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Enlightenment – The Inward Journey Home

Spiritual Enlightenment means:

“Waking Up” spiritually raising your conscious level to Re-connect more fully with your True-Self. The Joy of unfolding your True-Self – Authentic, Real, Loving, & Whole. A New Path that leads you to a deeper level – Enlightenment. A process of our Awakening Journey. The dissolution of one’s identity as a separate being, or self. It is the fusion of the ego with the Soul’s Will, God realize. An opening of consciousness seeded within ready to bloom as a new expression of Self. Often the birth of Unconditional Love.

As our unfolding like a flower opens as we journey. A journey that is as much about accepting our life as it is, our self. Witnessing others, and the world as it is at this very moment. Accepting everything as it is, rather than hoping things will be better. When we are capable of complete acceptance, we create a shift our World view, as well as our Self-Perception. We see with new eyes, we hear with new ears as an evolved Being void of judgement.

“Enlightenment is the Path to your Authentic expression, for it is through the depths of Self-Awareness you are Re-Born.”

Many on the Path believe it leads upward to become higher than they are currently. Eventually, you realize that the Path is not an upward journey, but an inward one. It is the Journey within that allows for gathering the unwanted emotions, pain, and childhood conditioning.  A Journey of unbecoming from the expression of the personality, to connect with our True-Self, our Soul’s Divine Essence.


The Inward Journey Home

A Spiritually rich Soul knows suffering can only be cleansed when the Heart opens to Forgiveness. A Soulful Tool. But when our attention is focused on the past or the future we are resisting. Preventing our Soul the opportunity of the here and now. As changing the past is impossible, and allows our continued suffering. Fueled by resentment and regret. It is only through Accepting the past event(s) is the only way to find Peace.

For our True-Self is a divine instrument through which Life can flow without resistance.  As you align with Life as it is enfolding, you are living in the flow of Life. You are living in Grace. The Divine forgiveness of Freedom!

Enlightenment Of Peace
“We regain Paradise when we shed our cynicism, when we become innocent once more by falling in Love with the Mystery…to awaken into Wonder.”  Ann Mortifee


Our Natural Unfoldment

Personal Development:

Is not about worldly, outer success, or attachments.  It is about one’s inner world success. Peace, Harmony, Love, and Joy. Clearing the obstacles that impede our natural unfoldment. The development of the essential qualities of the personality. Yet clear the established egoic structure to make space for the Authentic-Self. It’s not about holding past grudges, nor of continued Self-Destruction. As you actively encourage our Soul’s essential qualities to be more loving. In so doing, you align with the loving presence of your Soul. As the loving presence filters into our personality. It is then we raise the level of consciousness with pure Truth, of Self-Awareness.

“You cannot solve a problem with the same level of consciousness that created it.”  Carol Jung

Power Of Growth

Spiritual Development:

Means raising your level of consciousness to more fully experience Life. To connect with your True-Self, bringing higher levels of awareness into your Being and expressing them in your daily Life. There is nothing that you can actually Do to spiritually evolve, for you develop as a result of Undoing, of Not Doing, by just Being.  As you begin to embody your True-Self, you become become more present in each moment.

“…beyond Our Limiting beliefs and perceptions…beyond duality, beyond right or wrong, good or bad, dark or light, lies a World of Unity.”  Ann Mortifee

Looking deeply through the lens of your Heart is where you find an Enlightened response.  As your reactions in all situations are without judgement. Many relationships are superficial, as the relationship has been between two false facades, not authentic.  Often as you evolve, release your facade looking for deeper, more meaningful relationships, many relationships may fade.

Others May…

  • resent your growth
  • show a lack of interest in your personal gains
  • try to hold you back, or discourage you
  • although untrue, feel judged

Allow them time to adjust, as it took time for your shift to occur. Remain open should they wish to ask questions.  Each persons Life experiences begin at the perfect time, never to be rushed, or judged.  Allow others the space they too require.

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Evolution Of Consciousness

The Path to Enlightenment begins with the Soul’s consciousness in a passive state. With the personality, {ego} in the center command post of the Self.  The human personality is a blend of authenticity and ego, in this stage your true nature expressed through them both. As the ego structure gradually dissolves, it begins to integrate. As the Self now transcends the personality.

Your Authentic nature is the true unlimited aspect of Self, not bound in the egoic structures, of pre-programmed behaviors. Free to respond to Life authentically as the Soul, authentic and Whole.

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of Light, but by making the Darkness Conscious.”  Carl Jung

At this stage you transcend the personality, and become aware you are a Soul  The phase of expansion of merging with the Soul. The Awakening process occurs, bringing a greater comprehension of the ego’s structure. The primitive, emotional, often irrational, and reactive state, as it fears losing control.

