Spiritual Guidance

Our Unseen Spirit Guides & Angels

One must remain Open to receive Spiritual Guidance, even when you first begin to tune into this new adventure.  Take time with this process, find what works best for you, perhaps Meditation, walks in Nature, Sitting in stillness.  There are many ways to become comfortable receiving Guidance along your Journey.

Illuminates your Path!

It soon becomes an opportunity to find Peace, even during chaos.  A Transforming opportunity for your Soul’s path to Awaken.  Your Spiritual Light shines from within – you cultivate change through your lessons and experiences.  Self-Awareness assists in every avenue as you build greater understanding of our connection with All. Spiritual Guidance is always available, ask and receive.

“Every relationship flounders and grows estranged if not given time and attention.  So it is in our relationship with the Unknown.  The more awareness we focus toward our connection with the Great Mystery, the more returns to us.”  Ann Mortifee

Personal Experiences

It is from your experiences you embrace personal change with new insights, to create a shift.  You Heal and move through lessons, with an opportunity to gain Compassion for those that affected you negatively.  The energy of change has a Healing momentum, as each lesson becomes easier to maneuver through.

You see the bigger picture.

Your reason for incarnating is to Learn and gain Divine Wisdom, to gain clarity through your Core Lessons.  Perhaps reexamine lessons not accomplished in other lifetimes.

As You Transform

Lessons planned for this Lifetime, are to transform your Life into a Peaceful Richer experience.  As you Grow you create a shift, allow yourself time to settle into these changes. Inner Peace is found as you gain Enlightenment.

Your Shifts allow for a deeper connection to develop your Inner Light. 

As you do, this Light radiates to the outer world – a Connection Completed.

Nature’s Call

What a wonderful gift your Creator envisioned, your beautiful Home – Earth, a place to sit, contemplate and rejuvenate your Soul.  As you do you find Peace.  Discover your sacred place where you can Clear your mind, Engage your senses as you behold her beauty. Many have become disconnected to the Healing, the Music, the Energy found in Nature.  Time to reconnect with Gratitude for all that – Your Home provides.

As the warmth of the Sun envelopes you, your Spirit is Comforted, Aligned and Connected.

Nature awakens the Soul.

Support System

There are many Ancestors, Angels, and Guides that assist with Spiritual Guidance on your Journey.  Honor your many connections in the Spirit world, they too were pre-planned to connect along your path, to infuse Wisdom as you continue.

Be Open to their Guidance.

As you become aware, you will witness all around you, the many Signs and Messages of Support.  To Guide, to Teach to help you achieve your Goals, your Lessons on your chosen Path.  Always there when you call…

Perhaps even while in Dream time.

Channeled Message with – Archangel Raphael

Peace and Blessings, Carol