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Healthy Boundaries

Healthy boundaries are invisible shields created to protect from being used, manipulated, or violated by others. A sign of self-respect, showing your personal limits that define how you wish to be treated. A great tool to avoid the pitfalls of unbalanced relationships. Our relationships are the cornerstone of life lessons. They are our greatest teachers, hence, the need to protect our values with the invisible rope of self-defense. Creating boundaries are an act of self-love, often the root of most suffering when not present and enforced. The key to cultivate a healthy physical, emotional, and psychological state of well-being, requires maintaining them.

Why We Need Boundaries?

Boundaries are your personal guidelines, limits one creates to identify to others their personal limits. Limits that protect your energy levels, your emotions, so they are not compromised. Often when our self-esteem is low, we find ourselves in situations that are uncomfortable. These are teachable moments, often to show ourselves how we wish to be treated. This is especially valuable if you once belonged the the ‘People Pleaser Club.’

“Healthy Boundaries are to protect life, not to limit pleasures.”  Edwin L. Cole

A crucial component of self-care, is the act of creating healthy boundaries, creating an atmosphere that feels safe, you gain self-respect, less internal drama that creates energy leaks. One must listen carefully to the signals your body send, become mindful of possible mood swings. Often due to others not respecting our space, creating leaks in our aura. A vicious cycle, as the pit in your stomach grows. Take notice, of who, and what situations cause this reaction. Note the specific behaviors that birth this reaction.

The GPS of internal clues that a boundary has been crossed.

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Healthy Boundaries & Relationships

All Relationships require reasonable guidelines, and expectations of acceptable behaviors, when missing, vulnerable situations arise. Without boundaries, you risk hurt feelings could reach a tipping point. Some creating un-reconcilable damage, beyond repair. The parent-child relationship is often the mother-wound of many. Emphasize the vital need for them, for your relationships to flourish, with a shared respect. The invisible contract, a necessary step for personal growth, to regain your sacred personal power.

As you become more attuned with your internal boundary, others specific traits may soon become apparent. You begin to notice how others use manipulation as a tool, an unhealthy situation for both parties involved. As manipulation is a damaging, controlling learned behavior of their past.

Healthy Boundaries vs Manipulation:

Healthy boundaries when created, are never focused on the outcome, but those who use manipulate as their tool, DO! Please know, boundaries are not to avoid, or push others away, they are a sign of how you value your relationship, as well as yourself.

Boundary Checklist


Are You –

  • Supported & respected by others?
  • Avoiding others behavior out of fear of rejection?
  • Allowing others to use you, so they like you?
  • Feeling internal tensions in certain situations, or people?

Boundaries Intact

You –

  • Recognize positive results of having healthy boundaries
  • Feel optimistic this approach is beneficial
  • Feel supported, respected and heard by others
  • Appreciate healthy feedback and productive dialogue
  • Are at peace with your decisions, even if some walk away

Energetic Protection

  • Daily Meditation Time in stillness offers inner peace -Hold Amethyst as you Meditate
  • Visualize – A white shield surrounding your physical being
  • Smudge – Often, especially after any quarrels with sage
  • Wear or carry – A protective Crystal – Black tourmaline – Can transmute & “cleanse” Negative Energy

Often avoided, communication is the key to most of the Worlds greatest issues. With self-respect and respect for others, the door to an open dialogue is always possible!

Life’s challenges can be our Greatest Teachers.

Peace and Blessings,