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What Is A Light Body?

The goal for all souls is Ascension. To merge, align with pure divine Source energy, merging of a new consciousness that envisions the World spiritually, not materially. The divine activation of your Spiritual Awakening.  A powerful transformation that awakens the encoded data to realign humanity. Light Body transformation is the vehicle of our spiritual awakening, Our Ascension into the 5th Dimension.

The Egyptians call the Light body – Merkaba – Mer {Light} Ka {Soul} Ba {Body}. They believed that this was the Chariot of the soul. The souls transition vehicle activated during Ascension, the energy field that surrounds your human form.  The light energy activation process that anchors the physical body with higher frequencies of the 5th Dimension. 

It’s relative to this era, as it combines opposing energies into perfect balance. The masculine, the feminine, Earth, and the cosmos.  A union that results in an activation of light & protection around your body that can transport your consciousness to higher dimensions. May this remind you of the potential power you are capable of when you find Inner balance and raise your vibration. Through the evolving of our beliefs, and the needed healing of our past traumas & pain.

“It is your Divine Faith that allows something Greater within to steer your Chariot!”

Lightworkers, and many great souls have been called in record numbers. To assist in facilitating Earth’s Ascension journey.  They realize this is humanities destiny, our determined life path or purpose is to fulfill this life plan. Destiny, unlike fate, has an element of choice. For destiny can be thought of as a pre-determined path in life, or a life purpose. Avoid feeling discouraged or distracted by the Chaos currently occurring.  A necessary process to Clear & Cleanse limiting beliefs and traumas that bind humanity’s potential.

Ascension Energy

As Ascension continues, the Physical body begins its transformation to a Light Body. Changes made on a cellular level, adjustments from a – 3D Carbon-based anatomy to a – 5D Crystalline-based form. Allow your body to gradually assimilate, absorb the increased light of awakening.

Your Light Body, your Merkaba, is the Crystalline bridge of the 5th Dimension, the Aquarian Age of wisdom and divine love. The goal, to create a Universe of co-Operation, not one of distraction, separateness and division.

Awakening, expanding your spirituality are all part of the ascension process, to align more purely with you divinity. The path of greater awareness, of unity consciousness. As the rays upon the planet contain great energies of such. Energetic Spiritual upgrades to assist humanity on their journey to their true-self. A journey of re-membering who you are, is the needed awareness, to facilitate your awakening.

Awakening is the inner knowing that we are One with All!!

The Blessings

A calibration of your Light Body is a vehicle of Light energy, as humanity evolves, many seekers wisely look for answers from the past. The Ancient Wisdom teachings will replace our current misguided beliefs, and dogmas with ancient truths of the Masters.  Allowing humanity to see past the falsehoods of control, rejecting beliefs that bind, control and tether the soul.

With heightened awareness, you begin to replace “I,” of the ego-self, with “We,” as you evolve in unity consciousness. Spiritual connections shall deepen, as your Heart opens to your true self, your core essence. Continue to wisely use your guidance, your intuition, as well as your spiritual discernment to seek your answers. Do not be fooled or led by those who cling to the Old Paradigm; look within for your answers!

Seeds planted long ago activated by the divine energy of love, flood your planet Earth.

It may not appear to align with what you currently witness, but destruction of the old is a necessary part of our evolution. Hold courage & faith within your heart, knowing all will be revealed.

At first, these increased energies can create confusion, causing many to react from their lower chakras, as their unresolved issues come forward. As humanity awakens to this truth, the transformation is eased. All part of the planetary oneness for All of Humanity, to birth New Earth with the abundance of our birthright.  Rejoice!

Transformation To: Light Body
“The Greatest Teacher…our Soul’s connection with the Source.  To access wisdom, distortions within our human nature must be removed: beliefs that do not serve, emotional attachments that cloud.”  Ann Mortifee

Light Body Activation

Your Light Body’s internal grid will begin to switch on the light, the Light that connects the physical, emotional bodies with the spiritual. Your enhanced energetic state of solar energies, will assist your body absorb increased light. All of humanity at their pace is in this process of transitioning, evolving into an enhanced level of consciousness. The proper level to coordinate where they are in their evolution will be applied.

“When you align to a new Frequency, all that no longer aligns will fall away.” Tony Robbin

As you shed and detach from Old Beliefs of conditioning. At birth, all children are free of conditioning, it is through childhood and adolescence you slowly become conditioned to think a certain way.   Often due to your social, religious and familial beliefs handed down for generation. Once these are released, as you begin to see the limitation of such beliefs. you enter a state of neutrality.  Within this state you are Open to new thoughts and beliefs. Those aligned with your New Era, opens space for enlightened thoughts to take root.

The energy of the Aquarian Age’ advanced thoughts are energetically available to All during this Dimension. The Age of challenging the Old and rethinking the World through an enlightened lens.  All a necessary piece of the Ascension Chaos, you currently witness. All to bring the outdated, the darkness to the forefront, so New Earth can be manifested in its pure intention.


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Light Body Assimilation

During the body’s transformation, substantial changes, Ascension side effects occur on a cellular structure. This flux of New Frequencies affects the body Energetically and Physically.  Take time to notice, to discern your nourishment choices to assist the changes to assimilate more easily during this process.  These high-intensity energies will continue for sometime, follow the suggested guidelines to better cope and integrate these energies.

“It is your Divine Faith that allows something Greater within to steer your Chariot.”

Many of these suggestions are also immune and intuitive enhancers to assist your needs, as you continue to assimilate during this process.

As you Assimilate –

Consume – Non-GMO, Sustainable, Organic, Unprocessed foods. Include Higher Vibration Wholefoods and Wild-Caught Fish. Increase your fruit and vegetable intake to assist the body to detox. Especially increase your green vegetables.

Avoid – Greasy foods, Red meat, and Farm-raised fish.  Substitute with Grass-fed buffalo in moderation.  Avoid Fluoride which shuts down the Pineal gland, essential to achieve Higher Vibrations. Ingest Vitamin D, also an Immune booster, which also stimulates the Pineal gland. If required it comes in both liquid and Vegan varieties.

Listen – Your body will always educate you to its current needs. The current flux of Increased Energy, can plague the Solar Plexus.Introduce a quality Probiotic to assist with any digestive issues, also an Immune Booster.

Attune – As you Listen and Respect your body during these essential changes, it will reward you in kind.

Common Ascension Symptoms –

  • Increased Allergies
  • Digestive Issues
  • Internal Cleansing
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches

Suggestions –

  • Bless your food – Ask that it vibrates for your optimal health
  • Meditate – Every breath is a prayer, connecting with spirit
  • Grounding Practices – Kundalini Yoga & Tai Chi
  • Deep breathing – Generates a Cleansing Flow of Internal Energy
  • Daily Affirmation – I Am – Vibrantly Healthy
  • Visualize – Yourself as a crystalline body, an inner light of divine love
  • Call Archangel Uriel – Hold the crystal Vanadinite, it governs the solar plexus chakra & your Personal Power
  • Music & Sound – Singing prayer bowl energy, known for cleansing stagnant energy
  • Increase water intake – Add a pinch of sea salt to clean water, a necessary electrolyte & conduit
  • Reiki  – Energy healing modality
  • Call upon – Your Guides & Angels for assistance

As you create a state of awareness you realign with your Original Divine Blueprint. Rejoice!

Peace and Blessings,