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The Heart & Soul Connection

The soul is the core essence that houses the True Self that resides in the light body. The soul continually sends light to bring healing wisdom to engage our heart to open. As a flower opens its petals, in the center you find the stamen, the jewel, the Heart Center. Your soul is located at the heart-center, housed in the healing light energy of divine Source. It is not the everyday human self, but a deeper self, your True-Self, the Divine within.

To assist in witnessing the difference – your True- Self resides in a state of Inner Peace, while the everyday self is easily agitated and disturbed by life. Your True Self Is birthed in love, while the everyday self feels a lacking of love, constantly seeking it from outside sources and attachments. Yet all gained is eventually seen as unsustainable.

The soul brings the emotions of joy and love, for it energizes the heart continuously to assist the heart to open. As we learn to live from an open heart, life experiences flow from our illuminated connection. As this process continues, we understand our heart is the very bridge to the soul & our souls connection to divine wisdom.

Our Heart – The Bridge To Our Soul

The Love Connection

As we learn to live and embrace life within the energy of love, our True Self, we bring harmony to the Body, Mind and Soul. As love is the opposite of fear, the perfect tool to facilitate the healing process. When living within this vibration, governed by the heart center, you radiate & attract loving thoughts, people and situations into your experience. You become a luminous beacon, your energy summons more of the same.

The powerful vibration of all creation.

“The Soul is the Truth of Who we are.”  Marianne Williamson

The Forgiveness Connection

If love transforms pain, then forgiveness brings about freedom from the pain, untethered from our emotional body. The beginning of all Healing. Forgiveness liberates the Soul from that of another. As the soul feels liberated from an event, a misdeed, or a person, you are free. Forgiveness to the soul of the others, not from the act, nor the actor. Forgiveness is peace you gain, the freedom from the attachments, both physical and emotional to it.

Healing is a much deeper experience, when you allow forgiveness to be your evolved too of freedom.

One must not forget to forgive themselves for harboring the attachments, or any feelings you attached, for the full affect to be felt. A brave and courageous act for your soul!

” Forgiveness is just another name for Freedom.”  Byron Katie

Forgiving may seem impossible at first, but the rewards are more powerful than you realize. For when we allow the feelings to remain, they grow. Soon they become the dimmer switch to our soul, darkening our feelings, our daily expression. Our soul remains on a roller coaster, consumed by the negative feelings imposed, with no way off the ride. When we live our life on a Soulful Path, our choices may seem odd to others. This path is not for some, but our goals are soulful, we know forgiveness is the way. When we live as a soul, we know our purpose is greater, we maintain the light of our heart-center, our inner peace.

The Gratitude Connection

Gratitude is the positive energy, that dissolves the negative, the healing balance we strive for to remain Spiritually nourished in Body, Mind, Soul & Spirit. The energy of this internal system, when nurtured hums in perfect alignment, balanced with purpose. As the energy of abundance & peace uses this positive energy, our energetic flow purifies our being.

Wear Gratitude like a cloak and it will feed every corner of your Life.” Rumi

The Mind Connection

Our body, our soul, send messages to the mind, as we continue to cleanse, we evolve through life’s challenges. So too does the mind evolve, upgrading its filter system allows for evolved awareness. Self-Awareness continues to develop as you evolve, your progress is imprinted, gaining deeper understanding. We look differently at our core wounds, belief systems. Soon we recognize the need to re-evaluate what has orchestrating your mind & emotions. This includes the defense mechanisms, our responses, too, evolve. We gain a new perspective, willing to look at our behaviors and their roots.

As we evolve our limiting  belief systems, often hand me downs from others personal experience. We adopt beliefs that respect our values, as we pierce the illusions of the past, and witness life more clearly. Soon the mind adjusts, purifies the unnecessary, and often irrelevant beliefs.

Meditation is a valuable avenue, for in stillness the mind is able to shift and realign to the souls purpose. For meditation when practiced, filters through the unwanted noise. For the mind in stillness allows your soul to speak.

A being energized, focused in the energy of love, brings balance, a joy to your Soulful life.


Peace and Blessings,