Heart Center: A Healing Awakens Your Soul

Channeled Message with - Archangel Gabriel

Heart Center: A Healing Awakens Your Soul

Love Awakens

The Heart Center is the Communication Director, the Center of all Light Miracles.

As you encourage Loves infusion into your life, you awaken to a new Freedom called Peace.  Your nurtured Soul grows within this powerful Energy.  Your Heart Center becomes overwhelmed by these new and wondrous feelings.  Infused with a gained freedom to live from the love in your Heart.  So we must work on our emotions, for when the Heart is full of pain, Light does not enter.

Forgiveness is a Natural State for All Souls, it is the thoughts that you attach to a situation that create the Blocks.  The blocks that impede your Souls Growth, your Evolution, your Transformation.  All lessons learned, can Open your Soul to Shift, when you recognize the avenue to move forward on Your Path, is – Forgiveness.

The Heart Center is the Bridge that works in alliance with our Mind, Body and Soul.  Carrying information within every beat, intricate messages that affect our emotions, our physical health and our Earthly life experience.

“Let me Love myself without judgement, because when I judge, I carry blame and guilt, I have the need for punishment, and I lose the perspective of Love.”  Don Miguel Ruiz

“Shedding your attachment to Past traumas IS the clear way home, Forgiveness will be your ride to Freedom.” 

Freedom is found within the Vibration of a Forgiving Heart.  Accept this Divine way in which to Live, this new approach to life, some call this an awakening, one where Love and Respect guide you to Freedom.

Respect Of Self

How do you feel about you?

The Heart is the central point of the Chakra system, the seat of our Divine Essence, the Mirror of the Soul.  The seat of Love, and Love is the pure essence of True Healing, join renowned Sound Healing pioneer Jonathan Goldman.  The purpose of this video is to fuse the Heart & Brain, amplify your challenged Immune System and resonate through your Heart Chakra!  The Power of Ahhh!

To connect from your Heart and extend Love to others – you must first Love, Respect and Honor yourself.

“…My hope for you is to fall in Love with Yourself, your Spirit.  For when you perceive yourself as Spirit, you will not simply Love, you will be Love.  And when you truly find Love, you find Yourself.”  Deepak Chopra

Are your Negative thoughts blocking your connection to Love?

Emotion clearing is needed to release your Heart from entrenched feelings of Anger, Worry, and Fear.  No longer accepting these emotions as the dominant force in your life, you redirect to feelings that Elevate, not Bind.

Step 1 – Personal Power eBook – To Gain The Confidence To Proceed On Your Journey As An Empowered Soul

Has Fear Become Your Gatekeeper?

Fear is Restrictive, Love is Freeing.

Reflect on the emotion of Fear that has crippled your Heart, as uncomfortable as that may be.  There is no need for a Gatekeeper.  Time to Open the rusted gates to Your Heart Center, as the Heart Chakra has a very specific Mission.  It integrates and balances our Body Mind bringing a sense of Peace, a lightness to your Being.  As you begin to experience heart-felt emotions such as love, caring, appreciation and compassion, it creates a positive beneficial effect on your Body.

Fear always finds a Reason – Love always finds a Way.

Those who vibrate within this truth find their way to enhanced Spiritual growth, as Fear is replaced with Love you embrace a recognizable feeling of Joy.  As you Energetically shift.

“We are intended through our own development, to move evolution forward into ever-greater possibilities.  We are the conduits through which life transforms and evolves.  Life expands as we expand.”  Ann Mortifee

An Awakened Soul Listens Deeply…To The Discernment Of An Open Heart

Heart Chakra Imbalance Issues
  • A Closed Heart can lead to blood issues such a leukemia
  • Disorders of the Thymus and Immune System
  • Inability to balance Emotions
  • Emotional Extremes
  • Heart Dis-ease
Healing Your Heart Center
  • Meditate Ask Archangel Raphael – to shower you in his Healing Emerald green Light
  • Tibetan Bells – Internal balancing
  • Visualize – Your Heart opening as it fills with his Light, his Love
  • Journal – Find Positive thoughts to replace Negative ones
  • Visualize – What you are most Grateful for, this opens the Heart Center, filling it with Joy

“The Heart is the doorway into your Soul, the Intuitive center that bypasses the Ego for Soulful answers.  When seeking answers, pay close attention to the Feelings within your Heart, as you witness the World by what you carry within it.”  Carol

Pieces of a freshly opened puzzle, seem daunting, yet the pieces ALWAYS fit perfectly, forming the Larger Picture. 

Fear and Anger have hidden the Positive experiences in your Life, blindfolding you from the Joy.

As you send Love, you attract Love, the door to your Heart opens more each time you do.

Channeled Message with – Archangel Gabriel

Embrace the Dance,