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Our Body Mind & Spirit Connection

Emotional Spring Cleaning.

In the ever growing field of Alternative Medicine – The Body, Mind & Spirit connection are intrinsically linked and interrelated.  Experiences of physical stress, emotional injury, and pleasure are stored in our cells.  These stored memories are held within the Body Mind affect the reactions within our Body.

“It is the food which you furnish to your Mind that determines the whole character of your Life. It is the thoughts that you allow yourself to think, the subjects that you allow your Mind to dwell upon, which make you and your surroundings what they are.” DR. Emmett Fox, The Seven Day Mental Diet

Spring in the garden is the perfect season for planting new seeds, preparing the ground, clearing and weeding for an abundant garden to flourish. As the dormancy of darkness lifts, we reach for the light, a new cycle has begun. A time of rebirth, new possibilities, the emergence of tiny sprouts reaching towards the light.

Spring too, brings a strong desire to de-clutter, organize and cleanse our physical space to renew the flow of energy.  As this new season brings a balance of light & dark, it offers time to explore our well-being, to balance our Body Mind & Spirit Connection. The Ancient Wisdom from those who recognize that harboring of negative emotions such as hate, fear and anger can overtime manifest dis-ease within the human Body.

Internal Transformation

We, like the garden, know to encourage new growth we must be mindful of what we need to Release & Let Go to bring balance into our life.  When we take note of our inner landscape, we can use the same process for unwanted emotions that clutter and leave us emotionally stagnant – our Internal spring cleaning, to unburden our Body, our Mind, our Spirit.

Many think of Spring Cleaning as an external cleansing, the breath of fresh air that increases our productivity. Terms such as – overstuffed drawers – packed closets – junk drawers – can also apply to our internal environment! As we open the window of our mind, through self-realization we witness our negative thoughts, our negative Self-Talk.  Spring, the perfect season to renew, reconnect with our mental, emotional & spiritual well-being.

Transformation – The Renewal Of Our Mind

  • Listen to your Internal Self-Talk – Reprogram any negative messages with positive thoughts of Self-Love.
  • Look closely at Old Limiting Beliefs – As our beliefs shape our world, our everyday perceptions, and our beliefs about our Health & our Genetics.
  • Shift – Negative thoughts as soon as they appear to positive ones – Even with a simple – I Love You!
  • Look deeply at your environment -Toxic relationships, unhealthy choices, as your Outer world affects your Internal health!
  • Are you reliving traumas from the past?  – We are always capable of working through, letting go of past hurts so we can embrace the Present!
  • Do you focus on the lacking in your Life – Or do you appreciate the good in your Life?  Gratitude for even the smallest delight can raise your vibration.
“Focus on the Now and tell me what problem you have at this Moment.”  Eckhart Tolle

Our body, our cells hear everything we say, and everything we think, leaving an imprint on them. We continuously overload our mind with negative thoughts, true or otherwise, they begin to lessen the positive imprints, creating an environment prone to negativity! It is always within our power to reprogram through positive thinking and meditation. As new cells regenerate every two months.

When we cleanse our internal pile-up of avoidance, we bring balance to our mind and return to our natural internal energy flow. When we evolve and begin the process of healing through forgiveness and self-love, we remove the connection to the negative. Balance is the Universal relationship, the ebb & flow of life, the tides that always recede.

Our Body Mind Spirit Connection

“The Mind is capable of anything, because everything is in it, all the past as well as all the future.”  Joseph Conrad

Our blueprint consists of an internal Life Force, where our emotions come forward and flow freely without attachment, without judgement. Many of us when younger were taught to suppress our feelings, our emotions such as anger or sadness deemed unacceptable. When parents and others instruct us, often as a tool in inhibit misbehavior. Although no parent realized the long-term consequences of their actions.

This learned behavior indeed taught us well.

