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Spiritual Growth Development Tools

Spiritual Growth – Is your soul awakening, as it begins to search for inspiration to learn, to develop your true-nature. Your I AM Presence begins to send messages to your higher self, your Guardian Angel. As the souls desire for personal and spiritual change soulful nudges begin. A gentle process unfolds to gain further Self-Awareness, an inspiring goal. It has several titles, Personal Growth, Spiritual Growth, all synonyms for the willingness, the desire to take an honest look at your Life. Often brought about from an event that deeply rocks your foundation. So deeply, that self reflection seems to be the only avenue that leads to understanding your life and your experiences as they unfold.

Self-Awareness is the ability to take an honest look at your Life without attaching blame or judgement, right or wrong. Those emotional attachments become blocks to the desire for Self-Awareness.

“Negative emotions are like unwelcome guests, just because they show up on our doorstep doesn’t mean they have the right to stay.”  Deepak Chopra

Tools Of Spiritual Growth (7 Ways)


Reactions to negative situations that stimulate feelings of anger, hurt and pain triggers require one to Step back and assess the situation before responding or reacting. When we do, we negate adding addition fuel through emotions that lower our frequency.


Before Responding Or Reacting Ask –

  • Is there a lesson I need to learn to further my Spiritual Growth?

  • What can I gain from this lesson?

  • Is this a core lesson I incarnated to learn, or heal from, aka Karma?

So often disregard as a punishment from the Creator, of which it is not! Earth is a Free Will planet, we decide, this is why we must create a list to assist us to see the lesson, gain wisdom through discernment. A powerful tool to walk this path without judgement of self or others that would further add to a sense of WHY ME – Or Poor ME. These are but lesson masks that keep us from unveiling the gift the lesson wishes to birth.

  • Perhaps a new more aligned relationship.

  • A Path finder if you will.

  • To look closely for the divine breadcrumbs that we may have missed.

Courage is the necessary tool for positive Growth to gain further insight. Courage is the willingness to acknowledge all aspects of yourself, as well as the shadows hidden from view. One of the most important characteristics of change is to get past the fear that has crippled the view, the scary unclear destination. A necessary choice as we grow is between Courage and Resistance, risks of the unknown that remove us from Comfort Zone! Not realizing soul growth in a box reduces our growth, our oxygen, our potential. A box constricts ones movement, as the soul slumbers.


The Reason We Are Here!

When we find ourselves in the vice of a personal crisis, it can be the calling card of your Core lessons for this lifetime. Nudging once again for each to do the necessary Inner Work to gain Higher Consciousness, to gain further insight into Who we are, a window into Self-Discovery. To unlock your true potential, your divine purpose, for we are all part of the Divine Tapestry.

  • Does something begin to Ring True deep within?
  • Is there a grain of truth in what triggered your life changing event?
  • Do you recognize deep in your Heart, that this repeated issue is a core lesson?
  • Are you being guided to examine more in-depth parts of your life that correlate with this issue?
  • Has someone or something reflected back to you what is within you that needs a closer look?
“When a situation brings feelings that trigger a strong reaction, be thankful when they appear, for often they are Gifts, pennies from Heaven. Triggers are opportunities to look deeper at the signs, the divine bread crumbs that lead one out of the dense forest, into the Light of greater understanding!”


Creating A Soulful Life Through Experiences


The Seeds of Wisdom

Experiences that house the seeds of wisdom, of insight for Self-Realization. Our journey is not to become overwhelmed, but to seek the lesson, and understand how once healed it can create a positive impactful change of life. A leap of faith requires you to be an active participant in your life, to have a basic belief in yourself. To be proud of your courage, your resolve to grow in this lifetime. These are the building blocks of positive change in this moment to moment process of Spiritual Growth. Remain conscious of your thoughts and reactions during this process, positive gratitude is a beautiful energy to assist. 


The Magic Ingredient Of Spiritual Growth

Change, is so dreaded in our society, so many wonderful changes are often missed when fear comes into play. But without change ones life is assured to remain the same, and for some that is enough. Within this stagnation often we witness depression, anxiety, as the little small voice of our soul beckons us to move forward. This state is often lack luster, a void remains that is not filled by the usual attachments. Life lacks meaning and self satisfaction, a deeper connection to life, to our divinity is missing.


The Bi-Product Of Spiritual Growth

The ripples of an inner peace is deeply felt when we place a toe, a foot into the pool of growth. As goals are achieved through the challenges, conflicts and traumas, we continue to gain. Our Soul Group contracts prior to entering this Life are shown. One begins to experience a conscious expansion as you discover your strength, trusting the process. Honor your commitment through this transition. The transformation that began with Faith, and the Willingness to begin a New by changing ones outlook to Change.

Your first active step, perhaps a prerequisite for your New path.  To one day share your tools, your story, as you motivate others. Opportunities for expanded Growth, as the student unveils the Teacher within awakens.

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Self_Talk & The Body-Mind Connection

A Concept realized by All Marketing and Advertising firms the World over.

Marketers realized long ago that the written word once spoken creates a powerful stimulating vibration when heard. Sound, the Energy of the voice infuses these thoughts, and their words into our subconscious. As you walk the Spiritual Path with gained insight you become more selective of life choices. The often shiny distractions are a marketing tool without much substance, void of an true impact in ones life. Various personalities, Programs, Tele-Vision all understand how to stimulate our senses. Perhaps a happy scene, of even fear, they have honed many tools to impact our senses, sound, colors have all been studied heavily to enhance their pockets. So subtle they can often be missed, but listen closely to the subliminal undertones that prompt a response, or perhaps a purchase!

This too is true in the Spiritual, Religious, Political communities, often the reason we are often disappointed by a class, a product, when the hype wears off we see it’s true value is not for our well being but theirs! You may discover that certain TV shows or News stimuli may no longer please your senses. Realizing extended exposure to verbal negativity, although hidden, affects ones body, mind, soul and spirit.


Create a Daily Routine – A Spiritual Exercise for Self – Care

Meditation is time well spent, for it clears one’s mind, as it unloads the noise of the day. Time dedicated to this Spiritual exercise, is one you grow into and from. A deeper connection develops with your Soul through this Life-line of inner stillness. Your Body, Mind and Soul reap the benefits that this practiced time in Meditation affords. As it allows with practice the peace of unburdening and cleansing the Mind to become still, remaining in the Present, in the Moment.

A Daily Self-Care routine affords Peace for our Mind, our Emotions, an enjoyable way through stillness to remain in balance. For Spiritual Growth to take root, grounded balance to our Inner Kingdom is how one achieves this state of awareness.

May you embody Love, Light & Laughter