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Aquarius Dawns – Era of Pisces Sets

It is a slow transition when we leave an era as we remain on the tail of another age beginning to birth. As we look back and discuss the Age of Pisces, our conclusion will symbolize it as ‘The Age of Deception.’ Of Illusion, Falsehoods, and Misleading for profit and personal gain. The Age of Drugs and pharmaceuticals’ of the false advertisement upon humanity. Even as we enter, Aquarius Dawns; the residue of the last era that had years or centuries to gain strength remains.

May this Truth Offer You Peace:

“As you gaze upon the outer world it’s easy to conclude things are getting worse. This my dear is but an illusion, for we are not perceiving the bigger picture. The reason it appears the chaos has increased is due to the Light of God is intensifying on Earth. As it bathes us in Peace & Love. All that conflicts with the Light is being pushed to the surface to be healed, transmuted back into its original perfection. So I ask: With such a Truth how could we house such Fear, knowing we are not now, nor never have been alone.”

The Water – Bearer

Symbol Of A New Era

The Water Bearer is the Symbol of this New Era, the Divine Feminine returning for She is the Living Water. But in reality, not of mere water, but a Revolutionary Cleanse of the Old, the Re-Birth of Our Freedom, Re-Claiming our fundamental Human Rights as were birthed God Sovereign & Free. A Divine Truth of our birthright that many have forgotten.

Soon the uncovering of our Ancient Knowledge, previously hidden, will be shown. Dead Sea Scrolls, Copper Scrolls, and the Nag Hammadi documents discovered in the middle of the 1900’s. to be released to the public, as Archaeologists continue to discover ancient ruins. With gained knowledge of quantum physics, String Theory, Space, Remote viewing, once called conspiracy “theories. Now considered “facts”.

Galaxies Of Stars – We Are Not Alone

As our Ancestors in the Stars await our remembering, for they are our Brothers and Sisters of the Night Sky. Yes, our long overdue awakening from this Long-Playing Fantasy many witness as the veil now thins. Realizing how easily many gave their power away to others as we witnessed the slow destruction of humanity by those who wished to enslave. As fear, deceit, and complacency became their powerful tools.

We saw many offer their rights to those with no power except the power given to them by man. A deception of such magnitude played out before our eyes—deep inflictions upon humankind in all aspects of one’s life perpetrated by the puppet masters.

A holocaust, once again, played out before humanity, yet still, others complied without a weapon of force laid upon them. We must realize they had no power to lock down our churches, our gyms, and our schools. Nor to take our livelihood, demand we mask, or take an experimental jab. Tactics of another war played out before our eyes, yet we were so fearful we allowed all of it.

Weapons Of Fear On A Global Scale

Those who bravely stood up against evil were punished, but not on a soul level. For they made a difference, they opened the eyes of the fearful. Those who perpetrated this crime upon humanity shall pay the most significant price upon their soul—requiring lifetimes to clear their crimes against their brothers and sisters. For they knowingly perpetrated this fraud upon Humanity.

The new era, The Age of Aquarius, is quite different, as Aquarius Dawns an era opposing the last age of Deception with Humanitarian Efforts, Positive Political Changes, World Peace, Unity, and Equality Efforts. With compassion, clear communication, and spiritual expansion grow within as we grow closer to the 5th Dimension, our destiny. A dimension where darkness cannot survive, nor can the values of deception, greed, money, and power remain.

Aquarius Symbolizes A New Dawn

Living Water Of Spirit

Indeed, the Water Bearer of Aquarius symbolizes a New Dawn as we begin to ground Heaven on Earth. For in reality, it is mere not water she represents. The Sacred Feminine returns to create balance, she offers wisdom from her lifetimes as the Bearer of the Living Water. She joins Humanity to cleanse the layers of deception, of illusion from humankind, allowing healing on a massive scale. Her task is to re-birth Divine Truth, Equal Justice, Human Rights, and the Freedom of our birthrights. She values our birthrights, knowing they were not given to us by man nor government, but by GOD, that no man can take them from us.

The Power Of Discernment

A New Dawn For Humanity

Discernment: Discernment is the ability to properly discriminate or make determinations. Related to Divine Wisdom, the Word of God itself. Said to discern the thoughts and intentions of one’s heart. This is a valuable lesson, for it is our heart that holds the answers, not the mind which is much over used. A discerning mind demonstrates wisdom, insight beyond what is seen and heard. For it speaks from the heart. For the human mind without Spirit, believes things of God are foolishness.

” When we remove the clouds that blind our sight, we feel we are learning something new, But this awareness that dawns on us is not, in fact new. It is simply accessed through  awakening our own deep remembering.” Ann Mortifee

The Sacred Feminine has learned much from her lifetimes, she sits at the table of Grace. She teaches we must honor what we value – Our Freedom, our Religion, our basic Human Rights, and our precious Children. All can be lost in an instant by those who wish the Piscean ways to continue. They will fight to continue the old ways. May we join in prayer for all to awaken to this Truth…We are birthed of Love, not of Fear, as fear is the opposite of Love. Therefore, FEAR cannot exist in love’s positive energy. Falsehoods created by the mind, of endless delusions used to create Fear. Be clever in what you listen to, and watch. Tele – Vision, Programs, are apply applied names. What we feed the mind, is what we receive.

We Are The Guardians Here To Protect Our Constitution

For these United States of America were created by God as a blueprint for All Countries to adopt, and indeed they shall, for the sweeping hand of God knows no boundaries. It is our duty to protect the Sacred Works of Our Constitution. To fight for the rights given to us by the One Power, the Divine Creator – GOD.

Perhaps this is what God has been trying to show us all along! That we are the Warriors of the Light…Time to Rise

May Peace reign as we anchor Heaven upon Earth. With blessings to All those in the physical and non-physical realms, as galaxies upon galaxies too are concerned with Earth’s Awakening. For Her Destiny is – of a Sacred Planet.

May Love, Light & Peace awaken each to their Divinity…May you find Peace and Power in the Living Truth