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Beings Of Light

First understand, you are pure light energy, as you embrace this truth, your life changes from earthy thoughts and desires, to one of soul growth. You begin to feel the depth of your light grow, as your awareness deepens, you gain a greater awareness of your light within. A powerful concept to grasp, knowing your human form is but a vessel. You are guided to spiritually driven endeavors that enhance your soul, and you path. As you begin to feel the oneness of a soul with all, recognizing that all are our brothers and sisters, a separation disappears.

This is a a journey we must take with an open mind, as we allow it to expand, and embrace the language of the angels here to assist. Understanding the multidimensional nature of reality, how the various aspects of the divine act as teachers for our spiritual growth. Different sets of spirit guides show up at each point of need on our spiritual adventure. Waiting for our call.

As with all higher education, we are assigned to different teachers appropriate to our level of learning. The same holds true for the level of conscious as we walk this Path.

Your path has been guided by divine beings in all lifetimes, that have led you to open to this truth. Assisting you find your truths, your purpose for your spiritual advancement. During your journey there may come a time you realize you no longer need to solely rely on others for your growth. Rest assured, your guides will lead you to those needed as challenges arise. As you gradually trust your own inner guidance, your begin to seek from your heart based intuition. As self-awareness grows, honor your inner-knowing, and wisdom. Trusting the higher realms have always been there to light your path, lift you when needed, with guidance and insight.


Spiritual Growth

Our Intuitive Self

In this Golden Age of greater awareness, intuition assists one to evaluate those that walk with you on your path. Be wise with who you trust for your answers, be mindful of how the advise resonates within. As your body is your litmus test, it sends signals you will soon become accustomed to, and trust. Soon you become more aligned with the self-image you project, and align with your authentic, true-self of your soul.

Trusting your intuitive discernment, your gut feelings to guide you, as well as you intuitive heart.  To assist you in moving beyond your comfort zone, to fearlessly become the captain of your vessel with confidence to steer your life, aligned with your soul’s inner knowing.

Many are taking responsibility for their souls growth, seeking the tools needed to maneuver the uncharted waters of the Aquarian age. The age of earth’s spiritual awakening, as your Heart Center continues to open.

Our Spirit Guides

Living from the level of the soul is a truth that echoes an internal shift in how you see and walk through this life. You realize you are not your personality, your ego, you are an infinite being journeying in earth’s classroom for growth. At each incarnation you and your soul group decide a purpose, a life game-plan if you will. Guides are selected to best assist with this mission. Even though you flow through the veil of forgetfulness on your journey to Earth, you are still overseen by these Spirit Guides. They nudge, encourage and guide you to align with your higher purpose, leading you to the appropriate, teachers, classes, and healers. They also will lead you out of teaching situations they deeme inappropriate.

Guidance to enable you to experience life as the Soul, and fulfill your main objective for growth!

Divine presences of the higher realms understand the cosmic workings during your Ascension, as you set your feet into the Aquarian Age. It is the alchemy of the human soul that opens the higher mind as you journey in this lifetime.

“The Higher Mind has access to a vast body of Awareness…In time, experienced as one Great Ocean of Awareness.”  Ann Mortifee

Spiritual Growth Suggestions

  • Teachers:  Ask for Guidance to find the perfect teacher at each juncture
  • Books:  Connect with this guidance while in the bookstore or online
  • Classes:  Your passions lead you, see what resonates and enjoy the process
  • Energy work: To clear blocks along your souls path will assist the flow
  • Ask for Guidance:  Look for their signs leading to teachers, books, classes & healers
  • Trust your Inner Voice:  Have faith in our desire to assist all of humanity succeed

Our Human Experience

Your purpose is to expand your light, wisdom, compassion through your journey of self-awareness. As you resolve personal issues, core Lessons, core Wounds, each opens space to allow  for greater awareness. As old beliefs, perceptions, and prejudices are soon replaced with compassion that facilitate inner healing.

Understand, you have come during this time of great transformation to create change from within, to become an example for others to follow. As all change is an inward journey, they too are responsible for their spiritual growth.

Spiritual growth is a journey of lessons that define your direction, your path, as you gain insight from the obstacles, as well as the achievements. Pay attention to your inner wisdom, intuition, the guidance of your higher mind, as it begins to expand. The key to uncovering your authentic-self, perhaps as the soul of a light worker.  Is an honorable service to inspire others by your example, by your light. Please know, all of your life lessons, chosen prior to incarnating, are the divine compass to your purpose.

Our guides hear our thoughts, but know our needs, allow them by asking for your highest good.  

A Soul Transformed – Awakens.

Embrace the Dance,