We began to suppress, to push our emotions deep within, disrupting our healthy energetic flow, creating a dynamic toll on our emotional, physical and spiritual Well-Being. Denying feelings in the mind does not erase them from the body. Over time we created an overload of emotional toxicity that has taken a toll on our physical, mental and spiritual health. Though it may be challenging to comprehend, the physical realm is only one area that requires healing. As we gain greater awareness, we learn how the concept of the Body Mind & Spirit connection plays a combined role in our well-being.

Listen For Clues From Your Body – It Speaks

Thoughts are food – What are you feeding your Body Mind & Spirit?

Every thought we have becomes tangible energy that has the power to transform, either positively or negatively.

Many energetic and spiritual imbalances are the roots of our physical ailments. Once we begin to look deeper into our behavior, our outdated beliefs, we see the strong connection between our emotions, our thoughts, and our well-being. The underlying effect to our health that lies within, as we listen to the many cues our body has been sending. Feelings are our internal compass that holds valuable messages for our overall health. When we allow ourselves to acknowledge, and feel them, they flow through us rather than becoming a constant obstacle in need of suppression. As continually buried emotions will eventually present themselves physically in often negative ways.

Our physical form is encased in several layers of energy bodies that interprets how our body will react to our thoughts and emotions. Even when we ignore these thoughts & feelings, they still remain capable of creating our experiences in the physical. The Body Mind Spirit concept is one of balance, the connection of our physical health, as well as mental, emotional & spiritual health. To be, and remain healthy we must pay attention to all aspects of our nature, the Body Mind & Spirit Connection.

“Enlightenment is a shift in perception from Body identification to Spirit identification.”  Marianne Williamson
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Our Body Responds

  • We know for example emotional stress leads to stomach acid.
  • Feelings of fear cause stress responses such as muscle tension, stiff neck, and headaches.  As well as the dreaded Fright, Flight, & Freeze response.
  • Do you ever notice that when you don’t exercise, you feel depressed?
  • Have you also noticed how calm and grounded you feel after you meditate, have a massage or practice self-care?
  • Our mind affects our body and vice versa. This connection is the internal dance which in turn affects the Spirit.

The uniquely choreographed dance continually shows us clues to bring stability, to both our physical & emotional well-being.

We are the sum of all parts. The Body is more than what our eyes can see, it houses a life force energy known as our Qi {Chi}, that goes beyond the physical nature of our Body. Our Qi, when in balance, houses a deep-rooted biological intelligence, our immunity from disease.

We are Spiritual Beings of pure Light energy, here having a Human experience. Not to remain mired in our Traumas, but to transcend them from remaining our constant companion.  When we remain in this state, we remain in the past, not living the present life we are here to embrace. We are prisoners of our mind, as our hearts remain heavy and burdened to a chapter in our life, missing the magic, the life we are here to live!

Energy Medicine Techniques

  • Massage Therapy – Releases toxins in the body, to promote healing.
  • Reiki – The placing of hands just above various parts of the body to redistribute and promote a healing flow of energy. Valid on both physical and emotional levels.
  • Reflexology – A slight finger pressure on various parts of the body are used to promote healing. Reflexology is not only for feet, as hands, face & ears also contain pressure points that correspond to various organs in need of Healing.
  • Acupressure & Acupuncture – Two forms of energy healing that redirect our Qi {Chi}, Life Force energy in the body. These practices are used to balance our Qi, and increase the energy flow to promote healing.
  • Meditation its benefits increase over time, set a time each day to make it a daily habit for self-care. Soon you realize its many benefits, as you feel freedom from the worries the mind imposes. A lightness embodies your being, you experience the joy, the gifts of a soulful presence.
  • Qigong {Chi Gung} – Is the Taoist system of practice meaning Life Force Energy, a practice which involves a moving meditation, coordinating slow flowing movement, deep rhythmic breathing, and a calm meditative state of mind. It’s sister form is Tai Chi.

May we as One, embrace Inner Peace – Life in Balance.

Embrace the Dance,