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The Invisible Child

One Facet of Our Wounded Inner-Child

Like all relationships, the work on our Inner Child, often the Invisible Child, is not one to be thrown into the abyss as a finished project. The uncovering of the many facets of this dear part of who we are is how we evolve into wholeness. Issues in need of a closer look, of additional healing come forward to help us grow, to heal from our trauma. Inner-work is akin to the peeling of an onion, as it reveals layer by layer until the core wounds have been reached.

Our wounds come forward in many ways as we embrace a willingness to achieve this state of sovereignty. At this point of unfoldment the core appears, showing the core wounds that have become our well-constructed fortress. The pain and shame of life from abuse and neglect are coiled, protected, and guarded within this covenant, the arms of the divine. This is the point when further unfurling must begin, for this is the womb that houses our Spiritual Light. Protecting each until one is ready to accept, acknowledge and forgive, but more importantly to see their life through the patterns of your own. Patterns that may instill grace within you as you realize their path was not much different than your own. This is the path to true freedom, one that opens your heart to another’s struggles much like your own. This is the divine grace that offers peace for you, your Inner Child and those who you wish peace and acceptance for the road they traveled.

Healing The Invisible Child Requires Love

“The Invisible Child was not allowed to have emotions, when shown, they were made to feel wrong, bad or simply ignored.”

The center where through our resolve lights the way to uncover who we indeed are. Within this unmasking, we realize that all life challenges are not circumstances that must remain as our burden. Our childhood of traumas are often the catalyst that births Our Becoming, a path to bravely untether and free our soul. As we begin to live each breath from our core, our soul, we awaken and embrace who we are, as our journey of challenges are washed by His healing breath. It is then our path leads to a more spiritual, infinite path of soulful exploration. A journey into the core essence, where all healing begins.

What Is The Invisible Child Connection To Our Spiritual Awakening?

Healing all facets of our wounded self has everything to do with Our Awakening, the very purpose that will allow us to see & hear clearly. No longer veiled in others cloak that divides to control. As this occurs, the path of how we heal our wounded invisible, lost-child issues awakens how we approach Our Becoming. For as we begin to live, and love as the soul, we are one with the God of a thousand names. We then enter the portal to an expanded view, the enhanced vantage point greater than our unconscious mind could ever fathom.

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The Heart of the Matter

Healing Our Wounded Heart Is Essential

This truth opens our hearts, knowing we were never separate from His view, even during our darkest of times. As we continue to unveil and heal, our essential-self soon begins to fuse with our soul’s vision. Our grander vision awakens, known to the kingdom of royalty who seeded this promise long ago. As we continue to heal our inner kingdom, it is then we witness our wounded child who too, has evolved. This is not an overnight event, but an event we shall make in this lifetime or another. Our infinite goal is to heal all facets and walk hand in hand with each part of who we are. This higher path awaits as we reflect on the grander view of our being. It is then both, child and Adult who evolve as one, whole, complete, protected, loved and nurtured by a higher source.

“Stand, walk, see and hear this Truth, for you are birthed in the divine’s vision of perfection. You are Indeed Whole.”

This journey is not one of blame, pain, shame, suffering nor of regrets. For those are the byproducts of the controlling, fearful ego of lack. As one reaches this state, they no longer cling to this lower dimension. As they dance to the music of their soul. The vision becomes clear, unclouded, they see through the eyes of perfection and draw to them the same. This is the path to wholeness, the promise seeded, now birthed into our conscious knowing. When Whole, we fear no thing, need no thing, regret no thing, for the golden light is wed within us, it always has been, and it ever shall be.

Invisible Child Behaviors

Invisible Wounds

Each has an inner child, the part of our personality that embraces the energy of awe and wonderment. Carl Jung birthed the interpretation of our Inner Child into the forefront. Many facets of this piece of the human psyche exists within each. Our behavior birthed from our childhood still lives within the Inner Child, and the Adult as well. Other facets of archetypes too exist, the Invisible Child or Lost Child is but one archetype.

