Earth And Humanity Are One

As the Divine Plan of Awakening Spiritually continues, many Lightworkers currently here, are attuned to this Truth.  Their involvement in evolving the Planetary Consciousness, has been occurring for sometime.  Lightworkers, on a Human scale, are working through Personal issues to Forgive others of their past Traumas.  To increase their Light, the Divine plan to assist others to Heal through the Power of Forgiveness.

The Energy of Love, the Path to your Soul’s Freedom.

Realize, your Healing is the precursor needed, for the Healing of your Planet.

So many embody a feeling of separateness with no concern for Earths well being.  Not realizing, that impeding Her Evolution, can hamper your own.  Earth’s consciousness Shift is experienced throughout the Cosmos.  As Earth shifts from a 3D to 4D existence, all will Expand beyond their previous Limiting Boundaries.

To a World that Respects all Earthly Kingdoms.

The New Earth

The Enhanced frequency has shown its dramatic force.Severe Global weather conditions, are due to this Shift to Higher Consciousness.  As we witness the Planetary Shift with such force, felt on a Global scale!  This incredible balancing act for astonishing Transformations and Advances.  To Heal and Transform Humanity, the Shift that assists our World, freeing it from the Chaos we witness, of the Lower Chakras Energy cleansing.

Earth with powers of Great magnitude, continues Her Dimensional Energy Shift in Consciousness, affecting All Living creatures.


Your Awareness, brings the connections that Earth requires, as She Shifts into Her New Reality.  An Evolution to Higher Consciousness, through coding seeded long ago.  Programmed Lifetimes ago, for this very purpose.

The New Awareness based consciousness is, opens you to New realities, with Enlightened Beliefs.  The key to Higher consciousness of the 5th Dimension!  As you learn to live a Soul-Guided life.

“People incarnating during this century will be more Group Conscious and less Individualistic…more interested in new ideas, freer from prejudice and less intolerant than are the bulk of the well-meaning people of today.”  The Tibetan Master

A Natural Evolution Process

Ascension – Is defined, as the conscious choice to be of Divine service during Earth’s Soul Shift to Higher Consciousness.

A Lifetime you chose to experience, as you are connect with Divine Wisdom and Unconditional Love.  As you collectively connect to these Higher Dimensions, once cloaked veils are lifted, you Awaken from your State of Amnesia.

Your gained Awareness links to Others who too, embrace these Truths.  Honor those who bravely chose to be in the Forefront, speaking many Truths, ignored and ridiculed.

You realize, that the Seeds now beginning to Blossom, were those Truths planted by those brave Souls long ago.

Personal Power - Step 1 Of Awakening

Divine Path

Through the Energies of Light and Love, you find the true Path to Healing.  Earth’s Divine Path is how She will fully evolve.

Lightworkers – Are here precisely at this time to assist in increasing Earth’s Energy, Earth’s Light, Earth’s Spirituality.  As a Lightworker, you are not here to ignore the Darkness, You are here to transform the Darkness.  To transmute it, through the Energy of Love.

Your feel a sense of urgency to fulfill a mission, an Inner Calling to Awaken.

You Rise to the Spiritual Truth, the ultimate Triumph of the Human Spirit!

Here to assist in the Healing of your Planet, to invoke the Spiritual Energy transformation of Truth.  As Lightworkers, you Intuitively realize, that to assist the Planet to Spiritually Awaken, you must first release the Shadows and Traumas of Your past.  Releasing them from deep within your Heart, as your Healing is the catalyst for significant advancement of Humanity.

Your Personal Growth to Higher Consciousness, IS, the Magic ingredient!

Other Souls may remain unsure, know they too, will Awaken at their Perfect time.

As Divine sparks, you have come to infuse the energies of Love and Peace.  To promote a Spiritually Awakening that continues to emerge from the Unconditional Love that grows within your Heart Center.

Be the candle in the Darkness that leads to the Light!

Open To Ascend

This Transforming process may seem daunting, as you purge the Emotional, Mental, Physical, and Spiritual bodies.  A necessary process to enable you to hold this Enhanced frequency, as these dramatic changes release Old beliefs and redirect thoughts to Divine Truths.  As Earth’s energies are now infused with Advanced Limitless, All-inclusive Beliefs from the Energy of Love and Acceptance.

Not all are ready to Open and Ascend to these New Truths.  Share without Judgement, your Love, your Passion, as you embody the capacity to generate a State of Acceptance and Understanding.  Be the comforting presence needed at this time.

All Souls become engaged, as they too hear the whispers of their Divine calling.  

The Link

A Link established long ago, to participate at this critical time.  No longer Shadowed in Doubt, your Heightened Awareness is the beginning of change. There is nothing to fear, as one cycle ends a new one begins.

New beginnings, must have endings.  The Planets Great reminder that all are One, connected within Nature, to our glorious planet – Earth.

Planetary Healing depends on the elevation of Earth’s frequency.  A Global Shift of purification, as Earth evolves to a State of Grace.  An evolved State of Consciousness, as the Soul’s Spiritual Awakening begins.  The birth of Spiritual Awareness upon the New Earth. An Awakening process that purges the Physical, Emotional and Spiritual bodies.  These dramatic changes release Old limiting beliefs to redirect thoughts to Divine Truths…

An Awareness that bares the fruit of Limitless Potential.

“Let Light and Love and Power restore the Divine plan on Earth.” The Great Invocation  “Only through Humanity itself can the Divine plan work out” Alice A. Bailey

Channeled Message with – Atar – Star Being – Pleiades Galaxy

Peace and Blessings, Carol