Chaos: A Necessary Cleanser during Ascension

A Message From - Carol

Chaos: A Necessary Cleanser Of Ascension

Ascension 5th Dimension

As we witness the Chaos occurring in our country and around the world, to survive, we must Believe, have Faith that the purpose will be shown.  We are currently in a pace of transition, in which we experience the end of 3-D consciousness, while at the same time beginning to move to 4-D higher consciousness.  It is to be expected that some Chaos, Confusion and Disorientation will create disturbances both within and around us. As we continue to move closer to the 5-D reality of an enlightened reality.

Whatever does not serve us in shifting into a higher dimension has to fall away.

“As the Lotus rises on it’s stalk unspoiled by the mud & water, so the wise one speaks of Peace and is unstained by the opinions of the World.”  Buddha

Many Lightworkers incarnated specifically during these necessary, but turbulent times.  Their purpose, is what we currently witness, a Great Shift.  With powerful results possible when we see the necessity of this Period of Transition.

The Time Has Come

The difficulty for those here to assist, is to not focus on the outcome, but trust in the Wisdom of the Divine.

A Frightening State, for an instant gratification population.  This fast paced era of electronics, has Not brought us closer as a population, but more separated than ever.

Our natural instinct as Humans, is to take command, even when we have seen in the past, the adverse outcomes from doing so.

This current Earthly Flush is both – Uncontrollable and Uncomfortable – but necessary all the same.  A force far more significant than we, appears to be in control, to remind those here of their purpose to Awaken.

Curious Times

If we take a moment and listen to our Inner Guidance, we know this is an orchestrated event planned long ago.  The wishes, the prayers and cries from the Hearts of man, only validate the necessity of change from a materialistic World, to a Spiritually Loving World!

This all encompassing purge, can be best described, as the Earth acting much like a parent.

The parent allows the child to believe it has absolute freedom, then pulls on the reigns when it is evident, harm of a significant magnitude is inevitable.  As we bear witness, note that luscious-cream is not always what floats to the top, but a combination of unrecognizable debris consisting of some of the worst behavior we have ever observed is floating for All to see.

May this Unveiling, this Chaos, not be in vain.

We are witnessing on many topics, what has been occurring behind closed doors.  Perhaps known and accepted by more than a few.

What’s Different Now You Ask?

The Doors are Open, as the Universe holds the Mirror, revealing the Truths for All to witness.

We have come to a fork in the road, a time for a Universal Lesson, one that appears to be touching every part of Our lives, Our beliefs.  Propelling us to look within, painful but necessary for our own Souls transformation.

A Planetary Boot has come to Awaken and Assist, in removing the blinders of Old Belief systems. 

My hope is that what we now see clearly before us, not continue to be used to Separate and Divide.

Are we capable without judgment, to think logically as Human beings, Brothers, Sisters, Custodians of this Planet?  As a Free Will planet, I ask can we work with Peace in our Hearts to find solutions that join, not tear us apart?

I believe we can.

Our Children Are Watching

It saddens me that many are more interested in being right, holding onto their power at all costs, rather than work together for the good of All.  Assess the Motives that have been formed from – the Ego.  Separating them is the only way to truly SEE.

“Whenever you’re wrong, admit it, whenever you’re right, be silent.” Ogden Nash

Our Souls are here to live from the Love without Conditions of our Heart, not through our Ego.  When we do All is possible.  When we do not, what we are witnessing can be the result.

I Believe in Our Greatness… 

“All Great Changes Are Preceded By Chaos.”  Deepak Chopra

Peace and Blessings, Carol