“Meditation Is A Meeting Through Our Breathe To Reach Our Soul.”

Connect with your Soul

Your Soul is the very Core Essence of who you truly are, the very center of your being.  The expression of your unique spark of Divinity.  The Soul houses feelings of deep inner knowing, infinite self-love, boundless compassion, deep wisdom, and profound inner strength.  List in stillness as your Soul calls, inviting you to return home.  Into the door of expanded consciousness, to awaken from the dream so many fall prey.

A Calming Connection

Deep Breathing is a Powerful tool – it’s how Energy flows through your body.  Using this Daily practice encourages Spiritual Growth with endless possibilities, a Myriad of proven “Reasons to Meditate,” to enhance all aspects of Your Life!

If you don’t have a sacred space dedicated for meditation, locate a place where you won’t be disturbed.  Sit comfortably with your spine aligned, feet flat on the floor, arms uncrossed. Rest your hands on your legs palm facing upwards to receive.

Choose An Intention

Intentions are one of the most powerful delivery systems.  Select a seed thought to focus on. Allow your Soul to answer the present need.

Visualize a Sphere Of Golden Light

Intend that this sphere come down from above and enter through your Crown, as it opens like the petals of a Lotus.  Continue to bring the column down as wide as your body.  As it arrives at the center of the Earth, anchor it deeply.  Breath in a natural rhythm deeply.  Ask the Light to move outward 55 feet to protect your Merkaba, your Light Body.  As you continue to focus on your breath…Inhale and Exhale…

In the beginning, if the mind wanders, try and keep it simple, allow the thoughts to pass without judgment and bring your focus back to your breath.  This prevents the thoughts from taking hold.

“We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, then, is not an Act, but a Habit.” Aristotle

Meditation – Personal Growth At Any Age

An Ancient Spiritual practice…the Journey that awakens Our Spiritual Aspect…at any Age…Each Breath is Your Divine connection with Your True Essence…Divine Grace.
Health Findings
  • Improve – Your Connection with Divine Guidance
  • Enhanced – Immune System through Inner Peace & Well-being
  • Balance – The Mind, Body and Soul connection
  • Improve – Sleep, and fall asleep more easily – A University of Utah study
  • Clears – The Mind of Emotional entanglements
  • Reduce – Inner Tension, which reduces Blood Pressure & Physical Tension
  • Improve – Clarity of Thought
  • Enhance – Listening Skills

“Stillness makes your Soul smile.” Doe Zantamata

Meditation teaches the power of focus and concentration to quiet Your busy minds, freeing you from the constant thoughts of Worry and Fret over the Unknown.


While the teacher had her students hold a glass of water, she asked her students to determine it’s weight.  Various answers came, and were revised as time went on. She waited and then replied. The measured weight of the glass of water is determined by how Long you Hold.  The longer we hold something, the heavier they become.

The Stresses and Worries in your Lives, hold the same Truth.  The weight increases the longer you hold onto them, they burden the Mind, Body and Soul.  When not released, you feel paralyzed, incapable of freeing the Mind.

Since 99% of all worries, never come to fruition, Meditation is Life’s Key to Survival.  Especially during times of Chaos, turmoil an uncertainty.

Power Of Healing

Set your Meditation Habit – as all new habits require motivation

  • Designate – A Time and Commit to it
  • Length of Session – Begin with 5 minutes and increase to 10
  • Surrounding – Select a Comfortable and Quiet setting
  • Meditate – Set a doable Daily time & place for your Self Care Routine

Meditation is your ‘Internal Calming Agent’ a necessity for Inner Peace and Balance.  A powerful tool for Mental, Emotional and Physical Well-being from your stressful life.  Once the practice is formed, you will notice that it assists to increase your Spiritual Awareness and Intuition.  As Meditation Purifies the Mind, it relieves the effects of Stress upon the Body, the Mind, and the Spirit.

Inner Peace – Your Daily Magical Power of Divine Presence!

A Powerful Tool

Meditation brings sunshine to the answers you seek, the Seeds of your thoughts and questions now Blossom with answers.  A Soulful Journey, as you learn to connect with Divine presence, releasing control of the human will, to a Higher Power through Trust.

Raise Your Spiritual VibrationAs You –
  • Understand Reality on a Deeper Level
  • Control Your Emotions
  • Learn to release the Bondage of the Mind
  • Discover the benefits of Stillness in developing your Intuition

Often called the practice of Meditation, like a muscle, it too must be used to remain strong.

An Inside Job

This intimate look into your Soul, through this practice of personal Self-Reflection.  A place of Peace found through this Natural form of Self-Discovery, allowing you to observe your thoughts and feelings vividly, with Compassion.

Self-Awareness is the ability to self examine, to become aware of your own thoughts, feelings, behaviors and physical reactions.  A Path to develop an understanding on a deeper level that encourages you to unveil your True-Self.  Through the transparency of Soul searching, uncovering your Core wounds, the Inner work needed to free the whole you.

Meditation, the stillness, the silence that allows your deeper thoughts, your core wounds to reside peacefully.  A Journey to increase Conscious Awareness, to venture deep within, in the dark areas to shed light on the wounds that hold you prisoner.

As you condition your mind through this practice, you gain a source for improved Well-Being, you unlock Inner Joy, Peace, and Creative Inspiration.

“We must first learn to have Patience, in our quest to gain it.”

Peace and Blessings,