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Symbol Of A Spiritual Journey

Spiritual Sailing Symbolism:

Spiritual Sailing Symbolism represents much of our life and the directions we choose. Upon further examination and honesty, are you living in the energy of Fear? For life is full of storms, this is the way of Earth’s Classroom of lessons, experiences, the ebb and flow of life are how we gain the tools to grow, heal, and begin our Spiritual Awakening unfoldment, our Becoming. For a Life of calm seas is one without stretch marks, the badges of growth. It is our evolved reactions that allows Grace to bless our journey.

We sail with ease the Living water of Spirit, renewed, as fear & doubt becomes purified by the Light of Divine Truth. Sailing symbolism represents a Spiritual voyage, as the water embodies the Source of All life, the embodiment of Spirituality, the wisdom of the Soul’s journey. Sailing Symbolism represents a New beginning, exploring the realms of Spirit that bring a deeper level of Consciousness. As sailing represents a Spiritual voyage, the living water represents Source, the Holy Spirit, the embodiment of our deeper connection to All.

“A ship’s safe in the harbor, but that’s not what a ship is for.” William G.T. Shedd

Rewards of a Spirit led life, is one of self discovery. The Journey to embrace the healing waters of the Spirit within. As the air scented with salt enters our senses. As the vibration of an unknown freedom rings within your Being. It is then a pure, pristine sense of well – being engulfs, and welcomes your soul to the dance of the healing Living Waters of Spirit.

Living Waters Of Spirit

Age Of Aquarius

It will be the Feminine, as the Water Bearer who in this Age carries the vessel of Living Water. As she washes away the past, allowing space for the New to be born. Spirit is calling ALL to Awaken – to begin a more in-depth knowledge, connection with our Higher Self. To realize Divine Grace resides within each. It is our Inner Kingdom, where our Soul, our Father Mother God too reside.

“It is wise to accept the cyclical flow of things, for life is a rolling sea. Like the moon, we wax and wane, like the tides we rise and fall. When we fully accept that this is the right and good way of it, we learn to sail our boat with skill and an open heart.” Ann Mortifee

The Sea of Life can be quite calm, but it also can change suddenly, as the waves represent Life’s sudden obstacles, hardships. We learn to work with the currents of Life, and not against them, we allow the Spiritual waters to flow within, creating a shift. As you gain a clearer understanding, a vision of your true Path may begin to rise to the surface. Steering your vessel becomes easier, as you gain strength, you become able to withstand Life in it’s rawest form. You now Maneuver with ease through the adverse conditions life offers.

Who Is Steering Your Vessel?

  1. Boat symbolism: Takes an in-depth look at where you have been, and the direction you wish to go.
  2. Are You steering the boat, or is the Ego: Is your personality in charge of your Direction, your Path, your Course in Life? Or do you allow others to hold the reigns?
  3. A boat is the symbolic vehicle: It enables the journey, the vehicle of Faith, Trust & Grace to support this courageous journey. When embarking across the Seas of desire, one must hone their intuition. For it is our most trusted navigational system through life. When we allow our Higher Self, Divine Source at the helm, our course, our direction moves with ease.
  4. The Direction for your Life’s purpose, your highest good is the trust gained. Allowing Life to flow with ease, on the Soul’s Divine course, not the Ego’s.
  5. A profound testament of Being in the Present.

Spiritual Sailing Symbolism

A State Of Awareness

When we allow Source to lead, we gain a renewed confidence, less blocked, hearing clearly our guidance as we re-claim our Spiritual & Personal Power. As new experiences manifest, a state of Peace and Joy flows through each experience of Life. As you maneuver gracefully. No longer racing aimlessly through Life without a compass. As the Winds of Awareness, the Universal breath of our Soul are at the helm. As the powerful wind swirls, whispering the messages of guidance and support. A song to comfort your being along your Path of Self-Discovery. Prompting questions of deeper awareness to fine tune your Soulful Path.

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“Joy is a state of being, deeper and more permeating than happiness or sadness could ever be. Happiness is like the sparkle of sunlight on the water. Joy is the ocean itself. Happiness can be clouded with sorrow. Joy remains constant through rain or shine. Emotions come and go like the tides. Joy is forever present.” Ann Mortifee

Evolved Questions

  • Where am I going?
  • What is my ultimate goal, my desired destination?
  • How am I navigating through life without an oar?
  • Are the Seas Calm or Rocky & what does it say about me?
  • Or – Are they full of uncharted Adventures & Lessons for expansion?

Life’s waters become still, calm, your direction becomes as clear as the waters you Sail! With ease you soon learn to trust your insightful tools, your inner Spiritual GPS. For it is faith that quiets your mind, as you navigate through life’s journey, you calmly & confidently sail by.

“The winds of Grace are always there, we but need to raise our sails.” Krishna
Peace and Blessings,