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What Is Channeling?

Channeling is a practice that has existed in many cultures through the ages, a divine gift of our human connection to Higher Frequency thoughts. Channeling allows us to open, to connect with our higher self, our true essence, to Source. A connection which allows a loving teaching entity, an entity who’s focus is to share wisdom, knowledge, and healing energy, through scribbing, or the methods listed below. All forms of creativity, the muse within our soul, that benefits the whole of humanity.

At its core, it is a sharing of energies, a creation of new energies, and a mirroring process within the channel, an audience, even the Being being channeled. All receive much from this exchange, as divine beings, and co-creators, too, wish to connect and open a unique relationship of Trust. A form that opens our creativity to greater potential through this doorway of love and respect. A doorway to evolved wisdom, to higher realms, the Masters of Ancient Wisdom. Open humanity to greater awareness and evolved perspectives. A deepening connect to Universal love & divine wisdom.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the World.”  Albert Einstein

A clear channel communicates with various Beings of Light, multidimensional Beings here to assist Humanity. Their wish, is to share their Universal wisdom & guidance, which they have done through the ages. When we tap into this energy, our true-self delights, hearing what resonates deeply sparks enthusiasm, gaining a new understanding of our spiritual-self, and our loving connection to all.

For our I Am Presence connection is a Universal love to all in the cosmic patterns we witness.

The Process

The first step of the process begins with the opening, the merging of our channels of conscious awareness, with that of another Being. An exchange of energies, if you will. As the vibration of the channel increases, she is able to connect with these higher frequencies. Enlightened Beings wish to connect & assist humanity with their advanced wisdom.To guide and support us on our journey through Earth’s evolution.

Styles Of Channeling


Conscious Channel – Is a method that allows the channel to be detached, but still aware of her surroundings. A Channel that uses this type of communication puts her awareness to the background. Then proceeds into an altered state through Meditation to align with this frequency. Her voice becomes a temporary vessel used as an instrument, without fully surrendering her body.

This conscious channeled message is infused with the energy of the higher Being, their healing frequency flows though the channel,infusing the spoken words. A stream of consciousness that seems to blend with her own. The messages seem to drop in, with loving thoughts to assist both humanity and Mother Earth. Their messages when written are infused with their healing energy.

Channeling is a shared trust, and respect,for they too, wish to have a teaching with humanity.


Trance Channel – A method in which a state of hypnotic semi-consciousness achieves communication between the physical & Non-physical realms. Some Channels choose this style, as conscious channeling may be uncomfortable or difficult to keep the connection for that length of time.

A Trance Channel rarely remembers what was said during the session. therefore, it is wise to use a recording device for both styles – Trance & Conscious techniques.

Automatic Writing

Automatic Writing – Is another technique that allows your higher self or another being to work through your hands to receive messages. As the messages too, seem to drop into her knowing, sometimes so swiftly making it difficult to keep up. As with all Channeling techniques, it’s important to Ground, Clear and Protect through Meditation prior to beginning. This stage, elevates the Channel’s vibration to receive the higher wisdom messages. this stage also insures a better connection, an enhanced, pure message is received.

Mediums & Channeling

Mediums  – Who Channel, receive messages through their Clairsentient ability, allowing them to verbally convey what they, see, hear, feel & know to their client. The Beings or spirit guides are not within the Mediums physical body, as with some techniques. This method of connecting may need more interpretation by the Medium.  Sharing with her client what she receives helps clarify the message to them. While with some forms, a Channel uses her physical body to deliver the message, believing the altered state insures a purer message.

In this way, there is no need for symbols or interpretation, as the Being communicates by directly speaking through her.


My Combo Style

I incorporate both Conscious & Automatic writing. While aware of what is said, and in control of my body, I am immersed within their healing energetic flow. This method allows their energy to mesh within their spoken or written words. A method that increases healing, as it infuses their energy within their words, enhanced when read aloud. As a channel, I too evolve, as my conscious level increases, the higher wisdom becomes a part of my soul infusion, and is as much a spiritual teacher for me on this plane.

Each Being has a different style of communication. Some prefer automatic writing to communicate their messages. One must not exclude the breadcrumbs of  spiritual synchronicity as their tool, for further guidance on your path. My favorite is their use of songs with special meaning, one more tool of  their wish to connect with humanity!

Our intuitive gifts are given to assist us on our Soulful Path, but the Gift must first be Opened!

Embrace the Dance,