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Chaos – The Great Unmasking

As we witness the Chaos occurring in our country and around the world, to remain calm, you must have faith that the divine intention will be shown. Earth is is in a necessary stage of transition, a flux, an unveiling so humanity can move forward. This is the messy end of an Era, as we evolve from the 3rd & 4th Dimension Piscean Era of materialism, greed and control. All new ages have growing pains, this one will challenge our very core! Please know much of what we witness is “The Great Purge of Darkness.”

We must have faith that much will be shown. Lightworkers, and many other Great Souls have entered into history at this time to assist Earth and Humanity Evolve. For Earth’s Destiny is to become a Sacred Planet! Do Not Fear, trust in Source, our Father. We are all being called to assist those that still slumber to assist them understand as they awaken. All flowers bloom at their perfect time! Do so with patience and love.

For this bridge Humanity must cross together as One!

Purified By The Storm Of Chaos

All, to WAKE UP Humanity to what we have blindly allowed, in need of a course correction for our very survival as a species, a planet. Many remain in slumber, some have begun to wipe the sand from their eyes. Others have awakened fully and are here to guide their brothers and sisters through the Storm. The storm of purification, to birth New Earth’s Spiritual awakening!

This is on a fast-track to allow humanity to move through the 4th dimension into the 5th, the dimension of Unity Consciousness. It’s perfectly understandable and expected chaos, confusion and disorientation would ensue, much more has also risen from the shadows. Many will experience what is coined, Ascension Side Effects on a physical, emotional, and emotional level. Our internal chaos, our traumas, our misguided beliefs all surface for healing, creating necessary disturbances within.

The Great Unmasking

Birthing A Sacred Planet

As you continue in the Earth’s 5th Dimension Reality, needed for Our Spiritual Awakening. To awaken to the Oneness of Humanity. To remove the blinders, witness the truth, although somewhat disorienting, we must bare witness. This is the beginning of the Golden Age of transformation, created for Earth’s Evolution. Her destiny as a Sacred Planet.

May the mask of illusion, of separation now worn to shreds, be removed. This Chaos is the unmasking, the lifting of the veil, so to speak, unveils the oneness of All creation. As you become the Seer, witnessing the fields of wholeness on Earth with eyes wide open, we alter our discernment forever.

Whatever does not serve, shall either shift into a Higher Dimension…or fall away.

“As the Lotus rises on it’s stalk unspoiled by the mud & water, so the wise one speaks of peace and is unstained by the opinions of the World.”  The Buddha

Be brave, dear Light workers you incarnated specifically during these necessary, but turbulent times. The purpose is what you will begin to witness, a cosmic shift of confusion, that will manifest in various ways. Your very purpose is to restore calm, assist those that slumber with the magnitude and divine possibilities we are here to Co-Create. With powerful results possible, and necessary for New Earth to birth a Spiritual Awakening, our birthright.  Our Divinity, the consciousness of Christ is humanity’s Divine Destiny.

The Time Has Come

To assist during these times, our greatest challenge will be to not focus on the outcome, nor the timeline. Our faith, our Spiritual discernment shall be our compass. To trust in the Wisdom of the Divine, to go within when in doubt, listen to the intelligence of your Heart Center, for it bypasses the minds reactionary state.

These changes can seem severe for an instant gratification population. This fast-paced era of electronics has Not brought man closer as a population, but more separated. Prayers for change have been heard, and answered.  We are being asked, Not to house fear, as it will only escalate the control those wish to impose. A loving cosmic force is upon Earth, to remind those here of the purpose to Awaken and assist others on their journey. Teaching others they must resist negative emotional response, but continue to go within for your answers.  Remain calm, find comfort in a higher purpose, embrace with gratitude, the healing power being sent to Earth to assist.

Assisted By Great Souls Of The Cosmos

Please know this is Humanity’s time to break free for the invisible forces that wish to enslave. Our brothers & sisters of the stars abide by our Free Will. Reticent to intervene if required. Bathing Earth in healing, loving Light! With A watchful eye Star Beings are ever supporting & watching Over Us. For they know the importance of this time…it is INDEED BIBLICAL!

Those who do not wish to enter the fight, are asked to clear their traumas and pains with the energy of Forgiveness & Grace. For we do not wish to add to the negative energy covering Earth, negative energy by those who wish us harm has been the cause of Earth’s failing health. Time to clear our energies to heal our Mother Gaia! Time to RISE!

This is an Ascension Journey of great magnitude that will affect you physically, and emotionally, know this is the divine plan, to trust we have never been separate from our divinity. So many have felt lost, alone, abandoned, separate from Source, a falsehood. This is our time, to remember who we are, that we are light, birthed from love. A infinite soul here at this time for what we currently witness, we carry much light and wisdom to help others! Our divine purpose has begun!

“Like the Lotus we too have the ability to Rise out of the mud, Bloom out of the darkness, and Radiate into the World.”


