The Road To Enlightenment Is An Inward Journey

Channeled Message with - Goddess Diana

The Road To Enlightenment Is An Inward Journey

Integral Part Of All Creation

Realize you are a Powerful Being, who holds the Key to unlock the Door of your Soul.  This process takes time, as all discoveries do, but through this transition to Enlightenment, you recognize many gifts along the Path.  As you Evolve, Soulful insights seek avenues rich with Positive choices.

Manifestor – A person who brings something into existence.  You are Natural Creators, who have within you the ability to improve the course of Your Life.

What do you wish to Create?  What is your Intention?

Powerful words within your Thoughts and Desires, create Emotions.  Emotions attached to thoughts are the propellant tools, from which you Manifest and harness these Energies.  The same holds true for Emotions born from Negativity, they can become attached, and cloud your wishes.  It’s imperative your Thoughts and Emotions remain clear and in balance with what you wish to Create.

Positive Outcomes depend on the Desires being born within a field of Positive Energies, this is the path to Enlightenment you desire. 

Love – Joy – Gratitude

Words that hold a Positive energy force, can create a Positive outcome.  Dream time is very often the Souls opportunity to complete this process, as you work through your Days events.  Your Guides often use this time, when you are least distracted, to clear and position your thoughts to create a Positive momentum in which to manifest.

A Journal at your bedside to jot down what comes through before they fade, is an invaluable tool.

A Spiritually Rich Path

Forgiveness is Our Natural Step…the Journey toward Our true understanding…Our Enlightenment

As you Evolve, your insight increases.  An Enlightened Soul looks to Positive choices, knowing only through Forgiveness can you release the Burdens, the Core Wounds tethered to your Soul.

Forgiveness is a Natural State for All Souls, it is the thoughts that you attach to a situation that create the Blocks.

The blocks that impede your Souls Growth, your Evolution, your Transformation.  All lessons learned, can Open your Soul to Shift, when you recognize the avenue to move forward on Your Path, is Forgiveness.

A Spiritually rich Soul’s Heart knows suffering can only be cleansed, when the Heart opens to Forgiveness as the Divine Tool.

Unveiling The Darkness

Forgiveness for the shadows in our life, elevates the Soul of the one who Forgives.  It does not erase, it does not cleanse the act, it cleanses You from the Act and the Actors.  It’s your most positive avenue to Release Your Soul!  Forgiveness is Natural State for All Souls, it is the thoughts that are attached to a situation that create the Blocks.  The blocks that impede your Souls Growth, your Evolution, your Transformation, your Self-Acceptance.

“One does not become Enlightened by imaging figures of Light, but by making the Darkness Conscious.”  Carl Jung

All lessons learned can Open your Soul to Shift, when you recognize the avenue to move forward on Your Path, is Forgiveness. We have the power with the Violet Flame and our Intention to be the Alchemist in our lives.

Daily experiences can create positive Karma, but are often overlooked as many Focus their Energy only on the Negative.  This seems to be more comforting and familiar.  It is a choice, why not embrace your Positive Gains and create a positive trajectory!  For holding Negative thoughts of Who you think you are, only clouds your Positive Growth, your True Potential.

Step 1 – The Personal Power eBook  – To Gain The Confidence To Proceed On Your Journey As An Empowered Soul

Power Of Growth

As you evolve through Personal Growth, you see how powerful a tool this is for Soul development.  Service to others, in All forms, creates a continuous flow of Positive energy.

With insight, you embrace the opportunities to Grow, to Develop through Positive experiences, as well as Negative ones.  Welcoming a positive approach to All situations, moves you closer on your Road to Enlightenment.  Spiritual enlightenment is a shift in awareness where we encounter the non-dual nature of reality, achieve harmony with the world around us.  The cloaked veil of our separateness is dissolved.

You are the Driver who controls your Reactions in all situations.  Looking deeply through the lens of your Heart is where you find an Enlightened response. 

As you continue to Evolve, many Relationships may Fade.

Others May…
  • Resent your Growth
  • Lack interest in your Personal gains
  • Try to hold you back, or discourage your will
  • Not see this Relationship as a priority
  • Although untrue, feel Judged

Allow others the time to Adjust, as it took time for your Soul Shift.  Remain Open should they wish to ask questions.

Life experiences begin at the perfect time, never to be rushed, allow others to do the same. 

One person Living a Light Filled Life can create Soul Shifts in others purely by example, not by Force, a Futile Endeavor.

Channeled Message with – Goddess Diana

Embrace the Dance, Carol