Who Is Guiding Your: Spiritual Growth?

Channeled Message with - Archangel Gabriel

Who is Guiding Your: Spiritual Growth?

Beings Of Light

You are pure Light Energy.  As you begin to feel this Truth, your Spiritual Growth enhances.  As you feel this deep within your Light grows within, as well as the Divine Light you feel with All. The Oneness that a Soul soon recognizes at its Core, its Essence.

How Beautiful!

You have been Guided by Divine beings in All lifetimes, assisting you to find your Truths and Purpose for Spiritual Advancement.  As you continue on your Journey you may begin to realize you no longer need to solely rely on others, for Your Spiritual Growth.

Your Journey will guide you to those needed for Guidance as challenges arise, as you gradually trust your own Guidance to lead you.   A Self-Awareness that grows and honors your Inner-Knowing, your Wisdom.  The Higher Realms have always been there to Light your Path, Lift you when needed, giving you Strength, Insight to guide you to the Earth Angels here to assist.

You were never Alone!

Your Intuition

In this Golden Age of Consciousness, your Intuition, as you practice and gain confidence, will assist to evaluate those on your Path.  Be wise with who you trust for your answers, be mindful of how the advise resonates.  Your body is your litmus test, it sends signals you will soon become accustomed to and trust.  As you become more aligned with the Self-Image you project, you live an Authentic Life, aligned with your Divine Soul.

You trust your Intuitive discernment, your Gut feelings to Guide you.  As they were placed within your Human form to do just that.  So you could move beyond your comfort zone, and fearlessly become the Captain of your own Vessel.  Confident to steer your Life, aligned with your Soul.

Your Grace within holds the answers, the blueprint to what you seek!

Many are taking responsibility for their Souls Growth, seeking the tools needed to ASSIST them maneuver the uncharted Waters of the Age of Aquarius.  The New Age of Awakening your Spiritual Growth, as the Heart Center Opens.

Suggestions For Assistance
  • Teachers:  Ask for Guidance to find the perfect teacher, at each juncture
  • Books:  Connect with our Guidance in the bookstore or online
  • Classes:  Your passions lead you, see what resonates and have fun!
  • Energy work: To clear blocks along your Souls Path, to remain Grounded and Clear
  • Ask for Our Assistance:  Signs lead you to Teachers, Books, Classes and Healers. Trust your Inner Voice

A Human Experience

Your purpose is to Expand Your Light, Your Wisdom.  As you resolve Personal issues, Core Lessons, Core Wounds, you open space to accommodate additional Light.  As Old Beliefs, Perceptions and Prejudices are soon replaced with Enlightened Wisdom, Compassion, that facilitate internal Healing.  You have come during this time of Transform, to create change from within, to be an example for others to follow.  As all change is an Inside Job, all are responsible for their own Soul, their own Spiritual Growth.

Our Message

Our channeled words are Infused with Our Healing Energy.  As you Hear, Write, Speak or Read our words, this Energy sends a signal to your Soul, to Awaken. 

Spiritual Growth is a Journey of Lessons that defines Your direction, Your Path, as you gain insight along your Journey.  All lessons are compasses to your purpose.  Relying on Your Intuition is the key to gaining the Wisdom and Compassion needed to discover your Authentic- Self.

A Soul Transformed –  to Awaken.

Channeled Message with – Archangel Gabriel

Peace and Blessings, Carol