Selected to begin our healing journey and gain a deeper sense of our adult-self reactions. Once we link our behaviors, our relationships, our lack of self-love with empathy for all of who we are. As our journey begins with the Invisible Child’s healing process, for each Inner Child carries unique emotional wisdom about their life experiences. These hidden dark places that reside in you, that you and only you experienced. Although many endured similar situations, no one really has the exact same experiences as each.

“If we could read the secret history of our enemies, we should see sorrow and suffering enough to disarm all hostility.” Henry Wordsworth Longfellow

Our Inner Child & It’s Many Facets

All facets of the Inner Child are important, for they either interfere with our life, our life decisions, and behaviors, or they enhance them. Carl Jung called the child archetypes essential to our survival, for they bare our story, and the necessary healing required, representing all facets of our childhood becomes the very compass of our recovery. Our earliest feelings of security, safety, and love we carry throughout our lives. When we do not receive these basic of needs, scars begin to appear. Inappropriate reactions, becoming more vocal in their desperate attempt to get their parents attention.

When the Adult neglects their child’s basic needs, issues unfold negatively into our Adult life. Often, our inner child is triggered first when sensing S/he’s at risk, threatened. When this occurs, the Adult self steps back, and the Inner Child comes forward, fearing a potentially harmful situation, and reacts. When the Adult remains in the background, a fear response ensues, as the Inner Child takes the reigns, expressing fear with adverse reactions. At this point the child needs comfort from the Adult, just as you wished for as a child. Until soothed, S/he remains fearful that you will not protect S/he, feeling completely alone and vulnerable.

The Unhealed Remain Invisible

Invisible Often For a Lifetime

The Wounded Child is one of 6 Archetypes, I will begin with the Invisible or Lost Child archetype, as it resides in the inner-child of many. Whether victims of physically or sexually abuse, abandonment, or neglect. This child holds memories of all abusive and traumatic actions upon them. A sad pattern often ensues throughout their lives, often at the hands of more than one person in their life. It was explained to me by a therapist, that many predators can sense the damaged, the wounded and prey upon them. The innocence of a child who has been deeply wounded seeks attention, with a deep desire to please. Although often misread, they can fall prey to this endless pattern of those who prey upon the wounded.

Often the Wounded Inner Child was not heard, nor seen, left in the shadows with their nightmares, suffering alone in the recesses of the Adult’s subconscious. When the Adult seeks the alternative, a healing journey, they soon discover many behaviors are rooted in their Wounded Inner Child. The Adult understands this feeling well, soon realizing the need to include their inner child in the process. Healing through dialogue begins, a process the Adult soon discovers has been the link to their own lack of Self-Love.

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Their focus shifts to one of forgiveness, tenderness, as they seek forgiveness from their child as well. Until healing occurs, the child archetype remains stuck in their perceived timeline, on a carousel of repeating abusive patterns: With various partners, relationships, and friendships. A continuously playing script can create an addiction to the energy of victim hood. A place where healing never comes, as the dysfunction remains their cloak. Until we understand, acknowledge, heal and accept each facet of our personalities, our Inner Child, we remain fragmented.

This is the path to wholeness that teaches: We must embrace fully all of who we are, to integrate, and heal all facets into our life in positive ways. For our Inner Child is always aware, watching that we will stand and protect, and love S/he.

Invisible Child to Invisible Adult

An Invisible Child Raised By Struggling Parents

Many children of struggling parents grow up with their physical and emotional needs unmet. Often raised by struggling parents, absent, angry, grieving their life situations. Unknowingly creating a lineage, a vicious cycle of the same for all in their ancestral line. For example, this child may have a home, food on the table, clothing, and adequate education. But the problems remain. Parent(s) often busy fighting their own battles, lacking the energy, the focus, or the ability to notice their child’s emotional needs.

The Wounded Must Remain Watchful

As loving beings, we must understand, they may have been well meaning parents, trying their best. Not realizing they too struggled with emotional issues ‘hand me downs, a theme of many. We have the power to break this cycle as we recover, offering a new path for our ancestors.  Surprisingly, growing up with unseen feelings, does not mean we grow up without feelings, we felt unnoticed and unworthy.

