Sensing: Energy As A Sensitive

Channeled Message with - Goddess Diana

Sensing: Energy As A Sensitive

Spiritual Beings having a Human experience.

An Awakening Transition is upon each at different levels of their Evolution.  All are capable of Sensing Energy and Interpreting the owner of that Energy, a valuable tool, as Empath’s possess a sensitive quality, also known as HSI, Highly Sensitive People.

A Soul that carries Empathy within it’s being, it’ heart, it’s soul.  Is a Soul that has survived enormous pain.

Understanding Your Gift

1. One belief is that some children are actually born with a sensitive temperament, often over stimulated by Light, Smells, Sounds and Crowds.   Any of these stimulus factors can agitate a sensitive, since the threshold for sensory overload can be low prior to gaining knowledge about their Gift.

2. Genetics plays a role.  Sensitive children are influenced genetically, as many are born to parents with the same traits.

3. A third group consists of children who may have been victims of trauma at an early age, perhaps through childhood neglect, abuse, either emotional, physical or sexual.  It’s confusing to the parents they are born into, a household that does not appreciate, understand, or capable of assisting them with their sensitive qualities and needs.

Often seen as the problem child, misunderstood, where learning to set healthy boundaries, choosing positive people in their circle is absent.  For myself, understanding and acquiring tools did not come into play for many decades.  Witnessing mood swings as someone came into the room, not realizing I was picking up on their mood, Not mine!  

Meditation and other grounding techniques are valuable as you maneuver, learn to protect and strengthen who You are. 

Both strong and sensitive.

Other Signs

As an Empath, being able to distinguish between your energies and those of another is extremely valuable.  Void of this knowledge, you continually take on the energies of those around you believing they are your own!  Absorbing others Energies can be very draining, causing an over stimulation that cause mood swings when the proper coping skills are not acquired and applied.

The Key is understanding the importance to gain these skills to protect your energy.  A necessary component.  Many who do not, often find themselves isolated and feeling their is something wrong with them.  Not a healthy choice for such a beautiful Gift you were given.  Once you gain understanding, you see your place in the World, and the blessings your Gift can bring.

For there is nothing heavier than compassion. Not even one’s own pain weighs so heavy as the pain one feels with someone, for someone, a pain intensified by the imagination and prolonged by a hundred echoes.” Milan Kundera

Empaths embody specific gifts, not as the punishment you may believe it to be prior to gaining Clarity!  But the Gift of a nurturing, caring disposition, a deeply felt compassion.  When used properly assists those to heal, seeing our gains.  It is indeed a Gift, a cherished piece of your personal Healing Path, and your magical piece of the Universal puzzle!

Self Discovery

Self-Discover involves exploring your Strengths, Weaknesses and your Gifts.  Not always an enjoyable Journey, but a necessary one, and not for Empath’s ONLY, but for All!  How we think, how we perceive the world from our life experiences is often the great creator of our Gifts.  Through our Journey, our traumas, we gain immense understanding and compassion.  It is often our deepest Core Wounds that reflect who we are, and often our Life Path, as an Empath.

Guidance flows like the warmth of the Suns Rays, filtering in a sense of Calm.  All negative emotions become free, cleared from the emotions of others.  As you continue to evolve, your energy radar is also elevated.  The energy of energy will begin to feel Uncomfortable, a direct link that these Emotions are not your own.

Stillness is a valuable tool that teaches you to decipher your energies, from those of others.

You gain Clarity when you untangle from the Unmanaged etheric cords of others.  A Vantage Point of understanding from which you clearly see your choices.  Continue to tune-in several times a day in the beginning.  You begin to teach your filtering system to process and clear what is not needed – a Partnership, a Perfect System, for an Empath’s much needed Self-Care.

Take time with this Valuable process.

Step 1 – The Personal Power eBook  –  To Gain The Confidence To Proceed On Your Journey As An Empowered Soul

An Internal Change

You begin to recognize the value of Self-Reflective, your Conscious level increases guided by the Wisdom of your Higher Self.  You find Peace as you learn to define and trust the messages you receive, knowing if the message is for you or another.

Ask for Guidance, assistance as you Journey.  As you redirect your Energy appropriately you separate what is necessary, from what is not.

You have the Power, to project Energy through your thoughts.  To Create what you desire for this lifetime as you Honor Who you are.  Meditation, a tool used to quiet the mind, and decipher through the vast information.  Be patient with this process, it will soon become your most valuable tool.

All experience this process differently.

The Process

Your Guides also gain clarity, with greater understanding of how you handle these energies.  Your connection deepens.  Initially you may not hear verbal responses from your Guides, take heart.  As you continue to develop your abilities and expand your level of Consciousness, all will fall into place, as you increase your awareness, answers will be heard.  Journal and Date all entries of what you receive, as the answers may not be clear until some time later.

Many times you’ll notice that validation will appear through unexpected avenues.  As you begin to recognize and hear the guidance that also comes through Synchronicities.  Your Journal will allow you to witness your progress, as you date all insights.  The goal for an Empath is to become Self-Empowered, to understand, honor and embrace your gift, through Self-Care and understanding.

You have a special place in the Universe.

Enjoy the Gift you brought into the world, it is who You are!

Channeled Message with – Goddess Diana

Peace and Blessings, Carol