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Divine Feminine Awareness

The times they are changing, let’s celebrate without judgement our past, our Global Sisterhood.  As we embrace our divine feminine energies, our strength, our compassion, our intuitive and creative sacred energy. As we do, we honor the brave, strong-willed woman who globally through collective efforts have brought about change. Change for equality, human rights, global and economical balance.

May we celebrate each day in the breath of unity consciousness, for both aspects within, the feminine & masculine. As we reflect on our difference, may we embrace our commonality, and heal as one global society. To see the fruits of our efforts, we must continue to work for a united, loving society in harmony with all beings, genders, colors and lifestyles.

For we are  at our best when we embrace the sum of All parts of Who we are.

In this new era, many positive changes are on the horizon, as many sunsets have brought us to this point. The point of embracing our divine feminine essence, to recognize that both vulnerability and humility are signs of strength, the sensitive empathetic qualities we possess.

Global Healing Sisterhood

For we are the earth mothers, who willingly embrace the tools of self-discovery to heal our wounds for transformation to occur. While we cleanse and nurture our wounds, knowing acknowledge we have learned from our pain, our injustices once silenced. It is through our transformation, that we create space for our dreams to unfold, the scented essence embraces our senses.  Through this process, a sound, wise, healthy divine being is birthed.

As we continue to rise from the embers, we must embrace the balance of the feminine and masculine within. For, as we heal, grow, we must establish these energies, to complete our divine balance, our challis, our grail, we must acknowledge the energies of both.

“When we couple our masculine capacity to be clear and decisive, with our feminine ability to wholeheartedly receive, faith resonates strongly enough to do its work.”  Ann Mortifee

Our Universal Expression

The Universal Law of Gender states –

Both Masculine and Feminine Energy exists in all things. Nature being the perfect example of the divine Intelligence this law embraces.

Healthy Masculine Energy Embraces –

A direct, goal orientated, competitive, and fearless protector energy with a gentle strength. One who understands it’s own power, but does not misuse it.

Unhealthy Masculine Energy –

Fearful, afraid to fail, jealous, overpowering, leads by intimidation & bulling tactics.

To Balance –

Listen to the thoughts of others without judgement or fear. Which helps reconnect to the gentle masculine energy qualities of a Strong leader. One who through listening to others brings peace. Allowing the masculine to thrive in balance.

Healthy Feminine Energy –

Nurturing, patient, rooted in intuition. Creative with divine wisdom to guide.

Unhealthy Feminine Energy –

Out of balance, communication responds through emotions, feels ignored, loses self-respect and the ability to self-love.

To Balance –

Less competing against & more working together. A perfect gesture that assists in reconnecting the feminine energy qualities of the wise, intuitive, caring, and creative aspect of grace. Allowing the feminine to flourish in balance.

We are All meant to shine, as we liberate ourselves of our own fears we liberate all.

The Sacred Union Of Balanced Energies

As both energies heal, soothed by balance, and inner peace, this sacred union encourages limitless potential for both genders. For creation is a force of balance, as the creative forces work in unison they embody the sacred heart of divine Source. Peace, equality, create through a balanced union, the byproduct of a fully developed Yin & Yang. No longer in need of glorifying the feminine by condemning the masculine, as we represent both.

Our combined perfection acknowledges that both our Feminine {Yin} & Masculine {Yang} energies reside within our inner kingdom. The universal dance applies to Humanity, and all living creatures, as well as Mother Earth, Gaia herself.

Healing The Wounded Inner Child Workbook

Our Divine Tapestry – Of Feminine & Masculine Energy

The integration of both these energies is imperative, to avoid internal discord we have witnessed in our lifetime. Our lesson as we rebirth will be embracing the dance of both our Yin & Yang.

Many fear that the feminine energy is one of weakness, which drives many to believe they must lead from their overdeveloped Masculine side to advance. Often labeled as “Type A,” not realizing that this creates discord in both their personal and professional relationships.

As we learn to nurture our feminine energies in balance with our masculine, we create a magical combination. One of strength through harmony and equality in all relationships.

Our balanced Omnipotent energies can begin to strengthen not separate and divide. We must focus on healing from our pasts, and embrace our futures with the healing elixir of sisterhood. The perfect communion for peace, the sharing, the exchange of thoughts & feelings on a spiritual level.

The Global Healing of Humanity and our Planet awaits.

Peace and Blessings,