Expressions Of Our True-Self

Our True-Self:

Is the instrument which our Soul wishes to play. We feel it is within us, but how do we access it? First we must realize that often we are stuck in our small self, the ME, the ego, the personality. For the small self does indeed have a role, it is the everyday tasks. Unfortunately we connect to as if it were all that we are. Playing on the small-self stage limits who we are. Allowing fears of the ego to control our life. Whereas, our True-Self is capable of transcending the personality/ego-self. Evolving beyond our human self thoughts, and beliefs.

Our True-Self:

Is our Divine Essence, our pure potentiality, for it does not see life as limited. Nor does it bathe in judgement and worry. For the Self is present fully in the moment, now and in every moment. It’s the quiet witness that that resides within and watches the thoughts that arise, the emotions that we experience. As the negative ego structures begin to clear, and fade, the two-fold path of development begins.

First Development Stage 

Involves developing the qualities of your authentic personality. One of Compassion, Joy and Inner Strength. The embodiment of your Soul’s true nature. As we do, we begin the journey grounded, rooted in the Truth of Who We Are. We begin to understand life on a deeper level, able to resist those that wish to unsteady our foundation through our emotional body.

Second Development Stage 

Involves freeing more space for your True-Self’s consciousness to integrate with the ego, as the ego succumbs to the Will of the Soul. The Becoming of your Authentic-Self. There is great Joy in experiencing the True-Self, the authentic, real, loving and whole Self. We then discover the heaven within, for the Inner Journey leads Home. The Awakening Process is a gradual one, different for each. As each Soul’s expression is re-discovered through their journey of liberation from past misidentified Soul expression.


Liberated Soul

“The act of awakening is simple the act of remembering this knowledge that has been forgotten. Our duty is to do as much as we can to stimulate, to activate, our ability to remember.” Ann Mortifee

Liberated Soul 

Enlightenment – Discovering Our True-Self

Enlightenment is a term often used interchangeably with Self-Realization. This is not that simple, as Self-Realization is the awareness of your True-Self. Realization and Enlightenment are realized simultaneously, but may not be felt equally at first. Liberation of the Soul is a Divine State of Freedom, the egoless state, as Self is recognized. A space that exists in each, a space beyond cause and effect, good or bad. It is our true existence beyond the mind and human self- created bondage.

Rewards Of Living As Our True-Self

True-Self Experiences

  • One feels centered in themself
  • A sense of lightness on a physical level
  • Life has more meaning
  • Negative emotions lessen
  • End of any fear of death
  • A strong desire to serve
  • You wake up to who you are
  • Increase in Aha moments
  • Feelings of love, empathy, and kindness

There is no greater gift than discovering our True-Self, lifting the fog, the illusion of life as others believe it to be, now a deeper sense engulfs and leads your Soul. The mind-made self dissolves, your new reality aligns with your Soul. Your Soul silently leads you towards the experiences, teachers, and goals you are here to birth. All are a piece of the divine tapestry to create New Earth!

Five Aspects Of Self-Realization

  • A Profound sense of pure Beingness
  • A Loving sense of Unity
  • Feeling Whole, Complete, Grounded & Aware
  • A Higher Dimension of Knowing
  • A Deep Acceptance that – We are the Sum of All Parts

A deep sense, belief that everything is perfect, whole, and complete.  The dimension of your Soul is now experienced, felt in Stillness.  All are born with Self-Realization, {not Enlightenment}, but lost sight of our True-Self when the mind developed, and the false-self, ego-self was born.

Enlightenment is transcending the conceptual mind, as you instantly realize the truth. No longer veiled, the Self fully awakening to itself. A new higher level of reality. In this state the Self transcends the personality. Now centering itself as the emerging Soul. The human personality remains an essential aspect of your Being. No longer identified with it, as the mind. As emotions become simple tools of our daily Life. Used for further development of our consciousness. But differently than before.

Life After Awareness

  • You relax into Beingness
  • A deeper sense of knowing arises
  • You no longer seek validation
  • Emotions are authentic, less reactive
  • Life takes on a deeper meaning
  • You realize you are Pure Consciousness
  • Seeking your life purpose is less important

End Of Seeking – Just Being

Many believe Enlightenment will be different, Peace, Bliss, and Unity. The truth is, like Dorothy, you already possess these qualities my Dear.  They were always with you, as they are your True-Nature. Virtues that have always been, but never fully engaged. Soon you settle into this new way of Being. Everything seems exciting, beautiful, and freshly curious. You realize there is an inherent perfection in All things. Perfect just as they are.

Enlightenment is attainable through Presence, Self-Awareness, and Authenticity. One cannot strive to gain Enlightenment, but rest assured it is a foregone conclusion. So relax and allow it to happen in its own time – Organically.

“One person living a Light-Filled life can create Soul Shifts in others purely by example, not by Force, a Futile Endeavor.”

Embrace the Dance,