The Need For Healthy Boundaries

Personal boundaries are your mental, emotional, and physical walls created to protect from being used, manipulated, or violated by others. Personal limits that clearly define limits to our needs for personal growth, and avoid the pitfalls of unbalanced relationships. Relationships are the cornerstone of life lessons, they are your greatest teachers, but in this learning one gains Self-Respect.  Having boundaries are an act of Self-Love, of Self-Respect, and often the root of most suffering when they remain absent. The key to cultivate a healthy physical, emotional, and psychological state of Well-Being, is creating & maintaining your boundaries.

Natures Boundaries

A Symbiotic relationship –  Is a interaction between people or between animals that coexist.  Achieved, in a way that benefits All.  In Nature Healthy Boundaries, are a beneficial relationship formed from need, through mutual respect.

Vacationing at a Resort off the Point at Poipu, we witnessed just that, the magic of Nature.  An arrangement was formed from need, between Turtles and Reef Fish. There were no signed contracts, no endless meetings, purely Nature purely by their need to solve an issue that would benefit both. How civilized!  A bond was formed with Infinite Possibilities.


Humanity can learn much from witnessing how these Creatures of the wild interact.

Why Do I Need Boundaries?

Boundaries are your Personal Guidelines, limits that a person creates to identify to others of their personal limits.  Limits that protect your Energy levels, your emotions, put in place so you don’t become compromised.  Often finding yourself in situations that are uncomfortable.  These are teaching skills, showing others how you wish to be treated.  This is especially valuable if you once belonged the the ‘People Pleaser Club.’

“Boundaries are to protect life, not to limit pleasures.”  Edwin L. Cole

A crucial component of Self-Care, creating Healthy Boundaries in your Life is about learning to Love and Respect you.  Listen carefully to the Body for signals, be mindful of possible Mood swings.

Do you become Angry and feel a pit in Your Stomach at specific behaviors?
Internal Clues that a boundary has been crossed.

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Relationship Boundaries

All Relationships, require reasonable Guidelines and expectations of acceptable behaviors, otherwise you place yourself in vulnerable situations.  Risking hurt feelings that can reach tipping points, with damage often beyond repair.  Parent-Child relationship boundaries are important, as they learn from your example.  A Teaching moment, a necessary step for their own Self-Care and for how they should Respect and treat others.

As you become more attuned with your Internal Boundary, others traits may become apparent.  For instance, you begin to notice how others use manipulation as a tool, an unhealthy situation for both parties.  Manipulation is a damaging and controlling learned behavior.

The difference in a Healthy Boundary and Manipulation –

Healthy Boundaries are never focused on the Outcome. Those who wish to Manipulate Do!

Boundary Checklist

Boundary Conflicts
Are You –
  • Supported & respected by others in your Circle?
  • Avoiding others behavior out of Fear of their reaction?
  • Continually allowing others to use you?
  • Feeling the repercussions internally of your decision not to act?
Boundary Intact
  You –
  • Recognize Positive results of Healthy boundaries
  • Feel Optimistic that this approach is beneficial for all
  • Feel supported and respected and heard
  • Appreciate Healthy feedback, and productive dialogue
  • Are at Peace with your decisions, even if some walk away
Energetic Protection
  • Daily Meditation Brings Peace and Guidance – Hold an Amethyst crystal as you Meditate
  • Visualize – A White shield encompassing your Being
  • Smudge – Your Aura with Sage
  • Wear or carry – A protective Crystal – Black tourmaline is known for its ability to transmute & “cleanse” Negative Energy

Communication is the key to most of the Worlds greatest issues.  Through Self-Respect and respect for others, the door to an Open dialogue is always possible!

Life’s challenges can be your Greatest Teachers.

Channeled Message with – Atar – a Pleiadian Star Being

Peace and Blessings,