Heart Center: A Healing

Channeled Message From - Archangel Gabriel

Heart Center: A Healing

Love Awakens

The Heart Center is the Communication Director, the Center of all Light Miracles.

As you encourage Loves infusion into your life, you awaken to a new Freedom called Peace.  Your nurtured Soul grows within this powerful Energy.  Your Heart Center becomes overwhelmed by these new and wondrous feelings.  Infused with a gained freedom to live from the love in your Heart.

Forgiveness is a Natural State for All Souls, it is the thoughts that you attach to a situation that create the Blocks.  The blocks that impede your Souls Growth, your Evolution, your Transformation.  All lessons learned, can Open your Soul to Shift, when you recognize the avenue to move forward on Your Path, is Forgiveness.

“Shedding your attachment to Past traumas IS the clear way home, Forgiveness will be the Horse you ride to Freedom.” 

Freedom is found within the Vibration of a Forgiving Heart.  Accept this Divine way in which to Live, this new approach to life, some call this an awakening, one where Love and Respect guide you to Freedom.

Respect Of Self

How do you feel about you?

To connect from your Heart and extend Love to others – you must first Love, Respect and Honor yourself.

“…My hope for you is to fall in Love with Yourself, your Spirit.  For when you perceive yourself as Spirit, you will not simply Love, you will be Love.  And when you truly find Love, you find Yourself.”  Deepak Chopra

Are your Negative thoughts blocking your connection to Love?

Emotion clearing is needed to release your Heart from entrenched feelings of Anger, Worry, and Fear.  No longer accepting these emotions as the dominant force in your life, you redirect to feelings that Elevate, not Bind.

Has Fear Become The Gatekeeper?

Fear is Restrictive, Love is Freeing.

Reflect on the emotion of Fear that has crippled your Heart, as uncomfortable as that may be.  There is no need for a Gatekeeper.  Time to Open the rusted gates to Your Heart Center.

Love Feeds the Soul, Love makes you Whole.

Those who vibrate within this truth find their way to Spiritual growth, as Fear is replaced with Love a recognizable feeling of Joy.  You Energetically shift.

Healing Your Heart Center

The Heart is the doorway into the Soul.  When looking for answers, pay closer attention to the feelings within the Heart.  As we all see the World by what we carry in Our Hearts!

  • Meditate – Ask Archangel Raphael – to shower you in his Healing Emerald green Light
  • Visualize – Your Heart opening as it fills with his Light, his Love
  • Journal – Find Positive thoughts to replace your Negative ones
  • Fill your Heart with Gratitude – The Universe responds to this vibration of Joy

Pieces of a freshly opened puzzle, seem daunting, yet the pieces ALWAYS fit perfectly, forming the Bigger Picture. 

Fear and Anger hid the Positive experiences of your Life, as it blindfolded you from the Joy.

When you send out Love, you attract Love.

Channeled Message From – Archangel Gabriel

Peace and Blessings, Carol