Gifts

As you begin working through the challenges of this lifetime here on planet Earth, our classroom, for higher conscious awareness, you begin to feel more comfortable, a greater sense of Self-Awareness, of Who you are, and why you are here at this time. The corner puzzle piece of Self knowledge, the starting point of all successful puzzles.

A valuable lesson – As you work through various situations, continually Self examine that you are not absorbing the Negative energies.  To gain information as you progress that will lead you to further understand your Gifts.  Once you gain knowledge and accept your Gifts, this creates an easing of the Negative emotions you have attached, assisting greatly in feeling more comfortable within Your Skin!

Your Enhanced Perception can teach you to steer your Life and set Goals, once you recognize Who you are.

Intuitive Empath

An Empath possesses the ability to sense when others are uncomfortable or troubled. The gift to sense emotions, does not imply that you must always Do Something. Others may need to reflect on their own feelings, their own situation as part of their Core lesson. Restraint through Self-Awareness is necessary to avoid straining your sensitive system as you often try to Fix Others Problems, as they seem so apparent to you.

Healthy boundaries are a necessity for Sensitives, as, without them you can hamper your own progress. Remain cognizant of your emotions while you learn to decipher the origin, and release daily what is not yours. It may seem hard to imagine that you are capable of feeling someone else’s true feelings, but indeed you are. For no matter what words they may have spoken, you hear beyond their capability, you hear the truth.

Do Not Absorb these feelings, they are not yours! Observe with compassion, but maintain your emotional stability. 

Tool For Empath's

The Hidden Power Of Solitude

Our Journey of Self-Discovery during our Awakening, is a search of Who we are, of our Purpose, and the process of Letting go. This is an Inward Solitary path, for it is in Solitude, we are unmasked, raw, yet comforted and still in the embrace of this union with our True Self. Solitude is our refuse, where we listen to Our needs, a valuable tool for All Empath’s. An inner world where we go to rejuvenate, nourish, and strengthen our connection not only to ourselves but with All.  A place where we are comforted, embraced by the Oneness of a Higher Source. A time where the distractions, the noise of the external are in slumber.

“In Solitude, the Mind gains strength and learns to lean upon itself.”  Laurence Sterne

Solitude is often incorrectly aligned with isolation, yet they are very different. For isolation is rarely a choice, as it grows out of our unresolved issues that unknowingly can become a place one marinates in these negative feelings. Often birthing feelings of loneliness & abandonment by life.

In Solitude You choose to enlist this comforting act, knowing this is a necessary tool of Self-Love. As Solitude replenishes the Body, Mind & Soul, where isolation only diminishes.

In life, to make the right choices, one must be in touch with their Soul, their Higher Power, the Original Light. We do this through the essential nurturing experience of Solitude. Which can be a scary thought for many who fear the silence, the unknown, yet,this is where we hear the truth, the solutions to our questions as we begin to Awaken.

A place where we are shown choices, to no longer live our life by the illusion of fate…to change our story…rewrite the life we desire…as nothing in life is finite.

The Empowering Benefits Of Solitude

  1. Creates an environment for Self-Discovery
  2. Assists in recovering from life’s Daily challenges.  For Sensitives, this is a Must!
  3. A feeling of Internal Balance & Peace
  4. Centers you from the daily over stimuli
  5. Energizes both your Body & your Mind
  6. Awakens the Creative force within
  7. Finding comfort in your own presence, without feeling lonely
  8. Increased Focus & Direction
“Here, within that silence, subtle feelings and intuitions awaken and guide us to what is true.”  Ann Mortifee

Be patient, it takes time to become comfortable with silence, but know, it is here you Recover, find Inner Strength, and connect to the Truth of your Soul.  The long- forgotten Joy & Peace of Silence is Our Soulful maintenance birthright.

It is always ready to embrace us in its blanket of Stillness, Wisdom & Grace. Solitude is the gift we give ourselves, a place where one is inspired, transcending the noise. where all creativity is birthed. Our very Soul is comforted, healed, reconnected to the One Source, our inner home of Spiritual Solitude. A place where our divine connection void of the human distractions that often breed isolation.

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As You Grow

  • Baby steps are still steps forward
  • Recognize with gratitude your Gifts
  • Gain an Enlightened Perception
  • Understanding your Gifts will assist greatly
  • Learn to discern your emotions from others
  • Embrace the valuable gift of Daily Meditation

A Relaxing 6 minute Meditation to Center, Clear, & Cleanse your Chakras with this quick daily meditation you balance using these various frequencies of sound and color. Watch or listen in the evening before dream time, or in the morning when you awake, to Relax, Recharge or Re-Tune your Inner Being, your Life Force. As the 5 minutes prior to sleep is when you set the tone for your slumber. When negative thoughts about your day, or tomorrow emerge, you stew in them for 8 hours! 

Just a Thought!

Along the path of Personal Growth, Self-Discovery you unite with the emotional body as an Empath. As you become more comfortable in who you are, you soon understand why your Gift is so vital. Your sensitive loving, compassionate heart is a vital piece of the Ascension puzzle. Honor who you are, as you bring Peace internally, you bring Peace to others.

May All embrace with gratitude the Gifts given from the Original Light, seen with an enhanced perception. As you recognize your place during this Age of Aquarius.

A Beautiful Gift once delivered, is still in need of Unwrapping.

Peace and Blessings,