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The Present – A Moment In Time

What is Living In The Present?  

Living in the present has many titles, presence, being present, in the moment, in the now, and mindfulness. The benefits are within reach, no matter which one{s} you choose to follow. As each represent a state of being fully engaged in the moment, both mentally and emotionally – a state of complete awareness.  Mindfulness is paying attention to the present moment, un-distracted by the thoughts that come forward. To mindfully observe your surroundings in the present moment, without judgment.

“Accept – then act. Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you chose it. Always work with it; this will miraculously transform your whole life.” Eckhart Tolle

It is within this state, living in the present that allows a highly productive flow, an awakened state called presence. It is our natural state, which calms our mind and our emotions, allowing one to see things more clearly. Which creates an expansion of awareness, for we witness our environment, in that moment, not the future, nor the past.  A time when we mindfully pause and gather information to be a more objective participant.  Without a rush to judgment as thoughts move through, the energy of judgment, whether of others or ourselves, keeps us forever imprisoned in separation.


Are You Living In Two Different Worlds?

We live two lives, one is our thoughts, our continual thinking, and worrying about the past and the future. We often are not here! Instead, we remain locked in our heads, regretting the past or fretting over the future. Neither of these can we control. For when we live in the past we hold onto regrets, a constant state of review. When we live in the future, we make assumptions, fantasize about the “What If’s.” As we become attached to the assumed outcomes, usually resulting in disappointment, whether we have positive or negative expectations.  

“The Secret of health for both the Mind and the Body is not to mourn for the Past, worry about the Future, or anticipate troubles. But to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.”  The Buddha

Living In The Present – The Now

Being present is a necessary piece of our awakening, as it allows you to open your mind to perceive the moment. Each moment is a unique opportunity, missed when we are less engaged! This moment is the one available to us, there is no moment outside of this one. Living in the Past is but a memory, living in the future, is but a dream.

Practice living in the present is a process, it encourages our minds to open, to perceive the present moment to it’s fullest. This moment is the only one available to us, there is No moment outside of this. For much is missed when we live in two different worlds, either in our dreams or in our memories!

 “Only a ghost wallows around in the past, explaining himself with descriptors based on a life already lived.  You are what you choose Today, not what you’ve chosen before.”  Dr Wayne Dyer
The Presence Of Stillness“Time spent in quiet contemplation is a precursor to Inner Silence.  And Inner Silence, the ability to still the mind of it’s incessant ruminating, is the precursor to Awakening.”  Ann Mortifee

When you awaken fully into the moment of now, you feel whole and complete.  Nothing is missing!  The pain of the past disappears, and you become free of anxiety about the future. When your mind is in attendance in the Present, you are free from distracting and often harmful Self-Talk.  You are Free to experience “What Is.”  In moments of Presence, you are an Awakened Being, grounded in the truth and Reality of Now.  As you become more present, you begin to sense the Oneness, as the illusion of separation dissolves. 

Are You Solution-Oriented Or Problem-Oriented?

When you focus on what is occurring in the present moment, you are in touch with Reality.  As the present moment is where Reality lies, where you can access your resources.  As you turn off the Autopilot button as Autopilot is where our behavior is dictated by habit or conditioning.  When the switch is disengaged, it’s easier to participate in this world.   

Automatic thoughts and actions often mean unhealthy habits, negative mindset, believing the worst options will occur.  Mindfulness seeks to reign in the mind to avoid the autopilot response and create an alternate, more conscious choice from a new perspective.  Mindfulness is a powerful tool during the Spiritual Awakening Process, as it increases awareness.

Relationships are less complicated from our open attitude, where we once saw problems, we instead see solutions.  For the traps of reflecting on the past, fracture our relationships.  We become the people who are not fully there, distracted and separate from those around us.

