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Unity Consciousness On Earth

Earth has accelerated, by the Cosmic beams of Light traveling from other Star Systems, the Central Sun.  These energies have increased during this time of Ascension, to assist Humanity to Evolve and Expand.

Unity consciousness expands this knowing into feeling, and our experience of Oneness in ways that currently seem daunting!   When our tunnel vision, single-minded perspective ceases to exist,  we can then experience life from the perspective of another.  As limitations of time and place are no longer there, this is when we truly Evolve.

“There is no “I”, there’s only “we”. Meaning all you can touch, and all that you see is a part of you, and a part of me.”  Jennifer Sodini

Light holds Information, Wisdom, Knowledge, coding if you will, to expand to higher Consciousness which allows you to carry this enhanced frequency.  The Light of Ancient Wisdom through these rays of Knowledge.  To fill with this expanded Light, you must remove the limitations that bind you, Old Belief Systems that separate instead of unify.

A Spiritual Path is easily truncated, by a ‘Misguided Belief System.’

Seeds of Wisdom

Seeds of information have been planted.  As these seeds grow, a knowing within you transpires – an Ah-ha moment of remembering.  Reminding you that you chose to come to Earth at this time, to participate during Earth’s Ascension.  To assist Earth and Humanity Evolve.  Many “Keepers of the Light,” understand their Mission, if you will, actively carrying this Enhanced Frequency for Healing.

Living their lives within this frequency so others feel and absorb this Light.  Join with the Collective, who too are here to partake during these changing times.  During Ascension, it is best that you remain in an Intuitive State.  Your intuition will guide you through this Spiritual Awakening from those threatened, by your gained Wisdom – Knowledge.  Often leading to Chaos and Distractions that try to alter your Path.

Truth Connection

No longer manipulated by issues that Isolate and Separate, you become aware of distortions of truths, false Gods.  As you evolve, you become a Wise Co-Creator.  Focusing on what brings you together as Humans, not issues meant to keep you separate.  Find common ground that embraces Unity that joins, as you see the truth in an others Heart.  Beware, when led to issues that create emotions of Anger and Fear – these low Vibrations are also create distractions.

As We Evolve

“Unity Consciousness is a State of Enlightenment where we pierce the mask of Illusion which creates separation and fragmentation.  Behind the appearance of separation is one unified field of Wholeness.  Her the seer and the scenery are One.  Deepak Chopra

Issues Designed To Separate

One comes to mind, Pro-life vs Abortion, brought forward when there is a need to manipulate and separate.  Sadly the emotions of Fear, Anger and even Hate come forward.  Living a Light filled life is very difficult from this Vibration.  Be wise, look within for your answers, your Guidance.

“Throughout history there have been quantum shifts in humanity’s capacity to perceive.  We stand at the brink of such a shift.”  Ann Mortifee

A Clever Magician’s trick – Look at the beautiful girl on stage with, wearing a red dress of the finest silk.  While I…the Magician hide from view what I am trying to distort from your eyes.

Healing The Wounded Inner Child Workbook

Energy Body

Your Energy Bodies consists of Emotional, Physical and Spiritual energies.  The decisions made in this Life effect and imprint on All Energy Bodies.  Be kind to your fellow females, laws are already in place – you Have the choice.  Listen from an Open Heart, be brave enough to meet at the center, where compassion exists.  Unite though Love and Respect for one another, not from the low vibration of Fear and Anger, but from a pure Heart.

Most of the time, you only focus on your physical reality, forgetting the other dimension known as our Energy Body.  Your Modern World of endless hustle, focuses on the physical existence, the tangible. As mass consumers continually amass more things that will make you happier.  Often forgetting the whole other depth of potential.  The energetic component of your physical manifestation.

Accessing The Energy Body

Tuning into this higher awareness gives guidance, a sense of peace, that everything is unfolding perfectly.  That the divine plan is playing out beautifully.  When you are solely mind-driven, your decisions are based in logic and critical thinking.  There is however another option, as critical thinking is not always the best option.  When you switch to a Spirit-Driven life, one that usues the intelligence of the Heart. We witness the Universe in a new Light.  One of abundance, a lifestyle that can truly enhance your Life experiences.

Light Liberates
  • Your Light Grows, Heals, to Shine its Light – on the Magicians
  • You own your Power no longer being led.
  • Resolve dramas that plague, come together through Peace.
  • You become a Co-Creator – your awaken you Essence
  • You embrace the truth of your Heart Center

Thoughts create your experiences.  Manifest a magnificent Life.  One of Love & Respect for All.

Channeled Message with – Archangel Raphael

Peace and Blessings,