The Heart And Soul Connection

The Soul is the Core Essence that houses the True Self that resides in the Light body.  The Soul continually sends Light to bring healing Wisdom to engage the Heart to Open.  As a flower opens its petals, in the center you find the Stamen, the Jewel, the Heart Center.  Your Soul is located at that center, bringing the healing Light Energy of Divine Source.

It is not the everyday human self, but a deeper self, your True self, the Divine Self within.  To assist you in seeing the difference – the True Self Is a State of Peace, while the everyday self is easily agitated and disturbed by life.  The True Self Is Love, while the everyday self feels a lacking of love, constantly seeking it from outside sources and attachments.

As your Soul brings emotions of Joy and Love it energizes the Heart to continue to Open.  When you live from an open Heart, your Life experiences flow from this illuminated connection.
The Heart is the Bridge to the Soul, the connection to Divine Wisdom.
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The Love Connection

When you live within the energy of Love of your True Self, you bring harmony to your Body, Mind and Soul.  Love, the opposite of Fear, is the perfect tool to facilitate your Healing.  When living within the Vibration of Love governed by the Heart Center, you Radiate & Attract Loving thoughts, people and situations into your experience, like a beacon.  Like summons Like.

The Powerful Vibration of All Creation.

“The Soul is the Truth of Who we are.”  Marianne Williamson

The Forgiveness Connection

If Love transforms pain, then Forgiveness brings about Freedom from the pain, the beginning of all Healing.  As it liberates your Soul from that of another.  When your Soul feels liberated from an event, a misdeed, or a person, you are Free, unattached from the pain, from the person, from the deed.  Forgiveness is not for the act, or the person, it is your Freedom from the attachment to it.

The healing is so much deeper when you allow the freedom to begin through Forgiveness, allows it elevate your Soul.

Forgiving yourself for harboring this attachment, or any feelings you may have attached to them, should always be included for the full affect to be felt.  A deserving act!

” Forgiveness is just another name for Freedom.”  Byron Katie

Forgiving may seem impossible, but the alternative is great When allowed to remain these feelings grow, as if something activated the dimmer switch to your Soul.  The Soul remains on a roller coaster, consumed by the negative feelings imposed.  So you see, Forgiveness is the gift you give to Yourself to maintain the Lightness of your Heart, your place of Joy once more.

The Gratitude Connection

Gratitude is the Positive Energy that dissolves Negative Energy, the Positive Thought, that dissolves Negative Energy.  The Healing Nourishment for a Healthy Body, Mind, and Soul.  The Energy system that when nurtured is Balanced, Aligned with a sense of Purpose.  The very Energy of Abundance, of Peace that contributes to your Health from this State, the Natural Flow of the Universe.

“Wear Gratitude like a cloak and it will feed every corner of your Life.” Rumi

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The Mind Connection

Your Body, your Soul, send messages to the Mind.As you progress in this Lifetime, your Mind also evolves, as it filters update to your current state of Self-Awareness.  Self-Awareness continues to develop as you evolve.  It progresses as you gain a deeper understanding of  your Core Beliefs, Inner Wounds that are orchestrating your mental and emotional defense mechanisms.  As you grow your personalities response change by the degree of willingness to understand Who you are.

Your Positive, as well as your Negative strengths, help to bring balance into your Life, through Self-Awareness.  When  Belief Systems are updated, you release Illusions of the past outdated thoughts to witness life more clearly.  The Mind begins to purify the unnecessary, irrelevant beliefs.

Meditation becomes a valuable avenue to do just that, as in stillness the Mind can sort through and detect the evolving needs of your Body, Mind and Soul to shift and align.  To remain in balance, as through Meditation you begin to filter through the unwanted thoughts and noise.  The Mind in stillness allows the Soul to speak.

A Being energized & focused from the energy of Love.  Is no longer blocked and lives in Balance with the Body, Mind and Soul Connection.

The Heart Center of Universal Love.

Channeled Message with – Archangel Raphael

Peace and Blessings,