How To Practice Mindfulness

At its core mindfulness is. paying attention to what is currently happening. A connection which allows one to discover habitual thought patterns, and automatic behaviors. Allowing you to tune into both your thoughts, emotions and body language. You become more in tune with the physical, and well as the thoughts and emotions that creep in. Learn to observe without judgement, to observe more objectively without emotions or preconceived ideas influencing your view. It’s challenging, and requires practice to overcome years of habitual thinking. A more fulfilling life lies ahead if you choose to incorporate these simple practices.

Present Moment Shifts“The thoughts that excite you, be they beautiful or gross, become the pathway you are laying out before you.  You will have to walk this path.  Be sure that you are creating the journey you truly desire to take.”  Ann Mortifee

Living In The Present


Mindful Meditation – Sit quietly, follow your breathe.  If the mind wanders just gently allow it to pass without attachment.  Come back to your relaxed, natural breathing. It doesn’t have to be perfect.  It is a space of time to give your mind a rest.  Begin with 5 – 10 minutes per day and increase gradually to 20 or so.

Mindful Breathing – This is just a simple refreshing break to be done anytime. You can do this several times a day, just 10 – 15 seconds to observe your breathing. It’s basically a mind interrupter. Stop what you are doing and take a few mindful breaths, then resume what you were doing.

Mindful Walking –  This outdoor activity is similar to mindful breathing, but instead of focusing on your breathe you focus on your walking. Be mindful of each step, notice the motions of your body, your arms, legs and torso. If your mind wanders, just bring it back and continue walking. Focus your attention on the trees, the songs in the wind, the sun on your face and just enjoy. Nature is a part of us, allow her to re-calibrate your Being.

All Activities Can Be Mindful – Washing dishes for instance, focus on the activity, resist letting your mind wander. Notice the feel of the water on your hands, the motion of the sponge, it soon becomes a calming activity. The gentle walk of bare feet on the salt water, feel the sand between your toes, the salt in the air. The same is true of showering, ironing, or folding clothes. Continue to bring your mind back to the present, learn to live in the moment, stop worrying and witness the Whole of Reality. When we are Living in the Present moment we witness Life’s Ultimate Reality!

Healthy Gains

Improved Health

  • Less anxiety and stress
  • Greater sense of Well-Being

Improved Relationships

  • Physically & mentally present
  • Deeper connections
  • Others enjoy your company

Improved Control

  • Control of your mind
  • More peaceful
  • Less worrying
  • Seeing life more clearly

Healthy Shift

During meditation, observe your thoughts through mindful awareness, allow them to flow, do not become attached. Mindfulness is the practice of returning back to reality, even during meditation. The stillness & silence of our pure nature, the absence of thought, can only be known by experiencing them through sounds & smells, not through thoughts & words. When we meditate regularly, our excessive thoughts tend to diminish as we become more familiar with the process. Through regular meditation, you become more at ease with the silence and stillness your Soul craves.

Spending more time in Nature, is another valuable way to become more familiar with the profound rewards of silence and stillness on your Spiritual Journey. You begin to feel an internal shift of Peace. 

Present-Minded Shifts

  • Gardening
  • Dancing
  • Camping
  • Yoga
  • Singing
  • Tai Chi
  • Walking Meditation
  • Gratitude Prayer

A Timeless State Exists

There is a place within each, that is beyond turmoil, where a world of calm and pure joy exists. In our overstimulating world, it becomes challenging to cultivate this moment. As we continually find ourselves doing one thing while thinking of something else. When we become fully engaged, we gain patience, as expectations lessen, our minds are freed. 

The timeless state of joy resides in your inner kingdom, as we go beyond our endless thoughts, our fears. It is when we embrace the now, our true-nature, our pure-essence scents our day.  Take time to adopt a practice of daily meditation, to connect with your true Self. For in the Present, you are in touch with you, no longer at the mercy of how others see you. You awaken your life, free from the many fears that possess the mind unnecessarily. 

You find Peace, engulfed in the inner sense of well-being!   

Embrace the Dance,