When unhealed, we remain invisible, our emotions that we were not allowed to feel remain bottled inside. Seeking it elsewhere, often becoming prey to the gas-lighter personality, the smooth tongue of a well-seasoned abuser. As many desperate, walking wounded innocently believe they will protect and love them. Their misguided awe and wonderment essence becomes distorted by life experiences. As they often remain fertile ground for the predator of unkept promises.Often decades later, yet fully grown, many still hold on, hoping for the relationships that will recognize their worth.

Yet until healing begins, they tragically continue to treat themselves as invisible, allowing others to do the same. Children of struggling parents, often look back on their childhoods, remembering how hard their parents worked, and how much they suffered. Often, the children of these parent(s), who endured the most impact of emotional neglect, inevitably try the hardest to have as few needs as possible to reduce their parent(s) burden. Self-Neglect becomes a pattern until deep healing becomes a priority, often due to the deep wounds entering ones everyday life!

How To Birth: A Visible Adult 3 Steps

As a child, aside from physical needs, emotional needs were also not met, creating a fertile ground, as unmet emotions begin to manifest in crippling ways. People pleasing from lack of boundaries, self-loathing when feeling unworthy of time and love. Often gaining the inner voice as the critical parent. Control issues too birth, such as OCD due to lack of control. Promiscuous sexual behavior, that often leads to addiction, substance abuse, as well as seeking someone to love them.  All from a childhood that lacked control and a supportive environment for expression.

Core Essence Healing

How To Make The Invisible: Visible?


Accept that you were missing a vital ingredient in our childhood, but do not own it. When missing the feelings of being valid in the life we are living, sends a message to our heart. Acceptance does not condone, but allows us to validate ourselves by beginning the journey of Self-Love. A process of opening your life to the lessons life offers, without the desire to judge, change or control. We are often raised to believe that we can control life. A misguided belief that causes many to resist the flow of life.

To witness the lessons within them, allows us to take the reigns through healing, for without so, it is impossible to find inner peace, true love, and a self-fulfilling life. We seek attachments, other people to fill our needs. For those of us raised by struggling parents, suffered though childhood, not realizing it was not the life we need to live. Setting our souls free becomes Our Choice. For all matter, and wish a loving relationship. It begins with our willingness to take the inner journey as we evolve.


Yes, forgiveness, compassion, all you wished that you were given, give to yourself. Send forgiveness to your struggling parents, who, too, were birthed from the same cloth. With Self-forgiveness throughout this process as issues come forward. Be Patient, Be Kind, Be Loving to you and your child within. You now have the opportunity to become the parent you wish you had as a child. Open a dialogue with your inner child, begin by saying ‘I’m sorry’ for not knowing you needed me. Write S/he a love letter, ask what S/he feels, and what S/he needs from you. Always follow through on promises, and realize S/he may be angry, and untrusting. All the more reason to take time to nurture your relationship of this loving piece of who you are, who you have become from life’s traumas and neglect.

Invisible Child – Our Family Tree Adjustment

As you open your heart through acceptance, you see your parents as people who too wore your shoes. When you do, you begin to set you parents and yourself free. As compassion, not crippled with blame, become your freedom tool. Untethered from the past, allows you to see you do not need to be your parents. You always have a choice, for nothing is finite, except in our minds. Your life becomes a gift to other generations as you bravely break the cycle, choosing the road less traveled.

The path of soul freedom that forever changes your destiny. Inner Peace, a lightness, unburdens your soul, knowing all children are not born to be invisible. They are birthed out of love, to be seen, heard, nurtured, loved, and protected. As sacred beings we house the energies of the Divine Masculine & Feminine within each gender. Often, the toxic unbalanced energies of both energies, have much to do with our Wounded Inner Child. Our Family Tree Adjustment, is a journey, that can begin with you. A divine gift to yourself and to your Ancestors!

Embrace the child within, sing, dance & awaken the Awe & Wonderment once lost!

Blessings to you and your Inner Child,

Love, Carol