In-Sensitive Remarks

Seeing The Blessings

Living a life experience as an Empath, or HSP [Highly Sensitive Person}, you often heard the following words. “You are too sensitive, too emotional!” For friends & family tend to classify what they do not understand, as a flaw. Living life as a sensitive, has its challenges, but too, many blessings. You possess a compassionate energy, the blessing of these empathic gifts create the heart of great healers. Healers who through their childhood of often being criticized, neglected, you intuitively understand the struggles of others.

Empathic gifts, sensitivity, allows you to pick up sensory information from others emotions. You are able to read them before a person speaks a word. You feel a lie within your body, this is your intuitive GPS. You react to the feelings of others through your enhanced nervous system, allowing you once attuned. As a healer this is a valuable tool to gain information, to sense the areas in need of healing on a body-mind level.

The Early Years

For many, the developmental years explains the HSP personality, for a child overly criticized and/or neglected become more sympathetic. For the wounded Inner Child births the sensitive, the highly creative, with enhanced feelings, deeply amplify their deep compassion. Through their enhanced intuitive ability, they pick up on the emotions others are struggling with. As you learn to separate others energies from yours, you understand the rewards of such a gift. The Divine Feminine has led this life, these struggles which bring a stronger sense of compassion and understanding. The perfect conditions for the life of the healer that resides within.

Empathic Gifts – Nature Of An Empath

Your instinct is to look for a more in-depth connection to others, a need to embrace people on a deeper level. These abilities allow you to feel and understand others struggles, with a deep desire to solve them. Sensitives souls see beauty all around them, possessing a gentleness of spirit with enhanced instincts. time to reclaim your inner voice, to begin being guided by your own knowing. Time to shed the trauma and fears to allow your radiant, peaceful healing Light to shine forth and become the guide for you and others.

Healing The Wounded Inner Child Workbook

Whose Emotions Are These?

Many Empaths who have not fully understood these enhanced qualities, experience sudden mood swings, they feel are their own. Often collecting energies of others throughout the day as their own, can be exhausting. The need to remain grounded is a vital necessity, to seek a rejuvenating recovery process, is required.  Meditation, as well as learning to Ground, Clear and Protect have been a saving grace for many sensitives.

If you remain out of balance for too long, it often leads to social avoidance.

Opening Your Inner Voice

Mastering Your Intuition

Your journey of Spiritual Awakening unfolds your most powerful gift, connecting the outer world with the intuitive one, balanced, grounded spiritually based. Finding that balance can be challenging, but we must remember we are in this world, but not of it. We are here to learn, to teach, to heal so we no longer play small, trying to fit in. We have chosen a road less traveled, one of creativity, to live life inspired as healing Lights for others. A life that once had no voice now claims, reconnects with it’s spiritual self in balance. Gaining trust your inner voice as it leads your adventure, one of self discovery.

“When you look for God, God is in the look of your eyes. In the thought of looking. Nearer to you than yourself.” Rumi

Your inner voice is one of Love, of Higher Intelligence waiting patiently for you to hear it’s still small voice. As you disconnect from the conditioning of others beliefs, of outdated patterns of the old paradigm. As you look through the eyes of the Soul, the Divine Creator you find that voice waiting to teach, to lead.

Acceptance Of Your Empathic Gifts

Many confuse Solitude with Isolation, which is feeling alone, abandoned, lost.  Solitude is Self-Love, the Inner Healer seeks balance, the healing practice of Stillness.

As you begin to realize the beauty of Your Empathic Gifts, you gain confidence.  You gain control and Embrace your Gifts,and learn Development Techniques to enhance your abilities.  Your Gifts!  As you learn to truly Accept all of Who You are, you can awaken to your Authentic-Self, your True-Self, Your Life.

Liberated from the negative Self-Judgment, and the emotions of feeling different, instead you see the positive.  Able to accept fully Who You are, without the need for Isolation!  For when we make Solitude a priority, we avoid the avenue of isolation and despair. Make time away from the noise to go within, to honor and protect your Gifts. Allow the stillness of solitude, during this precious time of self-reflection to discover your empowered soul.

“As the emotions become tamed and the mind grows quiet, a whole new life begins to emerge…we become balanced and whole.”  Ann Mortifee

Self-Acceptance leads to Inner Peace, as you live Authentically!

With time and greater awareness, issues in life can be resolved through further insight into who you are. Take time to nurture, respect who you are, and how to best manage your gift, from a higher vantage, honor with patience all of you. Learning to accept and surrender to the Mystery of the cosmic dance, you are here to learn and perhaps serve others.

Empathic-Gifts Gentle Reminder

  • You are not responsible for Fixing others
  • When you feel others energies – Do not Own them
  • You may feel for others struggles. It is their path not yours
  • Replenish & connect with your soul in Meditation daily
  • Spending time in Nature replenishes
  • Solitude is the reward of stillness all Empath’s need

Solitude does not imply you are an introvert, just a wise being. All Empath’s need time & space to re-calibrate, as daily maintenance. Self-Care must be an essential part of your Daily practice. 

Embrace the Dance,