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Ascension Lessons Of:

A Soulful Heart Shift

Ascension – Ascension Lessons of Spiritual a Dimensional shift to integrate from the energies of 3D to 5D, the Age of Aquarius. Our chosen Path, our destiny to merge with our Higher Self, aligning with Divine Grace. We begin to awaken through the energy of Love without conditions. As we purge Old Outdated Belief Systems that no longer apply in this new Paradigm.

Negative Programming: Fear based thoughts that become imprinted within our energy field by the energy of the mass-consciousness. Those that become locked in their human life more than their spiritual one. This is the denseness that surrounds the 3rd Dimension, as we clear our outdated, our traumas to release the hold upon our hearts from the conditioning of others. This is how we evolve, this is how we ascend, this is Earth & Humanity’s Destiny!

Lessons continue to come forward in need of resolution, often seen as Obstacles, please know they are here to assist our Soul to Evolve.  For each Soul continues to ascend at their divine pace.

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Ascension Lessons Of: A Spiritual Awakening

The process begins as we awaken to the Truth of our oneness with Source Energy. This evolved Perspective, a connection to something greater, realizing you are One with Source. That each are a  Divine Spiritual Being in Physical form having a human experience. An experience to clear Karma, to evolve through lessons. To heal from our traumas, to live as the Soul, not as a limited human. We are far greater than we have been told by others who wish to enslave.

This is our rebirth, if you will, occurs as you clear outdated Habits and Beliefs, to incorporate this new Light of expansion. Patterns and Beliefs of Low Energy Vibrations are adjusting as needed, as you accept Higher Levels of Divine Wisdom, you Ascend. Adopting new Beliefs that have been holding you in the Energy Field of Density. As our guardians wait patiently for man to no longer hide behind the energy of victim, of less than, of unworthiness. Let each lift the veil of untruths that blanket our Light and awaken to our Divinity.

Ascension Path

The Path to Ascension, the Ascension Lessons are not a walk in the Park. One of the pieces to ascending is an increase in Self-Awareness, a valuable commodity to assist you in paying attention to situations in your Life, and around you. Meditation will be a valuable tool during this ever changing time of Higher Conscious awareness. You communicate beyond the Physical, tuning into the Divine Light, from which you were born.


Opening Our Higher Heart – The 8th Chakra

Affirmation – “I Am One with the Universal Heart”

Expansion of our Heart begins with the Inner Work that we bravely unmask, so we can embrace the energy of Self-Love, so lost in our culture. For a State of Grace must begin with self-care. We can not give what we do not have. We can not empty our grail leaving an empty vessel. Self-Acceptance, Self-Care become the gift we must give ourselves. We cannot create the vibration that attracts Love, if we do not embrace it for ourselves. As we Live from an open Heart, it radiates, felt by All. Others in your company may not understand the feeling that vibrates from you, but their Soul will.

The Higher Heart Chakra Opens

Time to Clear the lower Vibrations of Limiting Beliefs and Emotions of Fear, of Victim. As you do, you release the Emotional baggage that has blocked your Heart. An illumined path reconnects your Spiritual being, as your Higher Heart Chakra begins to Open. The Life Force of Love without Conditions, the Soul’s connection. The gradual creation of our Light Body begins, as the physical form transforms to absorb more Light. This is the natural path we are currently evolving into, one that recognizes it is the outermost perfection of the Divine Creator…and nothing less.

“The Heart is like a garden. It can grow Compassion or Fear, Resentment or Love.  What Seeds will you plant?”  Jack Kornfield

The Universal Heart-Energy of Love

We each are manifestations of the heart of the Divine Creator, birthed from the energy of Love. It is from this state of awareness, the God state, our true reality. Ascension Lessons lead to our Universal Oneness with All that is, our Love without conditions when we are fed and led by this energy. Judgment and fear are not birthed from this Divine energy. It is our personality that is leading not our Divinity when we judge, or fear. As manifestations within this state are not sustainable birthed in this negative energy. Our incarnation is a return to our human living form. When our lifetime here ends our infinite self returns to Source, the Universal Heart once again.

You witness differently the vastness of Who You are. A Spiritually Enlightened Being in physical form.

As we live from our Heart, as Peace resides within we learn to Love and Care for ourselves more each day. Honor your Heart, your Soul, as you are birthed in Love, you are Divine Grace within

Affirmations: I Am Divine Consciousness – I Am Divine Grace within – I Am a Living Soul – I Am One with all that is!  – Tap on your thymus gland 8 times as you repeat these affirmations with feeling. Our Soul Evolves, Guided by Enlightened Wisdom, prepared to embrace a Heart Centered Life.

Peace and Blessings,