The Lotus Of Awakening
“A moment comes for every person when the dawn begins to break.  When it does, we will move toward the Light instinctively.  It is our Nature to do so.”  Ann Mortifee

Chaos Awakens The Cosmic Heart

The Ascension process, the grand awakening of your High Heart, the Cosmic Heart of Ascension. It is through this journey, the enormity of traumas and pain has built to such levels. Understandably why you reached out for something greater. In your surrender, your Higher Power has answered your call for healing. Your emotional body contains the shadows of your undigested pain, your traumas, your deep wounds. Know, you are not that trauma, that pain. To surrender to our Creator, allowing the healing Light of Grace to embrace your soul.

“God is humble, He must be first asked, but he has creative ways of being asked.”  Franciscan Priest, Richard Rohr

Excerpt from Suzy Kassem – Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

It does not matter what religion you are, so long as your conscious guides your words and actions. We are all reflections of God means we are all reflections of his image — which is LIGHT. There is only one God and that is the Cosmic Heart of the Universe — whatever you choose to call him or her. The Heart within us is what connects us to God (the Heart of the Universe). This super basic concept is preached in all religions. God is TRUTH and LIGHT, and only through your conscience do you connect to him. Any person who does not use their conscience is very disconnected from God. Because again, the Language of Light can only be decoded by the Heart.”

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Divine Chaos

Take a moment to listen to your inner guidance, there is a higher purpose, one you incarnated for. The wishes, the prayers, and cries from the Hearts of man, only validate the necessity of change from the materialistic world, to a Spiritually Conscious World! One of peace and co-operation, for this is the only path to sustainability for Humanity, for Mother Earth! NOTHING can stop it!

An all-encompassing purge can be best described as Earth acting much like a parent. The parent allows the child to believe it has absolute freedom, then pulls or assists on the reigns when it is evident, the harm of significant magnitude is inevitable. As you bear witness, note that luscious-cream is not always what floats to the top. Instead, a combination of unrecognizable debris, darkness bubbles forth.  As some of the worst behavior ever observed allowing all to witness from their own sight.

Chaos – The Universal Purge For Global Healing

May this unveiling, this Chaos, not be in vain. May we seek the core of our pain, and seek the Light to Grace this Journey. There is no going back, for we all have witnessed on many topics, levels, and institutions, what has been occurring behind closed doors for eons. We may find, known, accepted and embraced by more than a few, perhaps thousands of those we put our trust. When we look back at this time, we will see that in humanity’s deep slumber, there was no other way! For we are to speak, to teach of these times, to make sure our children of all generations know these truths. So what we witness now and what comes forward now, later those hidden deep in darkness.

When man is ready, ALL will be unveiled. It is our duty to bare witness, so it is never allowed to return. As many great souls are here to assist, for Earth is a necessary piece of the Cosmic dance of the New Age. What may appear as our ending, is but our beginning! This Biblical dance of the Divine Gods that assist in our success know the great importance of this of which we all bravely embark!

What appears as Chaos is the great purge, the cleanser of all that is not of the Light! As the Divine plan becomes clear the energy of Shambhala bathes our World with an ending that shall have all dancing in the streets at the Miracles to be seen. For with Faith in the One God of a thousand names, we know God…and Love has indeed Won!


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The Roots of our Behavior

What’s Different You Ask?

The doors are wide open, exposed, if you will, as the Universe holds the mirror, revealing the truths for All who wish to believe. A fork in the road, a time for Universal expression, as it shall touch every facet of your lives. Propelling Humanity to look within, painful but necessary for our transformation, as well as Mother Earth. To pull together in Co-operation, to Unite, to no longer be pawns of others as they use division as their tool.

Repeat Aloud:

“I surrender all fear, all doubt…All uncertainty.  I know there is no confusion, no lack of confidence…that what is mine will claim me, know me, rush to me.  I accept this gift of Life for myself and for everyone else.  Ernest Holmes – Author of Science of the Mind

Are you capable without judgment, to think logically as loving beings, brothers, sisters, the custodians of this Planet? Can we Co-create a magnificent World of Peace in our Heart, to seek the solutions that join, not tear apart?

I Believe We Can…I Believe We Must!

Our Children Are Watching

Listen to your children’s words, thoughts, and their fears. Teach them not to ignore and bury them, but to explore, see the lessons with gratitude, and  forgiveness. This is the ancestral gift to prepare them to not collect, nor allow them to ferment over time. To be used by those who use our pain and trauma as their swords. But instead bravely face them, see their purpose, and let them go, if we do not we leave the access door open for the darkness to return.

“All Great Changes Are Preceded By Chaos.”  Deepak Chopra

We are here to live from the Higher Heart, the uniting energy of the Cosmic Heart, the Soul Star of the 8th Chakra. When you do All is possible. When you do not, what we witness can be the result. This is the Age of Transformation for All age groups. The echoes from our Heart has been heard in the Cosmos, the need for Right Human Relations, Equal Justice for All permeates the air! We must join as One to co-Create in Unity a world for all who embrace the energy of Peace, Abundance, Sovereignty &  Soulful Freedom. For this is Our Birthright.

We must believe in our Greatness to birth the energy of this Truth within our very Being!

Peace and Blessings,