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Spiritual Guidance – The Unseen Spirit Guides

Those of the Non-physical World

One must remain Open to receive Spiritual Guidance. As you first begin to tune in, take time with this process, find what works best for you, perhaps Meditation, to awaken your inner sight. Walks in Nature, of being comfortable in stillness. There are many ways to become comfortable receiving Guidance along your Journey. Our support system is always here to assist. For they too wish for our success as we journey here on Earth.

Etheric Vision

Here to Illuminate your Path!

Etheric vision is a greater power than the physical vision. This is the vision of the non-physical, the link between the physical & Spiritual Worlds. Just beyond, out of range of the physical vision. Our Pineal Gland is the connective link that enables ones Etheric Vision. Shaped like a pine cone is the producer of melatonin, produced in our dark hours. Needed for heightened awareness. In need of being decalcified as we age.

When properly cared for it is a portal, a gateway, a connection to higher consciousness. The pineal gland acts like the 3rd Eye of the human brain.

Physical & Spiritual Well Being

Our connection to Spiritual Guidance of the non- physical

Watch carefully for the Divine Breadcrumbs left to assist, or redirect you on your journey. As you inner knowing too evolves knowing you are not alone you feel an inner peace engulf your being. It becomes your safe place from the chaos. A transforming opportunity for your Soul to Awaken to Spirit. As your Spiritual Light shines within – you cultivate change through your lessons and experiences.  Self-Awareness assists in every avenue as you build greater understanding, a connection for All begins to form.

Knowing Spiritual Guidance is always available…ask and receive. They are here waiting for our call.

“We are imprisoned by our need to believe that what we perceive is all that can be perceived. There are other dimensions, other worlds that exist beyond our senses. To experience these worlds, we must learn to expand our consciousness.” Ann Mortifee


Spiritual Light

Pineal Gland Healing Techniques

Positive Changes

  • Increase Meditation
  • Breath Work classes/Yoga
  • Take Vitamin B-12
  • Clear Old Karma
  • Reduce sugar, coffee & flour
  • Avoid Fluoride products
  • Replace old mercury fillings
  • Reduce Calcium intake
  • Drink filtered water
  • Eat Organic meats

Other Opening Practices

  • Increase Mediation
  • Various Breathing Practices
  • Tapping on the Thalmus Gland
  • Chanting sends healing vibrations

Open Pineal

  • Clarity
  • Intuition
  • Focus

Closed Pineal

  • Uncertainty
  • Confusion
  • Pessimism

3rd Eye Opening Signs

  • Pressure between eyes
  • Light sensitivity
  • increased foresight
  • Seeing the color blue & violet

As we embrace personal change we evolve, we create an internal, energetic shift, a healing momentum, as each lesson becomes easier to maneuver. The Ancient Egyptians revered the Pineal Gland for the qualities of Vision, Insight & Wisdom. They believed when the North Star is in alignment it emits pulsing vibes that affect & activates the Pineal gland. As the gland pulsates with the North Star it receives cosmic information and relays it to the hypothalmus & pituitary which in turn sends to the heart. The heart then communicates to the body through it’s own pulsing.

You create shifts for a deeper connection to develop your Inner Light. 

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“We are connected to a Source of Power that never sets. It is always present, and shinning when when it appears to have gone beyond our conscious awareness.” Ann Mortifee

Nature’s Call

What a wonderful gift the Creator envisioned, your beautiful Home – Earth, a place to sit, contemplate and rejuvenate your Soul. As you do you find Peace.  Discover your sacred place where you can Clear your mind, Engage your senses as you behold her beauty. Many have become disconnected to the Healing, the Music, the Energy found in Nature.  Time to reconnect with Gratitude for all that – Your Home provides.

Allow the warmth of the Sun to envelope your Spirit, feeling comforted, aligned, connected. As Nature awakens your Soul.

Support System

There are many Ancestors, Angels, and Guides that assist with Spiritual Guidance on your Journey.  Honor the many connections in the Spirit world, they too were pre-planned to connect along your path at the perfect time to infuse the wisdom you asked for along the way.

Welcome with gratitude all that support and love us on your Spiritual Journey as you Awaken to Spirit. As your awareness grows, you soon witness the many Signs and Messages of Support. Those here to Guide, to Teach, to Comfort, to Help you achieve your Goals of your chosen Path.  Always there when you call…

…And often while in Dream time.

Peace and Blessings,