Ascension: Communication

Channeled Message From - Star Being Atar

Ascension: Communication

Spiritual Awakening Communication

Ascension – Your chosen Path to merge with your Higher Self, as you Open your Heart, Expanding to Align with Source Energy.  Opens All,  to the Divine Light of Unconditional Love.  Humanity was gifted with these accelerated Energies to create a conscious Shift, opening to Higher Perceptions, Truths and Awareness.  With enhanced abilities of Psychic Communication.

An Awakening of Truths and Divine Wisdom.

Your Planet continues to be showered with transforming Divine Light, as you gain access to Enlightened Guidance.  The Earth’s Global Shift will rise above the past Lessons, experience through Duality.  Ascension continues, as the Physical body transforms to a Light body. Changes occur on a Cellular level, adjusting from – 3D Carbon based cells – into 5D Crystalline cells.

Ascension – A Spiritual Energy flow to Awaken Human Consciousness to a new State of Awareness.

Enhancing Communication Pathways!

Spiritual abilities defined –  Various forms of Communication that exist between Energies, to reach Higher consciousness.  All those who came to Earth at this time, as part of the Shift, have access to these Enhanced abilities.

Psychic Communication

For Example – When an Intuitive Connects with a Deceased Loved One, this is Energy Communication, your Guides and Angels all communicate through this form of Energy transfer.

“Clair” abilities are each a form of communication, some “Clairs” are stronger more dominant in different individuals.  The four Main forms are available to most.

  • Clairaudience – Clear Hearing – Voices, Ears Ringing
  • Clairsentience – Clear Sensing – Feeling, Sensing others Energy
  • Claircognizance – Clear Knowing – An Inner knowing, a thought, that just comes in a flash
  • Clairvoyance – Clear Seeing –  Spirits, Symbols, seen through the 3rd Eye
  • Channeling – Connecting to your Higher Self, Light Beings. Verbally or through Automatic Writing, often both
  • Meditation – A practice of connecting through your Higher Self to gain Inner Wisdom

Meditation allows you to bypass the Conscious Mind, the Ego Mind, and tune into the Sub-Conscious Mind.  A valuable tool to enhance all Psychic Communication abilities.

Those Beyond the Physical – Light Beings – Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and Star Beings use these communication abilities to give Guidance, Wisdom and Healing.

Communion With Earth

The abilities you chose to use during Ascension, are for Service to Humanity as well as to Earth.  As the Energies of Light continue to shower Earth, your connection to all will evolve.  Communication will come from the energies of the Heart, now as a Soul Awakened.

A Balance of these two Heart Energies, the Masculine and Feminine, will work in harmony, a balance that Aligns all through this Spiritual Shift.  As you focus your Awareness through Unconditional Love, you link with the pulsating Spiritual Energies that continue to flow.

Illuminated by the torch you carry, Light-based thinking filters from your Heart, with Truth and Wisdom.

Love is a Healing Energy for Earth and all Life she serves.  In service, you carry this Healing Light of Compassion and Peace.

Channeled Message From – Star Being Atar

Peace and Blessings, Carol